Some Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Phones Suffer Discoloured Displays

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an incredible phone, and its second birthday is fast approaching. And for a device that’s nearly two generations away, it’s odd that it’s only now starting to develop serious issues with its display. A number of users have started facing issues with discoloured screens, not unlike when turning on the blue light filter.


A number of users over at the Lowyat.NET forums have reported that their Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screens are suffering from the issue. The exact nature of each one varies a little, but the general issue of discoloured screens seems to be the common factor.

Some are starting to see brown horizontal lines on the screen as well. Others have their Galaxy Note 9 heat up within five minutes of use, which is then accompanied by the yellowish display. Some are facing other display issues when increasing the brightness of their screens as well.

The start date of the problems also seem to differ quite a bit. One user reported such problems beginning 2 April. Another claims to have begun facing this since 23 March. It’s also an issue that’s only affecting some Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users. Other users of the phone in the forums chimed in, saying that they did not have any display problems.

And it looks like it’s not an issue exclusive to Malaysian units either. The Samsung US community forums also has a number of similar reports. One also includes a lowered display resolution accompanying the yellow tint after waking the screen from sleep. But one key difference is that these seem to point towards a March 2020 security update as the issue. Our local instances of the problem seem to have wildly different start points, which makes it seem like it’s caused by something else.

At any rate, Samsung has not yet said anything on the matter. We’ve reached out to the company for answers, and we’ll let you know if we learn anything from the company.

(Thanks for the tips, mydragoon @ Lowyat.NET Forums // Adrian Tai @ Twitter.)

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