Samsung Announces Collaboration With Supreme; But Not The Supreme Brand That You Might Know

During the official unveiling of Galaxy A8s earlier today, Samsung has also taken the opportunity to make another announcement at the event. To the surprise of everyone, the company has announced a collaboration with Supreme but truth to be told, it is not the same Supreme that you might know.


Despite having the same logo, the Supreme brand that is in collaboration with Samsung is not the world-famous streetwear brand from New York. Instead, this particular Supreme brand is Supreme Italia which is based in Barletta, Italy and was deemed as “legal fake” by many within the streetwear scene.

Supreme NYC’s Japanese online store.

This is not only due to the fact that Supreme Italia has no relation to Supreme New York but it is also able to continue its operation through legal loopholes despite the American brand’s attempt to shut it down via lawsuit. Then again, Supreme New York’s iconic red box logo with text in Futura Bold Italic font is not the brand’s original creation in the first place anyway as it was based on the artwork style of Barbara Kruger.

Nevertheless, this collaboration might not seem out of place given that it took place in China where intellectual property law can be quite questionable from time to time. On another hand though, it is an odd collaboration for Samsung to participate given its global reach and extensive IP know-how.

(Source: Samsung China live feed, Hypebeast China.)

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