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Motorola’s Latest Device Post Google Sale To Lenovo Leaked; Moto E Priced For All

It looks like everyone is scrambling to get a piece of the low and mid range smartphone pie. In Motorola’s first phone since the sale to Lenovo, we get a glimpse at the upcoming Moto E. As you can see it does take the same design language as the Moto X and G as it […]

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Google Is Reportedly Dropping The Nexus Brand

New information has surfaced to add to the growing rumours that Google is planning to alter its smartphone strategy. This would involve a shift to drop the Nexus brand of phones and replace it with a set of smartphones that closely adhere to Google’s specifications of what an Android experience should be. Currently known as […]

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The Moto X+1 Specs May Have Just Been Revealed Via Benchmark Tools

Even though Motorola has been bought up by Lenovo, it looks like the manufacturer will still be cranking out some awesome phones. In a benchmark, TheDroidGuy has spotted a mysterious new Motorola phone called the XT912A that looks like it could possibly be the unannounced Motorola X+1.

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Leak: Motorola to Release Moto G LTE and Special-Edition Moto G Ferrari

The Motorola Moto G is without a doubt one of the most exciting smartphone in the market. Featuring very modest specs under its 4.5” display, it retails at only RM698,making it one of the best smartphone in its class, but there is one thing missing – it does not have any LTE connectivity. With all […]

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It’s Official, Motorola Announces Arrival of Moto X in Malaysia for RM1,499

Good news for those of you who wish to get the Motorola Moto X, Motorola has just officially announced the arrival of its smartphone in Malaysia, retailing at RM1,499. For those of you who have preordered via our very own Storekini.com, you should be receiving your device very soon.

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MWC 2014: Motorola Getting Back Into Smartwatches

Motorola is leaping onto the smartwatch bandwagon and is preparing to return with a wearable device of its own later this year. The news was broken during a panel discussion at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It’s not entirely an official announcement, but it did come from senior vice president Rick Osterloh.

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Lenovo Could Have Bought Motorola in 2011…But Went to the Wrong Office

How different things might have been for Lenovo. The Chinese company, currently the world’s top PC maker, had harboured ambitions of acquiring Motorola since 2011, and would have done so…if only they did their homework prior to flying out to the US to discuss M&A options with Motorola. In a press conference in China after […]

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[Lowyat.TV] The Throwback I.T. Show – EP3 – Motorola RAZR Series

Motorola have not always taken the Samsung approach and bombarded the market with phone after phone, but they have had some stellar standouts like the Moto X, G and Milestone. Perhaps one of the best known throwback phones is the one that started the Razr line of slim and sleek phones, the Razr V3. The […]

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Lenovo To Acquire Motorola From Google In A USD 2.91 Billion Deal

19 months after acquiring it, Google today has announced that it has agreed to sell off Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for USD 2.91 billion (RM 9.71 billion). While the amount looks pretty big, it is far cry from the amount that Google originally paid to acquire it in 2012 at USD 12.5 billion (RM 41.73 […]


Hands On, Unboxing & First Impressions: The Motorola Moto G

The phone that is getting everyone talking right now is the Motorola Moto G. Packing a really incredible amount of features into a very well designed body with a very decent and competitive price tag, there are no surprises there. The Moto G stock is in high demand with orders coming in thick and fast. […]

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[Update: Device ETA and Freebies] Storekini Opens Preorder for Motorola Moto G, From RM688 with Free Accessories

UPDATE: The sole distributor of the Moto G in Malaysia, Brightstar, has provided some extra information regarding the Moto G’s estimated arrival time. Product Availability: Stocks for the Moto G are expected to arrive either before or after Chinese New Year. Due to the greater than expected demand for the Moto G and the limited stocks allocated […]


Moto G Available On 21 January Starting From RM698

The much-awaited Moto G will officially be available in the country on 21 January 2014. Those who are less patient will be able to pre-order the Moto G through Storekini from now until 22 January at a recommended retail price of RM688 for the 8GB version and RM788 for the 16GB version. The pre-order deal […]

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Motorola’s Moto G Pre-Order Opens In Malaysia, Release Day Is Set To 13 Jan 2014

Touted as an Android smartphone that combines both quality and affordability in a one package, you might be aware that the Motorola’s Moto G is already on its way to Malaysia. For those who are planning to grab their hands on one, we have a good news for you: the device is now available for […]

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Leak: Xiaomi Magic Cube, a Modular Phone Concept from the Chinese Phone Manufacturer

The Phonebloks concept that we first saw and then later picked up by Motorola (Project Ara)  is without a doubt the best thing that could happen to a mobile device, and it looks like Chinese phone manufacturer, Xiaomi, is interested in the concept too. Lei Jun, the CEO and founder of Xiaomi, recently posted several […]

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LG G Flex and Motorola Moto G Videos Pops Up On Brightstar’s Facebook: Are They Coming To Malaysia?

As you might know, the newly announced LG G Flex smartphone have gained quite some attention from users throughout the world due to its curvy design and self-repairing back cover. Not long after that, it was Motorola’s turn to be in the spotlight after announcing their budget-oriented Moto G smartphone. In Malaysia, Brightstar happens to […]

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Project Ara Finds a 3D Printing Manufacturing Partner in 3D Systems

Motorola’s highly ambitious Project Ara has found itself a new partner, and a pretty significant one at that. Shortly after Motorola announced that both the company and another modular smartphone movement, Phonebloks, will be collaborating on Project Ara, 3D printing company 3D Systems have announced that they will be the manufacturing partner for Project Ara. […]

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Motorola Announces the Moto G: Mid-Range Specs at Entry-Level Prices

Motorola has announced its latest smartphone, the Moto G. The device, which was leaked earlier this month, managed to stay under wraps pretty well, too: almost every rumoured specification on the Moto G proved to be false, with the actual specs proving to be a pretty decent mid-range device. The Moto G is powered by […]

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Motorola Moto G Smartphone Leaked

Earlier this week, Motorola’s web designers unintentionally announced to the world the company’s upcoming smartphone plans with a link to a previously-unknown device called the Moto G on its website. Many speculated that the Moto G would be a lower-end variant of the company’s flagship Moto X – some even linked the “G” moniker to […]


Motorola’s Project Ara To Introduce Modular Hardware

Not too long ago the idea of mobile phones that could be customised was introduced to our reality. The idea was that it would be greatly beneficial if our hardware could be upgraded piecemeal as technology quickly changes; the same way we would upgrade a computer. We would no longer be stuck using whatever specifications […]

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Lowyat.TV Weekly News Show – Episode #01 (28/07/13 – 03/08/13)

For those of you who don’t have much time to catch up with the news on a daily basis, here at Lowyat.NET and Lowyat.TV we have come up with a way to give you a digest of sorts, compiling the week’s news in a short, digestible segment. Introducing the Lowyat.TV Weekly News Roundup Episode 1 […]

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