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Sony Not Introducing Its Next Flagship at MWC 2015

Sony will not be unveiling its next flagship at the upcoming MWC 2015 that is happening in March. At least, that’s what the latest rumour is suggesting. If this does prove to be true, what will Sony be showcasing at the hugely anticipated event?

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HTC Unveiling One M9 on 1st March 2015, Possibly Launching a Wearable As Well

HTC has just sent out invites for the unveiling of the company’s new One smartphone, the HTC One M9. The company might also be unveiling a wearable that it has been working on with Under Armour, the company that specialises in sports clothing and accessories.

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LG G4 Specifications Leaked, Sporting Snapdragon 810 and 3GB of RAM

Leaked specifications of the LG G4 have already made its way to the Internet. As the follow up device to the LG G3 that was just launched in the Malaysian market, it packs several upgrades to its predecessor.

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Microsoft Lumia 435 Appears On Brazilian Database

What appears to be a new budget smartphone from Microsoft has appeared on the database of ANATEL, Brazil’s equivalent to SIRIM. The Lumia 435 is rumoured to be the successor to the current Lumia 535, although it is unclear if it is meant to be a replacement or an even lower-cost version.

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MWC 2014: LG G Flex Hands On & First Impressions

LG may have already launched its curved smartphone some months ago, but that’s not stopping the Koreans from displaying its G Flex smartphone at the front and centre of its MWC 2014 booth. As one of the first smartphones in the world to feature curved plastic OLED display, we naturally had to take a closer […]

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MWC 2014: LG G Flex Self-Healing Back Cover Demo

LG’s curved G Flex is no one trick pony. Besides being a curved phone, the back cover is also self-healing. Minor scratches and scuffs can actually disappear within minutes on the G Flex’s back cover, and it’s down to a special coating on the cover. To see it for ourselves, the staff at the LG […]

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MWC 2014: Update For Windows 8.1 Coming Soon, To Deliver Better Experience For Non-Touch Users

Apart from announcing new partners and features for Windows Phone, Microsoft was also on stage at its media conference in Mobile World Congress 2014 to talk about Windows 8. The company then announced a new update for Windows 8.1 that will be released to customers this spring.

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MWC 2014: Huawei Ascend G6, The Selfie-Friendly LTE Smartphone

Tablets and smart band are not the only new products that Huawei has brought along to Mobile World Congress 2014. There is also the new Huawei Ascend G6 smartphone, which seems like an incarnation of Ascend P6 that the company released last year. But is that really the case?

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2013 vs 2014 Flagship Smartphone – What’s New in Xperia Z2, Galaxy S5 and LG G Pro 2?

Now that we’ve seen some of the more mainstream smartphones in the market – Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G Pro 2, how many of you think that they all look pretty much the same as the previous generation flagship? You’re not alone, sadly, it has become a habit for manufacturers to […]

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MWC 2014: The I’m Tracer is a GPS Bracelet that Allows You to Track Your Child’s Location

Apart from all the usual new smartphone announcements, MWC is also a place where other manufacturers are showing off their gadgets including this “i’m Tracer”, a GPS tracker made for children. Equipped with a GPS module and a GPS radio, the bracelet is designed so you can easily keep tab on your kids not just […]

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MWC 2014: BlackBerry Announces Two New Phones, The Z3 And Q20

BlackBerry has announced their next two phones in the Z3 and Q20. The 5inch Z3, which was codenamed Jakarta, will be  launched in Indonesia in April – with more markets to join it after than. This might be a strategy from BlackBerry to alternate between Indonesia and Malaysia for the initial market. The Z3 is […]

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MWC 2014: HTC Power To Give Wants To Combine All Android Phones, For Science

HTC has announced an initiative to combine the processing power of Android phones to assist researchers in their efforts to solve some of the biggest mysteries of science. The  “HTC Power To Give” initiative, takes advantage of an app that runs in the background while the phone is charging and connected to WiFi.

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MWC 2014: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2 vs LG G Pro 2

Now that Samsung has finally taken the curtains off one of the most exciting products in the entire MWC 2014 show – the Galaxy S5, how does it stack up against all the other flagship smartphones from mainstream companies like Sony and LG? Both Sony and LG have already made their announcements for their flagship […]

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MWC 2014: Alcatel Shows off “Smartbook” Concept

On top of all the other announcements, Alcatel also showed off a “smartbook” concept at the on-going MWC 2014 show. So, what’s a smartbook? No, it’s not an electronic book or ebook reader, rather, the smartbook from Alcatel is a notebook that is powered by your smartphone. The image above features a aluminum laptop from […]

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MWC 2014: HTC Announced Desire 816 and 610, Positions Them In Mid-Range Market

If there is one brand that I personally didn’t expect to come and deliver new products (in public) at Mobile World Congress this year, that brand would be HTC. This is mainly because HTC has scheduled another press conference in March where its next high-end flagship device is expected to be announced there. Nevertheless, HTC […]

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MWC 2014: Qualcomm Reveals 64-bit Snapdragon 610 and 615 Processors

Qualcomm’s slow upgrading of its processor lineup continues with the quadcore Snapdragon 610 and octacore Snapdragon 615. Both of these new chips are of the 64-bit variant, and are based on the Cortext A53 architecture. Which means they trade off some power to gain the ability to support the new ARMv8 instruction set.

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MWC 2014: Is This The Samsung Galaxy S5? [SPOILER ALERT]

We got plenty of time before the Samsung Unpacked event goes live at 3AM later but it seems like someone has jumped the gun and posted photos of the event’s star attraction: the Samsung Galaxy S5. With that, don’t click on the Read More link below if you don’t want to be spoiled further but […]

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MWC 2014: WhatsApp To Add Phone Call Functionality This Year

WhatsApp rise to fame was due to its extremely easy to use, inter-platform messaging. However, the company is not done yet though as WhatsApp has announced a new feature that will be made available to its customers soon. Believe it or not, the said feature is voice calls.

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MWC 2014: Lenovo Announces Three Mid-Range Android Phones – S660, S850 and S860

At the on-going MWC 2014 show in Barcelona, it looks like Lenovo too has got something to show off. The Chinese company just took the curtains off three new budget Android smartphones – the Lenovo S660, S850 and S860. The S860 is the most powerful one of them all featuring a 1.3GHz MediaTek CPU beneath […]

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