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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge to Receive Android 5.0.1 Update Directly

Now that Samsung has rolled out the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to its Galaxy S5, we can expect its other flagship smartphones – the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge, to follow suit. However, it looks like Samsung will be skipping version 5.0 and roll up the Android 5.0.1 update to these devices instead.

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Samsung Galaxy E7 Leaked in Benchmark Listing

Samsung may have said that they want to reduce their smartphone portfolio, but the company is still busy working on new devices. Not too long ago, the Korean company unveiled a brand new Galaxy A series of smartphone, the Galaxy A3 and A5, and now, it looks like they are working on an E series […]

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Samsung Rumoured To Be Working On Apple Pay Competitor

Rumour has it that Samsung is preparing to deploy its own wireless mobile payment system. Apple’s Apple Pay system is rapidly gaining momentum as an alternative payment method, and it is unsurprising that Samsung will want a piece of the pie.

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Samsung Begins Producing 14-nm Chips For Apple

Samsung is currently producing 14-nm FinFET logic chips for the upcoming Apple A9 SOC that will most likely end up used in the next generation of iPhones. Early reports had suspected that the new chips were intended for the Apple Watch, but that does not appear to be the case.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace Explodes; Non-Genuine Battery Faulted

News as big as a smartphone exploding isn’t something that usually goes under the radar, but for some reason, a Samsung Galaxy Ace II X that exploded when the owner was sleeping went unreported since October. The phone wasn’t charging at the time, but a faulty battery was blamed as the cause of the incident.

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Samsung Unveils Solid State Drives Using Its New 3-Bit V-NAND Storage Technology

Samsung has announced the 850 EVO solid state drive, which will be the first storage device to use the company’s new 3-Bit V-NAND storage technology. It will provide a boost in storage and endurance, and will be launched in 53 countries later this month.

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Samsung Gear VR Appears In The US, Comes With Many Apps And Warnings

Samsung and Oculus have made the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition available in the US, with more territories and countries set to see the headset in 2015. While this is not technically a fully commercial version of the wearable, it is a massive step into getting VR headsets accepted by the general public.

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Two SSDs Survive Endurance Test To Write 1000 Years Worth Of Data

Conventional wisdom states that solid state drives do not last as long traditional HDDs. That does not appear to be the case with an endurance test that has had six of SSDs continuously rewriting data for the past year. Four of those expired after writing around one petabyte of data, while the remaining two have reached […]

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Samsung Now Rolling Out Android 5.0 Lollipop Update to the Galaxy S5

Good news to Samsung Galaxy S5 owners it looks like Samsung has gotten the Android 5.0 Lollipop update ready for its Galaxy S5. Samsung has just rolled out the update to European version of the phone (SM-G900F) and while it’s not available in Malaysia yet, this only means that the update is ready and should […]

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Samsung Introduces Masterpieces, a “Digital Art Gallery” for Malaysian Artists

Aspiring artists, take note; Samsung has recently announced Masterpieces in Malaysia. A regional initiative from the Korean giants, Masterpieces is a digital art gallery that showcases works by contemporary artists from around the region, as well as an avenue for anyone to create works of art from their tablets. 

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Samsung Will Not Be Shuffling Mobile Management Positions Despite Financial Hardship

Despite speculation of Samsung considering an internal change in their mobile management division, the South Korean giant has remained adamant on its current stance of its internal hierarchy. Previously, it was rumoured that current co-CEO JK Shin was to be removed from his position and replaced with one of two other co-CEOs of Samsung.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Name Confirmed, Edge Variant to be Produced

  Samsung’s sixth iteration of the Galaxy S flagship, codenamed Project Zero to signify that the phone will be built from scratch, will still be called the Galaxy S6, continuing the Galaxy S product line. Samsung has also decided to produce an Edge variant of the S6, following the footstep of the Galaxy Note Edge.

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Samsung Developing a Round Smartwatch with Rotatable Ring?

A new patent application from Samsung might suggest that they are working on a new smartwatch. Unlike the Samsung Gear S, however, this smartwatch will sport a circular display with a rotatable ring; at least, that’s what the patent shows.

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Leaked Screenshots Shows How Themes on Samsung’s TouchWiz Looks Like

Love Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on Android devices, but wish you can just spice up the interface a little? Well, the next TouchWiz update might allow you to do just that. Samsung has been rumoured to be working on a themes section for its TouchWiz UI and several leaked screenshots suggests that we might be seeing […]

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Samsung Sold 4 Million Less Galaxy S5 Smartphones Than the Galaxy S4

In the first three months since its release, Samsung’s 2014 flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, sold 40% less units compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, in that same time frame. This startling statistic proved to be a precursor of the Korean giants’ poor performance so far this year, resulting in its first-ever drop in […]

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Samsung EYECAN+, a Glasses-Free Eye Mouse for the Disabled

Samsung has unveiled a first of its kind glasses-free eye mouse called the EYECAN+, an improvement over their first EYECAN. This next-generation mouse enables disabled people to edit documents and surf the web with only their eye movements.

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[Updated] Samsung Abandoning ChatOn Instant Messaging Service

Anyone who has ever used a Samsung Galaxy device will be aware of the ChatOn instant messaging app that comes pre-installed on every machine. While some may have actually used it to communicate with people, Samsung is admitting that there are not enough users on the service to justify keeping it around, and will begin […]

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Samsung Announces AMD FreeSync Support For All of Its 2015 Ultra HD Monitors

In addition to the announcement of the new AMD Carrizo mobile APU that will be released in 2015, here comes yet another important revelation from the on-going AMD’s Future of Compute press event in Singapore:Samsung has announced that Ultra HD (UHD) monitors that the company will be releasing in 2015 will come standard with the […]

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Samsung to Reduce 2015 Smartphone Portfolio by Up to 30%

In a bid to correct its position as the under-fire market leader, Samsung looks to be finally planning a dramatic shift in its smartphone strategy for 2015. The company plans to reduce the amount of devices to be released next year anywhere from a quarter to 30%.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 to Utilize Next-Gen UFS 2.0 Memory?

The Samsung Galaxy S6, codenamed Project Zero, looks mighty promising as more rumoured specification of the upcoming flagship is leaked. This time around, a report from a Korean newspaper indicates that future Samsung smartphones, starting from the Galaxy S6, would use a next-gen NAND storage which will offer a significant boost in performance.

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