SOCAR Malaysia To Launch Trevo, A People-To-People Car Sharing Platform

Hailing from South Korea, SOCAR car sharing service offers a different approach to transportation in Malaysia. Interesting enough, the company is now working to officially introduce another car sharing platform called Trevo in our market later this month.


Even though both SOCAR and Trevo are essentially car sharing service, they are still fundamentally different from each other. Operated by Future Mobility Solutions which is a subsidiary of SOCAR Malaysia, Trevo’s service revolves around vehicles from other users while SOCAR operates its own fleet of vehicles.

This way, Trevo has also injected a interesting element into the car sharing market which comes in the form of the ability to rent out your own car via the platform:

In terms on how much can one earn when they rent out their vehicles through Trevo, the company didn’t provide an exact price range but then again, there is already a handy calculator on its official website. As an example, a 2011 Proton Saga can apparently make around RM 360 per month if it is booked for 10 days in a month via the platform.

On another hand, everyone’s favourite supercar Perodua Myvi of same age can gain around RM 550 per month according to the calculator. As for the rental rate, you can apparently get a car from RM 65 per day depending on the specific model and age.

While the official introduction might only take place sometime next week, Trevo has actually begin its operation since a few months ago. In fact, you can actually experience the service yourselves through its Android as well as iOS app right away.

That being said, we believe that SOCAR Malaysia who has just received an investment of USD 18 million (~RM 75.2 million), might have additional things to say about Trevo at its official launch next week. So, stay tuned.

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