ACRONYM Unveils Official Death Stranding Jacket

In collaboration with Kojima Productions, fashion brand ACRONYM has revealed the official Death Stranding J1A-GTKP Bridges jacket. As you may recall, the brand’s co-founder and designer Errolson Hugh also had a cameo appearance in the game as an NPC character. Additionally, the brand provided design input for some of the character outfits as well.


The jacket is actually a second generation variant of ACRONYM’s J1A-GT which debuted back in 2016 and is one of the brand’s best selling products. The apparel and its Death Stranding variant is developed using Gore-tex, a fabric material that is waterproof, windproof and breathable.

As for its functionalities, the J1A-GTKP Bridges jacket features a multi-position storm collar, several pockets for item storage, and a storm hood. It is presented mostly in navy blue tone with additional decoration consisting of the “Bridges” branding around the jacket, and a porter badge on its collar. And no, it does not come with delivery cases or the Bridge Baby accessory.

The jacket is available from sizes XS to XL, but those keen on owning it for themselves will be disappointed to find out two things: it’s priced at a whopping JPY192,500 (~RM7,868), and it’s already sold out. If you’re still eager to wait for the apparel to be restocked, please check out the respective websites of ACRONYM and Kojima Productions via the links below.

(Source: ACRONYM / Kojima Productions)

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