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Microsoft Already Planning Windows 10 Updates For 2016

Reports are appearing that claim Microsoft has already begun planning updates for Windows 10 well into 2016. There is little information about what these updates entail, aside from the fact that they are working under the codename “Redstone”.

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Windows RT Will Only Receive Some Windows 10 Updates; Effectively Dead

Windows RT, the lighter ARM version of Windows 8, will not be receiving the free Windows 10 update. In fact, it will only be getting and upgrade that provides some of the functionality of Windows 10. Which is not entirely a problem as the operating system was never popular to begin with.

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Windows Phone Update Replaces The Developer Preview With Phone Insider App

A Windows Phone fan group has posted a screenshot of what appears to be a new update for devices running Lumia Denim. The update appears to remove the Preview for Developers, and leaving the Phone Insider app.

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Pebble Now Supports Android Wear Notifications

Competition in the smartwatch market is set to heat up in the coming months, and Pebble has openly embraced the changes brought on by Android Wear. The Pebble Android App 2.3.0 will allow the smartwatch to display and interact with Android Wear notifications, and does a few other things that Google’s smartwatch OS isn’t capable […]

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Microsoft Withdraws Faulty Windows 7 Patch

Microsoft has withdrawn the most recent Windows 7 patch as it was discovered to be blocking the installation of digitally signed software. This happened to also include other Windows patches and drivers from NVIDIA and AMD.

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World Of Tanks To Introduce New “Confrontation” Game Mode In Next Update

World of Tanks is introducing a new game mode which restricts teams to tanks of the same nation. The mode, named Confrontation, will allow players to experience a new dynamic of learning to play around the strengths and weaknesses of each individual nation. Along with the new mode is a winter-themed version of the Himmelsdorf map, […]


World of Tanks 8.10 Update Rolls Out – Japanese Tanks Join The Party

Wargaming has announced that the latest update for World of Tanks will be going live on 26 December. The update will bring with it 16 new tanks. Fourteen of those tanks will be from the new Japanese tech tree, while the remaining two expand the Russian medium tank line. Historically, Japanese tanks were designed with […]

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Friendster Adds New Social Features, Wants to be Your Matchmaker

Before we begin, yes, Friendster is still alive; it was killed off in April 2011 and a couple of months later, a beta version soon made an appearance. We don’t really know what happened after that but Friendster was soon revived and was relaunched again earlier this year in May and since then, the team […]

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Google Updates Google Now, Brings New Features and Expanded Voice Search

How many of you are users of Google Now? As much as I love Google Now and all the amazing things it is capable of doing, I feel a little left out because after an entire month playing with the Samsung Galaxy Note II, the most cards I got at a time were 5 and […]

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App Updates of the Day – Gmail, YouTube, Foursquare and Facebook Messenger

Calling all iOS users, if you haven’t already check for an app update from the App Store, do so now because Google have some updates you’d hate yourself for not getting. Gmail for iOS has now been updated to version 2.0 with a brand new look and multiple account support. On top of a simpler […]

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App Updates of the Day: Google Drive, Skype, Adobe and Evernote

It looks like today is an auspicious day for developers to release updates for their apps, I’ve been seeing quite a number of news regarding app updates that brings fixes, improvements, as well as new features and if you haven’t check your mobile devices for an update yet, here are a few notable ones that […]

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The Mobile Updates You Ought to Know: HTC One X JB, Hello Kitty Samsung, etc.

Calling all HTC One X users, if you haven’t checked your device for an update, it’s time to do so right about now. Earlier this morning I checked for an update for my One X and received 2 – the first one was a typical software update, a rather small one that requires a restart […]

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Samsung Rolls out Jelly Bean Update to Galaxy Note 10.1 in Germany

One of the best thing about the review Samsung Galaxy Note II we have with us right now, apart from the S Pen and suite of S Pen apps from Samsung that is, is the fact that it runs on Android Jelly Bean, giving it access to other goodies such as Google Now. If you’re […]

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Facebook Updates iOS App, Adds New Chat Feature & More

You know how Facebook has got multiple apps for your mobile devices such as a separate messenger app and a camera app? Well, why have so many when you can have all of them in one? Facebook recently announced an update that brings Messaging and multi image uploads into its main social networking app. The […]

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