shuts down facebook page amidst criticism of Northern Region Career Fair

Popular local job portal has taken down their facebook page today after throngs of job seekers to their Northern Region Career Fair came out in force to criticise their handling of the event earlier today.

Update: Our checks reveal that was only registered on the 18th of July 2017, barely 3 months before the event. No information is available on the registrant. We are also unable to find any information on the SSM database with regards to the company behind the site. Their facebook page is also relatively new, but has somehow managed to chalk up over 220,000 followers in a short time.

Based on the massive amounts of promotion accorded to the event across their facebook page – which in itself boast over 220,000 followers, as well as many other facebook pages across the country, its quite surprising to see the number of disgruntled job seekers venting out their frustrations on their page – before they took it down.

The fair which was supposed to run over this weekend till 1st of October at the Grand Ballroom of the TH Hotel in Alor Setar, ran into issues from the get go. With quotes such as

“This is not your TYPICAL and AVERAGE career fair where you just drop your resume and out…This is the place where you can get hired immediately.READY FOR LIVE INTERVIEW”


Make a point to drop by at the largest career fair northern region this 30/9/17 and 1/10/17 at TH Hotel Alor prepare for LIVE INTERVIEW and more than 5000 job vacancies are there…be prepare to GET HIRED on that day.

the Job and Career Fair attracted lots of interest from not those only from the nothern region, but also some as far away as Kuala Lumpur and Melaka. Lots of big company names were mentioned on their Facebook page as well.


Unfortunately, the reality of it was nothing even close to what was posted on their page. While it is quite common for Job and Recruitment Companies to oversell their events, what irked off the job seekers was that there was not a single actual job available and neither was a proper interview conducted at the Fair.

Visitors and job seekers were made to queue for hours under the sun just to get inside the main hall.

Based on the many postings on Facebook, once inside, job seekers were required to buy application forms that will be sent out to the advertised companies. These forms cost RM10 each, and they were required to buy at least 5 forms. Before that, they were given a briefing of what to expect as they were put through ‘tests’ before being assigned to be interviewed.

The interview sessions however were conducted by the organizers representatives – who were not exactly recruitment specialist (some even claim that they were fresh graduates as well!). A leaked copy of the instructions given to the representatives has also found its way onto Facebook. Not pretty reading.

We have reached out to for a comment, but have yet to get their side of the story. As their facebook page is now completely taken down, we are not sure if the Job and Career Fair will continue tomorrow or not after this massive online backlash. Update: It seems that all 5000 job vacancies have been taken up today!

Source via Lowyat Forum, Facebook (no longer accessible, google cache here), Facebook Ain Suraya, Facebook Syakir Uzair, Facebook Aimi Shahira.

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