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Microsoft Surface 2 Officially Discontinued, Marks the Death of Windows RT

Microsoft has just announced that it will stop manufacturing the Surface 2, one of the very few tablets that are running on Windows RT. This essentially spells the end of the operating system, which has been a long time coming now.

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Windows RT Will Only Receive Some Windows 10 Updates; Effectively Dead

Windows RT, the lighter ARM version of Windows 8, will not be receiving the free Windows 10 update. In fact, it will only be getting and upgrade that provides some of the functionality of Windows 10. Which is not entirely a problem as the operating system was never popular to begin with.

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Windows 10 Devices Will Use Lumia Camera as the Default Camera App

The Lumia Camera app has been confirmed to be the default camera app for all Windows 10 devices. This extends to all devices running the new operating system from Microsoft, including PCs, tablets, and of course, smartphones.

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Windows 10 Supports Game Streaming From Xbox One and Cross-Play

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will support streaming from the Xbox One through a new Xbox Universal app. This includes video, viewing achievements, checking in on friends, and even cross-platform play.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Preview Coming Next Week, Phone Version Some Time In February

Microsoft will be releasing the first consumer preview of Windows 10 next week to the Microsoft Insiders Programme. The preview of the phone version of the operating system is due in February after the Superbowl weekend.

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Microsoft Shows Off Windows 10 For Mobile And Universal Apps

Microsoft has finally revealed what Windows 10 will look like on mobile devices. Simply referred to as “Windows 10 for phones and small tablets”, the interface still resembles Windows Phone; albeit with a few changes.

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Microsoft’s Cortana Assistant Officially Announced For Windows 10

Cortana is officially headed to Windows 10, and she appears to be a direct transplant from the Windows Phone version. Microsoft’s AI assistant will perform the same tasks she currently does for mobile users, like taking notes, setting reminders, and making calls.

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Microsoft Reveals Giant 4K All-in-One Computer, the Surface Hub

What happens when you scale a regular Microsoft Surface Pro all the way up to 84-inches? You get the new Microsoft Surface Hub, a massive All-in-One PC that appears to be designed for groups to work together on the same screen.

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Project Spartan Will Replace Internet Explorer As Default Browser In Windows 10

The rumoured replacement for Internet Explorer has been revealed at Microsoft’s Windows 10 event last night. Retaining the predicted Project Spartan name, the new browser will introduce new features and a new look as it tries to get away from the IE stigma.

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Microsoft HoloLens: Built To Deliver Windows Holographic Experience

There were plenty of things that Microsoft has shared during its Windows 10 event earlier today but the biggest of them all is definitely this: the brand new Microsoft HoloLens. As the name implies, HoloLens is a headset that is designed provide holographic (or some prefer to call it augmented reality) experience for users and […]

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Microsoft Announces The Lumia 435 And Lumia 532

Microsoft has announced two new budget devices in the Lumia 435 and Lumia 532. Both are 4-inch smartphones that come in both single- and dual-SIM variants, and are an indication that the company is mainly targeting the low-end market.

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Microsoft Lumia 435 Appears On Brazilian Database

What appears to be a new budget smartphone from Microsoft has appeared on the database of ANATEL, Brazil’s equivalent to SIRIM. The Lumia 435 is rumoured to be the successor to the current Lumia 535, although it is unclear if it is meant to be a replacement or an even lower-cost version.

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Samsung Considering Making Windows Phone Devices Again

Samsung is apparently looking into making low- and mid-range smartphones using the Windows Phone platform in an effort to diversify its product range. Of course, it would only do this if the current legal dispute with Microsoft came to an end.

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Windows Phone Update Replaces The Developer Preview With Phone Insider App

A Windows Phone fan group has posted a screenshot of what appears to be a new update for devices running Lumia Denim. The update appears to remove the Preview for Developers, and leaving the Phone Insider app.

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Ex-Googlers Come Up With A Tablet That Looks Suspiciously Like The Microsoft Surface

Jide Technology, a company founded by three ex-Googlers, will be introducing a tablet that appears to merge the best parts of Microsoft and Android; into a form that mimics the Surface Pro. Called the Jide Remix, it also runs a customised version of Android 4.4.2 that resembles Windows 8.

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Microsoft Introduces Gold Lumia 930 and 830

Microsoft has just announced a new edition of its current flagship devices, the Lumia 930, and the “affordable flagship” Lumia 830. Both of these smartphones will feature an anodised gold colour which seems to only apply to the frame of the phone, which is a rather small aesthetic change for a new variant.

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Windows 10’s New Browser “Spartan” Will Include Cortana and Other New Features

After Cortana was leaked to be available in the upcoming Windows 10, rumours are suggesting that the digital assistant will also be making its way to the new browser codenamed Spartan. Other new features for the browser are also detailed, such as the ability to group multiple tabs and a lightweight design.

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Microsoft Office For Android Preview Is Available For Download

Microsoft has released a preview version of Office for Android, and it is now free for download. Just about everyone can get in on it, although the preview is currently only working on selected tablet sizes. The preview is meant to gather more feedback about the current build, although most of the features should be […]

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The Nokia 215 is an RM100 Internet-Enabled Feature Phone

Microsoft has just announced the Nokia 215, an extremely affordable Internet-enabled feature phone that will only cost you US$29 (about RM100). If you need a spare phone just in case something happens to your smartphone, this entry-level feature phone might be what you’re looking for.

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The Original Kinect for Windows Sensor To Be Phased Out In 2015

While Kinect is mainly associated with Xbox gaming console as it was first introduced for Xbox 360, the device has been adopted by numerous developers out there as a mean to include motion sensing capability into their apps. As Microsoft has introduced new Kinect sensor with Xbox One and subsequently offers it to developer in […]

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