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Modder Manages To Run Windows 7 and Windows 8 on ASUS ZenFone 2

Have you ever thought of running the full Windows desktop operating system on your smartphones? Given the obvious architecture differences between PC and smartphone, this sounds more like wishful thinking but quite a number of ambitious folks out there actually managed to make it work over the years.

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Windows 10 Free Upgrade Confirmed For Windows 7 and 8.1 Users

As promised, Microsoft today has revealed more information regarding its upcoming Windows 10 operating system through a special press event at its campus in Seattle. One of the first thing that company has revealed at the event is that the new operating system will be made available as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

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Ex-Googlers Come Up With A Tablet That Looks Suspiciously Like The Microsoft Surface

Jide Technology, a company founded by three ex-Googlers, will be introducing a tablet that appears to merge the best parts of Microsoft and Android; into a form that mimics the Surface Pro. Called the Jide Remix, it also runs a customised version of Android 4.4.2 that resembles Windows 8.

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Windows 8.1 Sees Increase In Users During October

After receiving mostly negative feedback for the past year or so, Microsoft’s latest operating system is finally gaining some long overdue momentum in the month of October.

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Russian Cyber-Espionage Campaign Against NATO Detailed

Cyber-security company iSIGHT has revealed the details of a Russian cyber-espionage campaign conducted against NATO countries that has been conducted over the last year. The attacks were perpetrated by using a zero-day exploit in all supported versions of Windows, and Windows Server 20008 and 2012. Microsoft is aware of the vulnerability and is currently working […]

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Next Version Of Windows Expected To Drop Charms; Introduce Virtual Desktops

Rumours are beginning to circulate that Microsoft is preparing to drop the Charms bar for the next version of Windows. Widely assumed to be called Windows 9 (codenamed Threshold), the next iteration of the world’s most widespread operating system appears to be removing even more of the features that ended up underutilised in Windows 8. […]

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Emergency Windows Update Issued To Revoke Counterfeit Encryption Certificates

  Microsoft has issued a emergency update for its Windows operating system to protect systems against the recent counterfeit encryption certificates that came out of the National Infomatics Centre (NIC) of India. These certificates were spotted earlier in the week and appear to spoof credentials from Google and Yahoo. This update revokes access for the […]

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Surface Pro 3 Is Coming To Malaysia End of August

If you have been wondering why Surface Pro 2 was not released into our market despite making an appearance in SIRIM’s database, we think we just found out the answer. Right after the unveiling event in New York, Microsoft Malaysia has confirmed to us that the Surface Pro 3 is expected to arrive in Malaysia by end […]

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Microsoft Officially Unveiled Surface Pro 3: The Tablet That Is Designed To Replace Your Laptop

Just moments ago, Microsoft has unveiled the much rumoured Surface Pro 3 which is claimed to be the thinnest Intel Core device ever made. Not only that, Microsoft has also boldly claimed that the Surface Pro 3 is the tablet that will replace your laptop. So, what are the differences between the third generation Surface Pro has as compared to […]

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Microsoft, TM, and Intel Launch Trade-in Program To Assist SMEs Move From Windows XP and Office 2003

As some of you might aware, Microsoft is no longer providing support for Windows XP and Office 2003 starting from yesterday onwards. This means that both software will no longer receive updates or fixes from Microsoft and that might spell trouble to companies especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) out there that have yet to […]

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Build 2014: This Is The New Start Menu for Windows, Complete with Live Tiles Integration

If there is one particular thing that many Windows 8 users out there would like to see on the operating system once again, that would be the iconic Start Menu. As Microsoft focuses on touch interface Windows 8, the Start Menu was side lined in favour on the Modern/Metro UI. Even though Microsoft added the Start […]

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Build 2014: Windows 8.1 Update In Action, Delivering Better Interaction To Mouse and Keyboard Users

During the opening keynote of Microsoft Build Developer Conference last night, a significant part of it was dedicated to demonstrate Windows Phone 8.1. That doesn’t mean the company’s other operating system – Windows 8.1 – was side lined from the show though as Microsoft has also showcased a set of new features that will be […]

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MWC 2014: Update For Windows 8.1 Coming Soon, To Deliver Better Experience For Non-Touch Users

Apart from announcing new partners and features for Windows Phone, Microsoft was also on stage at its media conference in Mobile World Congress 2014 to talk about Windows 8. The company then announced a new update for Windows 8.1 that will be released to customers this spring.

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Toshiba Encore: The Latest Intel Bay Trail Windows 8.1 Tablet In Malaysia, Heading To Stores Soon

So far, the new Intel Atom Z3000 series processor (previously codenamed as Bay Trail-T) are represented by two Windows 8.1 tablets in our market: the ASUS Transformer Book T100 and Acer Iconia W4. Users will soon have another option to consider: say hello to the new Toshiba Encore. Just like Transformer Book T100 and Iconia […]

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What NOT To Buy Tech Geeks

Xmas is a time of giving and sharing; and technology is particularly popular as a gift in the 21st century. However, while most of the population would love to get any sort of electronic device, a true enthusiast is far more discerning. If you are reading this website, you are probably already ahead of the […]

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Hands-On First Look: Acer Iconia W4, The 8-Inch Windows 8.1 Tablet with Intel Bay Trail Heart

First revealed to the world back in October, the new Acer Iconia W4 which made its debut in Malaysia at PIKOM PC Fair in KLCC today is pretty much the Taiwanese company’s second attempt to deliver full Windows 8.1 experience in a small 8-inch form factor. Joining the ASUS Transformer T100 which was released in […]

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Acer Iconia W4 Bay Trail Windows 8.1 Tablet To Debut At PC Fair KLCC This Weekend For RM 1099

While we are well aware of its imminent arrival into Malaysia, we have finally obtained the actual release date for the new Acer Iconia W4. For those who are not familiar with the device, the Iconia W4 is essentially an 8-inch tablet that runs on a full version of Windows 8.1 and powered by the […]

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Threshold: Early Info On The Next Major Set of Updates For Windows, Coming In 2015

Released to the public in October, the Windows 8.1 or previously codenamed “Window Blue” is considered as one of the major post-release milestone for the operating system. So, what’s next? Well then, say hello to the “Threshold” which is said to be the code name for the next major set of updates for Windows. Interestingly, […]

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Hands-On First Look: Surface Pro 2, The Second Generation Windows 8 Flagship Tablet From Microsoft

A follow-up to the Surface Pro tablet that were announced in June 2012, the newly launched Surface Pro 2 certainly looks like an exact mirror image of its predecessor. In fact, it is really hard to differentiate both of them apart if it were not for the logos on their kickstands as the original Surface […]

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PSA: Windows 8.1 Is Available Right Now For Windows 8 Users

As you might have heard before, the much awaited update for Windows 8 is finally here. Officially called Windows 8.1 (or Windows RT 8.1 for our friends with ARM-based Windows RT devices out there), it provides tons of improvements over the operating system such as more customization options for Start screen, ability to boot directly […]

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