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[Computex 2014] Intel Announces Entry Level Atom Processors For Mobile

Intel is expanding the range of its Atom processors for mobile devices with a new entry level version codenamed SoFIA. The processor will lack LTE and 4G capabilities, instead limiting itself to 3G connections in order to cater to value minded consumers.

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[Computex 2014] Intel Announces New Fourth Generation Core M Processor

Intel has announced a new fourth generation Core processor aimed at mobile devices. Known as the Core M, it will created using the 14nm manufacturing process. Intel President Renee James stated that this progression is based on Moore’s law that has been the driving force behind all of Intel’s innovation.

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12.9-inch iPad Pro in the Works, Packs “Almost UHD” Display

Apple is rumoured to be developing an “iPad Pro” tablet for an early-2014 announcement. The tablet will be a larger-screen variant of the original 9.8-inch iPad, and rumours indicate that the display will be a massive 12.9 inches across – almost two inches larger that 11.6-inch hybrids available today. According to a report in the […]

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Iconia B1: Acer’s Low-Cost Android Tablet Is Here, Priced At RM 399

As we heading to the middle of March, you might have realized that quite a number of products that were launched at CES’13 are already on their way to the market. One of them is the new Acer Iconia B1-A71 tablet. Equipped with 7-inch WSVGA TFT display and 2710mAh battery (which is rather small for […]

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CES 2013: Panasonic Blows the Resolution Race with 20-inch 4K Windows 8 Tablet…Because They Can

In an announcement reminiscent of Kingston’s insane 1TB flash drive yesterday, Panasonic has announced a 20-inch Windows 8 tablet. While a tablet with a screen size of 20 inches does sound pretty insane as it is, Panasonic has taken it to the next level with the resolution of the as-yet unnamed device by giving it […]

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Ten Ten Telecommunications To Reveal Alcatel One Touch’s 2013 Roadmap For Malaysia Soon

It is not known whether there is a relation between what we are about to discuss here and the unveiling of Alcatel One Touch products at CES 2013 but one thing is sure – the timing couldn’t be any better. Come tomorrow, Ten Ten Telecommunications – the sole distributor of Alcatel One Touch products in […]

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CES 2013: Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 800 and 600 Series Processors, Coming Later This Year

As mentioned earlier, Qualcomm has announced two new Snapdragon processor series that are expected to power numerous premium and high-end mobile devices respectively later this year. One of them is the new Snapdragon 800 series processors which are currently the most advance processor series that the company has created Among features that are available within […]

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CES 2013: Qualcomm Rebrands Snapdragon Tiers To 800, 600, 400 and 200

The Qualcomm Snapdragon family of SoC processors are well-known among smartphones and tablet users since many devices are actually powered by one. However, Qualcomm will be renaming the tiers in its Snapdragon family from previous S-based designation (S1, S2, S3 and S4) which reflect the processor’s generation to numeric system (200, 400, 600 and 800) […]

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CES 2013: Acer Officially Reveals Iconia B1 Tablet, Priced At Under RM 500

While it might be not be as cheap as what it has been previously  rumored, Acer Iconia B1-A71’s price tag of under RM 456 (USD 150) is still quite attractive. Officially announced by Acer just moments ago, the 7-inch tablet is targeted for new and young users as well as an additional tablet for a family. […]

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The Lowyat.NET Editorial Team Super Unofficial Best Of 2012: Day 3 – Mobile Device Of The Year

One of the most popular sections for Lowyat.NET has always been any post talking about any mobile devices, whether it be a phone, tablet or even phoneablet. 2012 has been quite a good year for mobile devices as a whole; We got amazing Android devices, some killer hybrids and of course some very interesting 7inch […]

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Microsoft Prices Surface with Windows 8 Pro At USD 899 Onwards, Coming In Jan 2013

Following the release of ARM-based Surface tablet last month, the time has now come for the Intel-based Microsoft Surface to enter the market. Hold your horses though as that will actually take place only in January 2013 according to Panos Panay, the General Manager of Microsoft Surface. Officially called as the Surface with Windows 8 […]

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Microsoft Reveals Surface RT Pricings, To Be Available in 8 Countries

One of the key questions that many have asked when Microsoft first unveiled its own line of Windows 8 tablets – the Surface – back in June has finally been answered today. The company today has announced several new details regarding its ARM-version of Surface (officially called as Surface with Windows RT) including pricing and […]

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