Comparing The Unlimited Prepaid Plans: Hotlink, U Mobile, Xpax And Yes 4G

Earlier in the month, three local telcos have announced their own monthly unlimited data prepaid plans. They are Maxis, U Mobile and Celcom, each with their own slight variations for their offerings. But one thing they have in common is that each telco has a plan that you can get for RM35 a month.


Some might not aware of this but Yes 4G also offers unlimited prepaid plans to its customers. In fact, the telco has been offering them since 2018, just like U Mobile.

So, how do they stack up against each other? Here’s a table that puts them all in one place, so that you can compare them more easily:

It’s important to note that all the above unlimited prepaid plans are subjected to their respective Fair Use Policy (FUP).

If you are not familiar with FUP, it’s basically something put in place to prevent heavy users from hogging all the bandwidth. In effect, this means that once you’ve used a certain amount of data, the telcos will reduce your mobile internet speeds further. For gamers, think of this as a soft cap for the amount of data you can use.

Maxis has noted its soft cap in its support page. For Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited monthly passes, the soft cap is at 50GB, after which your mobile internet speeds will be reduced to 512kbps. But considering even the higher initial speed cap of 6Mbps, it’s going to take awhile to go through 50GB anyway.

As for the other telcos, none of them have stated what these soft caps are for their plans.

What about Digi?


Officially, Digi doesn’t have an equivalent unlimited data prepaid plan for the time being. Despite the appearance of Internet Cili Padi unlimited passes on MyDigi app recently, the telco says that this was actually a system glitch.

So when – or if – it actually rolls out, it’s possible that what we get will be a little different from what we see now. But as it is, Digi will seemingly provide 3Mbps unlimited data and unlimited calls for RM35 a month.

All in all, the unlimited data plans sound like a good deal, provided you’re not a heavy user. Hotspot usage is another limitation, as you either have a limited amount of data allocated for it, or have to pay to use it. But ultimately, which one you pick will most likely be decided by which telco has the best coverage for where you are.

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