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[UPDATED: Now Available for Lumia 1020] Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan Update Roll Out Begins

[UPDATE - 14 August, 130PM]: Lumia Cyan update has arrived for Nokia Lumia 1020 owners in Malaysia. Read more for details.  [UPDATE - 30 July, 537PM]: To Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1320 owners in Malaysia, the Lumia Cyan update is now available for your devices. Read more for details.  [UPDATE - 17 July, 919PM]: If you are using […]

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Nokia Lumia 530 Officially Launched In Malaysia, Priced At RM 355

Moments ago, Microsoft Mobile Devices has officially announced the arrival of the new Nokia Lumia 530 in Malaysia. The dual-SIM device is the successor to Lumia 520 which is one of most the popular Lumia device throughout the world. It is also the third native Windows Phone 8.1 device in our market after Lumia 630 […]

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Microsoft To Launch Nokia Lumia 530 In Malaysia On 12 August

As reported in our previous article earlier today, we have recently stumbled upon the newly announced Nokia Lumia 530 in SIRIM’s database. The appearance of the device in the listing generally showed that Microsoft is ready to release it in our market. True enough, we have then received an invite (shown above) for the official […]

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Nokia Lumia 530 Set For Release In Malaysia As RM-1019 Appears On SIRIM’s Database

Two weeks ago, Microsoft Mobile has unveiled its third Windows Phone 8.1 device (after Nokia Lumia 630 and Lumia 930) in the form of Nokia Lumia 530. Since it is an obvious successor to last year’s Lumia 520 and Lumia 525, the Lumia 530 is pretty much designed to cater the entry-level segment of the market. […]

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Buy a Nokia Lumia 930 and Get a Nokia 225 for Free this Windows Phone 8.1 Day

Want to pay for one phone and walk away with two? Today is 1 August, a Windows Phone 8.1 day and Nokia is celebrating this special day with a sale that offers you a Nokia 225 for free when you purchase a Lumia 930 from them. The Lumia 930 retails at RM1,999 while the Nokia […]

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New Entry Level Windows Phone Revealed: The Nokia Lumia 530

A new entry level smartphone from Microsoft has been revealed on the Nokia Conversations blog. The Lumia 530 began leaking yesterday, although much of it was speculation about what kind of hardware would be included in the device. While the local pricing is still unknown, the Conversations post indicates that it will retail for EUR85 in […]

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SIRIM Database Watch: Hello There Nokia X2

Last week, Microsoft has made a surprise announcement that it will be shifting future Nokia X products to Lumia Windows Phone family in order to produce more low-cost Lumia devices. Generally, this mark the end to Nokia X platform even though Microsoft stated that the company is still committed to the existing Nokia X devices until […]

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Nokia MixRadio To Reach Android and iOS

Microsoft’s monumental adjustments to Nokia are far from over as the company plans to expand the services of Nokia MixRadio. The music streaming service obtained by Microsoft through the acquisition of Nokia will be arriving on Android and iOS as a third party application. Although the app will still come pre-loaded on Lumia Windows Phone […]

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Microsoft Shuts Down Nokia Asha and Series 40 Too

Following the recent announcement of Microsoft’s plans to transfer Nokia X series to the Windows Phone family, the company is now acting to shut down the Nokia feature phone lineups and end the support of the platform.

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Microsoft Transfers Nokia X Series to Lumia Windows Phone Family to Drive Its Low Cost Market Ambitions

Just moments ago, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has revealed that the company is planning to cut up to 18,000 positions by next year. A majority of those positions (around 12,500) will be involving former staff from the Nokia Devices and Services division that the company acquired last year as Microsoft is looking into further integrate […]

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Hands-On With Nokia Treasure Tag WS-2: A Simple Tool To Help Locate Your Valuables

Ever wish there’s a way to find keys, bags or other valuables via your smartphone? Well, earlier this year Nokia has actually introduced one such method through an accessory that the company called Treasure Tag. The Nokia Treasure Tag is essentially a small box that houses a sensor with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC functionalities as […]

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[Speculation] Could Future Lumia Phones Sport Canon Hardware?

These days, the popularity of the point & shoot camera is in a decline due in part to the advancement of smartphone camera technology. One of the biggest and best players in the game, Nokia (Well, Microsoft) has signed a patent licensing deal with camera giants Canon that allows both companies to access each others […]

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Hands-On with Nokia Lumia 930: The Latest Windows Phone 8.1 Flagship Device In Malaysia

By now, you most probably have met or heard of the Nokia Lumia 630 which is the first Windows Phone 8.1 device to be released in Malaysia and is also designed as yet another low-cost entry point to Windows Phone world. So, now it is time to introduce you to its high-end counterpart: the brand […]

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[LYTV] Quick Look at Nokia Lumia 930 and Nokia Treasure Tag

As you might know, Microsoft Malaysia earlier this week has announced the arrival date for its latest flagship Windows Phone device, the Nokia Lumia 930. Available in our market starting from next week onwards, the new Lumia 930 is the second Windows Phone 8.1 device to be made available at this side of the world. Alongside the […]

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Nokia Lumia 930 Pre-Order Now Opens At Storekini: Free Gift and Rebate Awaits

As reported earlier, the new Nokia Lumia 930 is now on its way to Malaysia. If you are keen to get your hands on the latest Windows Phone 8.1 device in our market, our colleagues at Storekini is ready to accept your orders.

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Nokia Lumia 930 Coming To Malaysia Next Week, Priced At RM 1999

Just as expected, it turns out that the new Lumia Windows Phone device that Microsoft Malaysia intended to show us today is indeed the Nokia Lumia 930. As you might know, the Lumia 930 was one of two Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone that was originally announced at Microsoft Build Developer Conference alongside Lumia 630 that […]

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Nokia X Software Platform 2.0 Is Not Compatible With The Original Nokia X Devices

The new Nokia X2 that was unveiled earlier today not only comes with new hardware and look but it also features a new software although the device is still running on Android. Simply dubbed as the Nokia X Software Platform 2.0, it is an enhanced version of the original Nokia X software which includes a […]

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A New Nokia Lumia Is Coming To Malaysia: Is It The Lumia 930?

Earlier today, a rather interesting email from the folks at Microsoft Malaysia has landed into our mailbox. It speaks of a new Lumia Windows Phone that will be launched in Malaysia very soon but didn’t mentioned the actual model name. Could this model be the new Lumia 930?

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Microsoft Unveils Android-Based Nokia X2, The Follow Up To Nokia X

Just before Microsoft fully made Nokia Devices and Services division as its own, the Finnish outfit managed to churn out something that is quite unusual for a company that is committed to Windows Phone ecosystem: the Android-based Nokia X family of devices. Surprisingly, it looks like Microsoft is keen with the idea after all as just mere […]

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Nokia Teases New, Green Coloured Device: To Be Unveiled On 24 June

Even though Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia XL arrived into Malaysia right after Nokia Devices and Services officially became Microsoft Mobile, truth to be told we have yet seen a true post-Microsoft device from Nokia since both devices were originally announced before the deal was fully completed. Well, looks like that device will be revealed […]

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