Grab Will Require Riders To Complete A Health Declaration Form Before Booking

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Grab is naturally being cautious to ensure that neither its drivers and riders get sick. To that end, it is rolling out a new safety feature to its mobile app this month. With this addition, riders will have to complete an online health and hygiene declaration form before booking a ride.


The form consists only of three items, which are extremely simple by nature. All you have to do is to declare that you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms, have not had close contact with anyone who has the disease, and have taken the necessary safety and hygiene measures to prevent catching it.

This also applies to the service’s driver and delivery partners. Grab says that they have started voluntarily submitting daily health declarations. But now, the company is making it a mandatory part of their routine.

Grab announced that this health and hygiene declaration is part of the company’s new GrabProtect program. Other initiatives in the program include the distribution 2.1 million masks and 100000 hygiene kits to its drivers and delivery partners, and the introduction of a six-step safety guidelines.

As for when this will come into effect, all that Grab said was June, with no exact date. At the time of writing, the health declaration form has yet to be implemented.

(Source: Grab)