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Microsoft Unveils MS-DOS Mobile For Lumia, Complete with Built-In Windows 3.1

If you thought that it is an April Fools’ Day prank from Microsoft after reading the headline of this posts, well…you are right. However, the MS-DOS Mobile for Lumia is not fake either because it is fully interactive app that is so identical to the original MS-DOS that one might thought that it is the […]

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Microsoft Renames Universal Apps In Windows 10 To Windows Apps

Microsoft’s habit of changing the names of things continues after the company announced that it would be referring to Universal apps as Windows apps from now on. This change is surprising considering that the name Universal apps already describes the idea behind these applications pretty well.

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Microsoft Is Allegedly Making A New Surface, But It Will Not Be The Surface Pro 4

Microsoft looks to be building a successor to its Surface lineup, but it appears to be the lower end Surface 3. Despite the lack of “Pro” tag, it will still be running on Windows 10; which is another indication that Redmond is more than happy to pretend that Windows RT was a bad dream.

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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 SDK

Microsoft has released an early SDK preview for Windows 10 developers ahead of the Build conference in April. The move is a pleasant surprise as nobody has expected the SDK to appear before the conference, but it looks like Redmond is more than happy to give people a head start.

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This Is How Windows 10 Looks Like On Xiaomi Mi 4

One of the biggest announcement during the recently concluded Windows Hardware Engineering Community in China earlier this week is the collaboration between Microsoft and Xiaomi to test Windows 10 on Mi 4 smartphone. Under the program, a number of Mi 4 power users will have the opportunity to install Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones into […]

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Windows 10 Upgrade Chart Marks The True Death of Windows RT

No matter how you looked at it, Windows RT is the least loved version of Windows 8 in consumer’s eyes mainly due to its gimped capabilities that overlooked advantages that the operating system might has. Hence, it is not surprising that Microsoft has eventually decided to cut Windows RT from its Windows 10 plan as […]

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Microsoft May Not Exactly Be Allowing Pirates To Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free

  It was originally announced that Microsoft would be offering a free upgrade to Windows 10, even if the user is currently on a pirated version of Windows. This sounds amazing and all, but it looks like that was only half the story. A recent comment indicates that pirates will be provided an offer to […]

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Here Are The Minimum Hardware Requirements For Windows 10 PCs and Phones

The on-going Windows Hardware Engineering Community (WinHEC) conference in China is rather interesting in a sense that not everything are revealed during its keynote sessions. Many of the new facts about Windows 10 are actually revealed through the numerous sessions that happen throughout the two-day conference. Although they are meant for Microsoft’s hardware, design, and manufacturing […]

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Microsoft To Allow Pirated Windows Users Upgrade To Genuine Windows 10 For Free

Piracy has always been the enemy to genuine software and we are pretty sure Microsoft has extensive experience dealing with counterfeit software – it is after all the largest software company in the world. However, the company has decided to take an extremely different approach for the upcoming release of Windows 10 in China later […]

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Windows 10 Can Free up to 15GB of Storage Space

Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 10, will boast several impressive storage-saving techniques. Depending on your PC, Windows 10 can free up to 15GB of storage space. This is accomplished with a better compression method and a redesigned refresh and reset functionality.

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Windows Hello Brings Biometric Authentication To Windows 10

Microsoft will be implementing a new means of user authentication in the form of Windows Hello. The system will allow users to replace passwords with more secure biometric authentication methods like facial recognition, iris scanning, or fingerprint sensors.

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Microsoft and Xiaomi Partners Together To Test Windows 10 On Mi 4

Apart from announcing the upcoming availability of Windows 10, Microsoft has also revealed that the company is now working with Xiaomi to test its new operating system on one of the company’s devices. By that, we mean the Xiaomi Mi 4.

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Windows 10 To Be Available This Summer In 190 Countries

Moments ago, Microsoft has just revealed that Windows 10 will be shipped to 190 countries throughout the world this coming summer. That means we’ll be seeing the new operating system sometime between June and August this year.

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Windows 10 May Have Support For P2P Updates

Microsoft looks to be adding a handy new feature to Windows 10 that will hopefully help with installing updates. A leak of the build 10036 of Windows 10 shows an option to download updates from multiple sources, including other computers over a local network. P2P updates are not new to computing, but there is speculation that […]

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Mac OS X and iOS Have More Vulnerabilities Than Windows In 2014, Says Report

Most Windows users out there would be familiar with the need to install patches through Windows Update from time to time. Even though not all of them are made to fix the operating system as they could be drivers and Windows’s own anti-malicious software, the amount of patches that users need to apply from time […]

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Microsoft Planning To Move Beyond Password Security In Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that it will be transitioning away from passwords in Windows 10 in an effort to increase security. The technology giant is a member of the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance, which also includes many other industry leaders like ARM, Google, and the Alibaba Group. What this means for the new operating system […]

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Leaked Images Of Windows 10 For Smartphones Surface

Microsoft has promised to be releasing the preview of Windows 10 for smartphones and tablets soon. Despite this, screenshots of what is supposedly the operating system have appeared on a Chinese site.

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First Look At Universal Apps As Microsoft Previews New Office Suite

Microsoft has announced the preview of the new Office Universal apps for the Windows 10 Technical Preview. These are the versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and et cetera that are meant to work on all Windows devices; from smartphone to desktop. That being said, the mobile versions aren’t available for download just yet.

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New Microsoft Lumia On List of Devices Shipping With Snapdragon 810 Processor

Qualcomm has accidentally spilled the beans on a new Microsoft Lumia smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 810 processor. This comes as a surprise as Microsoft has been quite content to put out budget devices for the last few months; even the flagship Lumia 830 wasn’t exactly bristling with top of the line specifications.

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Windows 10 Devices Will Use Lumia Camera as the Default Camera App

The Lumia Camera app has been confirmed to be the default camera app for all Windows 10 devices. This extends to all devices running the new operating system from Microsoft, including PCs, tablets, and of course, smartphones.

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