Speedtest By Ookla Mobile App Now Has Its Own VPN

VPNs can be surprisingly useful when you least expect it. If you don’t already have a paid subscription for one, Ookla’s Speedtest mobile app now has a free built-in VPN. This is available for both Android and iOS.

That said, it looks like you may be looking at different versions of it, depending on when the app was last updated. An older version of the Speedtest app shows one that’s provided by a third party, Encrypt.me. This is likely what you’ll see if your version of the app was last updated on 6 December or earlier. If it has an update dated around 12 December, then you’ll see the built-in one by Ookla.

On the left is Ookla’s own built-in VPN, while the right is by Encrypt.me.

This is a beta version of Ookla’s built-in VPN, as noted in the app itself. The company also notes in the changelog that this is an early preview. According to Android Police, Ookla intends to have a paid tier for its VPN service sometime in the future. For now, all you have access to is the free tier that provides 2GB per month.


The fact that there are two different versions of VPN in the app suggests that this update is being rolled out in stages. If you frequently use the Speedtest app, then this VPN will more likely serve as a bonus feature. At least you won’t need to download a separate app whenever you have an urgent need for a VPN.

(Source: Google Play Store via Android police)