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Nokia 230 Official, a Premium Feature Phone for RM230

Joining the Nokia 105 and 222 is the just announced Nokia 230. Featuring a premium aluminium construction (well, sort of), it is a feature phone with several neat tricks up its sleeves, such as up to 27 days of standby time.

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Microsoft Introduces Ultra-Budget Nokia 222 Feature Phone

Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about people who still value their ultra-budget cellphones, nor is it letting go of the Nokia brand just yet. The company has just announced the Nokia 222 feature phone, a candy bar design that is set to retail for only US$37 (about RM157).

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Video Shows Interaction Between Red Hot Metal Ball And Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 has a reputation for being nearly indestructible; because of this, one must go to absurd lengths to attempt to destroy the legendary phone. Youtube channel carsandwater understands this, and demonstrates just what happens when a Nokia 3310 meets a red hot ball of nickel.

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Audi, BMW, and Daimler Officially Become New Owners of Nokia’s HERE Mapping Services

We are already aware of the deal for quite some time and today, it is finally official: Nokia’s well-known HERE mapping and locations services have been purchased by a consortium of German automakers that consisted of Audi, BMW and Daimler. According to the official announcement by Nokia, the consortium agreed to purchase HERE for EUR […]

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Nokia Announces OZO Virtual Reality Camera For Professionals

Nokia may not be making smartphones at the moment, but it is still trying out some very interesting hardware. The Nokia OZO Virtual Reality camera is the latest device from the Finnish company, aimed at professional content creators who want to get in on the VR trend.

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Audi, BMW, And Daimler Close To Buying Nokia Here Maps

  A consortium of German car makers have supposedly agreed in principle to buy Nokia’s Here mapping service. Audi, BMW, and Daimler plan to purchase the Here for $2.7 billion (RM10.2 billion) and later invite other car manufacturers to invest in the company.

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Nokia Is Putting Drones To Work Examining Cell Towers

Nokia may be out of the consumer electronics market for now, but the company is still looking for ways to be ahead of the game. The company is currently testing the viability of using drones to examine cell towers, which would reduce the need for its human personnel to risk their lives climbing up for […]

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Nokia Is Coming Back To The Mobile Phone Business, For Real

Some might not be aware of this but Nokia will be able to come out with their own phones in 2016 according to the agreement between the Finnish company and Microsoft when the latter purchased its devices and services division two years ago. Not surprisingly, that is exactly what the company is planning to do […]

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Images Of Nokia’s Cancelled Moonraker Smartwatch Surfaces Online

Nokia was apparently working on a top secret smartwatch to be released alongside the Lumia 930 smartphone. Unfortunately, this was also around the same time that the company was being acquired by Microsoft. It turns out that Redmond would rather focus on its own Microsoft Band, and killed the awesome-looking Moonraker smartwatch.

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Nexus 6 Officially Available in Malaysia for RM2,199; Nokia 105 with Official Warranty Spotted

After a long, long wait, the Nexus 6 is finally available in Malaysia officially. First appearing in SIRIM’s database about five months ago, the pure Android smartphone will retail for RM2,199 here. Interestingly, the recently announced Nokia 105 seems to have reached our shores as well.

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The New Nokia 105 is a No-Nonsense RM75 Phone

Sick of all the smartphones that have flooded the market? Or just looking for a good, no-nonsense backup phone just in case your daily driver is out of juice? Then the new Nokia 105 is right up your alley. Priced at a mere US$20 (about RM75), this feature phone is the direct successor to the original […]

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Nokia N1 Launches in Taiwan for RM970

The Nokia N1 has been a resounding success in China, and up until now, the tablet was only available in the country. Just recently, it has been launched in Taiwan. Retailing at 8,199 New Taiwan dollar (about RM970), it seems to be priced slightly higher than its earlier price tag.

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Uber Bids US$3 Billion For Nokia’s Here Maps, Joins the Race to Buy A Mapping Service

Uber has reportedly join the race to acquire Nokia’s Here maps division with a US$3 billion (about RM10.8 billion) bid. The ride sharing service was rumoured to be one of the parties interested in picking up the division when news that Nokia was considering selling Here maps.

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German Car-makers Preparing For A Formal Bid To Buy Nokia’s Here Maps

Nokia may really be preparing to divest itself of the Here maps service. A collective group of German car-makers, supported by Chinese firm Baidu. Here provides maps for a large portion of the automotive industy, and gaining control of it would be a very strategic move for the German manufacturers.

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Microsoft Phones Infringes Patents; Faces Possible Sanctions

The US International Trade Commission has found Microsoft smartphones to have infringed on patents owned by a company known as InterDigital. These patents concern the regulation of power within the device to reduce signal interference and, more importantly, the charge was originally brought against Nokia.

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Nokia Denies Plans To Re-enter Smartphone Market

Nokia has issued a statement refuting reports that it has plans to return to the smartphone market. This comes as Chinese news sources are claiming that the Finnish company is preparing to sell devices through an R&D facility in China.


Nokia Reportedly Planning A Return To The Smartphone Market Next Year

Nokia may be gearing up to make a return to the smartphone market when its agreement with Microsoft comes to an end in 2016. The Finnish company is currently prevented from selling any smartphone under the Nokia brand as part of the terms of the sale of its devices division to Redmond.

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Nokia Has Agreed To Buy Alcatel-Lucent For RM61.4 Billion

Nokia has agreed to buy French competitor Alcatel-Lucent for €15.6 billion; a move that comes barely 24 hours after the two companies said they were in “advanced talks” for a merger. The new combined company will still bear the Nokia name, although it expects to retain the Bell Labs brand from Alcatel for its network R&D […]

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Nokia And Alcatel-Lucent Confirm Merger Talks

Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent have confirmed that the two companies are in “advanced talks” and are assessing a full merger. The two companies have have issued the same statement through their respective websites, which implies that Nokia would take over all of Alcatel-Lucent.

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Nokia Considers Selling HERE Maps Division

Former smartphone maker Nokia is reportedly considering the sale of its mapping business to boost its credit rating. Nokia still operates one of the most comprehensive mapping services in the world through HERE maps, which provides data to automobile satnav makers and other technology companies like Microsoft and Yahoo.

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