BMW Malaysia Releases Web-Based AR Experience For The BMW X5 M Sport

BMW Malaysia has introduced a new web-based Augmented Reality (AR) viewer, which allows users to virtually experience the recently launched BMW X5 xDrive45e M Sport. The viewer can be accessed directly through a dedicated link (provided below), and does not require users to download or install any specific applications. Furthermore, it is also designed to work on any smartphone model, provided that a camera is present.


According to the carmaker, the AR viewer enables users to see, hear and experience the X5 M Sport anywhere they wish and at their own convenience. With the aid of the smartphone camera, users can place a 3D model of the vehicle on their screen and also adjust its position and size accordingly. Once placed, the viewer allows them to walk around the car and interact by tapping available ‘hotspots’ to find out more about its features. Users could also customise the X5 M Sport to appear in other colour options if they wish.

With the current pandemic still ongoing around the world, this may not seem like a bad idea at all. Think of it as being in a BMW showroom, but through the lens of your smartphone camera and hosted in your own living room. Sadly, that also means there’s no way to physically interact with the car, but the AR viewer can only do so much.

At this time, the AR experience is only available for the BMW X5 M Sport and is actually the first of its kind released by the company. Hopefully, the company would consider releasing a version for the BMW i8 or other vehicles in the near future.

(Source: BMW Malaysia)

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