Fnatic Now Has Its Own Gucci Watch

Even if you just have a slight interest in gaming, you have likely heard of the name Fnatic before. From a humble beginning in 2004, the London-based esports organization has since grown into a global powerhouse which currently competing in seven different games.


Being the legends that they are, the teams within Fnatic have attracted many collaborators and the latest in the list is the renowned Italian luxury fashion brand, Gucci. To celebrate their new partnership, Gucci has launched a special Fnatic version of its Dive watch.

Taking Fnatic’s League of Legends team as the source of its inspiration, the watch is draped in black and orange which is the signature colourway of Fnatic itself. Additionally, Fnatic’s logo is also present on both sides of the watch while Gucci’s GG logo at the 12 o’clock market not only meant to represent the Italian brand but also to signify “Good Game”.

With only 100 units of Fnatic x Gucci Dive Watch will be made, the price of the watch depends on where you pre-ordered it. In the United States, the watch is listed at USD 1620 (~RM 6922) while in the United Kingdom, it can be pre-ordered at GBP 1150 (~RM 6099).

We’ve reached out to Gucci to find out whether Fnatic fans in Malaysia can purchase it as well but has yet to receive a reply from the brand. Meanwhile, a Fnatic-themed game called Gucci Dive will be added into Gucci Arcade which is the game section inside Gucci’s mobile app.

Well, GG to Fnatic.

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