Zara Has PlayStation Shoes For Kids That You Can Buy For RM189

The last time there was a PlayStation collaboration with a shoe maker, it was with Nike. Now, there’s a new pair of PlayStation shoes collaboration going on, but with another brand. This time, the collaboration is with Zara.


If you’re already thinking of buying this, there’s an important caveat here you should know about. Looking at the available shoe sizes, it looks like the Zara PlayStation shoes are made only for kids. In fact, the largest available size, which is greyed out at the time of writing, is 41 Europe. That’s around a size 8 US or 7.5 UK.

That said, if you have children that are into the original PlayStation then this is a nice pair of shoes to get. It is grey overall, with the four face buttons on it. There’s even a Power button at the back, around the Achilles tendon area. It’s a sock style pair of sneakers, which means no Velcro straps or shoelaces to worry about. There’s even an air cushion which, according to the product page, is purely decorative.

The shoes, officially called the PlayStation Sony Interactive Entertainment Sneakers, are priced at RM189. Here’s hoping there are adult-sized footwear in the works as part of this collaboration.

(Source: Zara)