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Renders Of Microsoft’s Flagship Lumia Smartphones Appear

Renders of the Microsoft’s upcoming flagship smartphones have been leaked. Rumours and supposed specifications of the devices have been floating around for months, but this is the first time that anyone has seen what the final product will end up looking like.

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Microsoft Introduces Ultra-Budget Nokia 222 Feature Phone

Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about people who still value their ultra-budget cellphones, nor is it letting go of the Nokia brand just yet. The company has just announced the Nokia 222 feature phone, a candy bar design that is set to retail for only US$37 (about RM157).

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Windows 10 Allows Microsoft To Remotely Disable Pirated Games

Microsoft has updated the Windows 10 End User Agreement, and inserted an interesting clause that allows it to disable pirated software detected on the system. This doesn’t cover everything, but instead refers to unauthorised first party software.

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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 IoT Core; Builds Air Hockey Robot To Show It Off

Microsoft has released its version of Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi and Minnowboard Max. Windows 10 IoT Core is free to download, and is meant to power the next generation of embedded devices that may not have displays. The company has also built an air hockey table to show off its new technology.

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The Not-Actually-Windows-10 Update For Windows RT Will Be Arriving In September

Microsoft has not entirely forgotten Windows RT, and will be rolling out an update for the ARM based operating system to bring it closer to the recently launched Windows 10 look. Of course, being the red-headed stepchild of Microsoft this update is mainly cosmetic and doesn’t bring any Windows 10 functionality with it.

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Photo Essay: Windows 10 Is Now Officially In Malaysia

Even though it has been almost two weeks since Windows 10 made its way into millions of PCs throughout the world, the operating system has yet to be officially launched in Malaysia. That changes yesterday as Microsoft has taken the opportunity to introduce the new operating system in our shores just as it arrived in […]

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Windows 10 Prices In Malaysia Fully Revealed: Ranges From RM 520 To RM 1,099

In time with the official launch of Windows 10 in Malaysia which took place just few hours ago (more on that later), Microsoft has finally revealed the full pricing of the new operating system for Malaysia. As it turned out, the final prices are actually different from the early information that we received during Windows […]

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Microsoft’s Project Astoria Leaked; Users Able To Sideload Android APKs Into Windows 10 Mobile

It is no secret that Microsoft is preparing a set of tools that will allow developers and users to easily port Android apps over to Windows 10 Mobile. However, the software giant is not yet ready to share Project Astoria – as it is called – with the world. That has not stopped it from […]

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Microsoft Releases Apps For Apple Watch And Android Wear

Microsoft has revealed new wearable versions of several applications. However, these aren’t aimed at the Microsoft Band, but Apple Watch and Android Wear. Apple Watch will soon be seeing Outlook, Wunderlist and Yammer, while Android Wear will have Microsoft OneDrive and One Note. Both platforms will also be able to download and run Microsoft Translator.

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Contest: #MYWindows10Story Final Round – Do Great Things

The final round of the #MyWindows10Story is upon us, and our four finalists in the running to win the grand prize have been selected. These individuals only have one more task standing between them and the Microsoft Surface 3. Will they be able to “Do Great Things” with Windows 10 in the next 24 hours?

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Prototype Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Leaked

There have been rumours of the next generation of Lumia smartphones from Microsoft, and it looks like the first solid leak of the device has appeared online. A device purporting to be the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, codenamed Cityman, has been leaked on the WPXAP forum.

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Photo Essay: Microsoft Celebrates The Launch of Windows 10 In Southeast Asia

A mainstay in personal computing world since 29 years ago, Windows entered into a new era last week with the release of Windows 10 to millions of PC throughout the world on 29 July. The launch center for Southeast Asia took place in Singapore as it was one of 13 cities throughout the world to receive an […]

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Microsoft Reveals Lumia Devices That Will First Receive Windows 10

Windows 10 has arrived on the PC, and the next big release from Microsoft will be the mobile version of the new operating system. While Lumia users patiently await the impending free upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft has revealed a list of devices that will be the first to receive the update.

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Windows 10 Is Now Running On More Than 14 Million Machines

Microsoft has officially launch Windows 10 earlier this week and has started to roll out the new operating system to users throughout the world who mainly will receive it as a free upgrade for their Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 machines. While it might not be a smooth journey for everyone (just see the comments […]

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Windows 10 Installer May Already Be Inside Your PC Right Now

In case you missed the notice, we are now hours away from the official roll out day of Windows 10 which is scheduled to take place tomorrow, 29 July. While it is true that not everyone will get the new operating system on the first day it goes into the market, some users have already […]

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Contest: #MYWindows10Story Week 4 – Be More Productive

As per our announcement few weeks ago, we have embarked on a quest together with Microsoft Malaysia to seek out stories from users regarding their experience with Windows 10. In exchange for the most creative #MYWindows10Story from users, we are giving away a fully-kitted Microsoft Surface 3 which is inclusive of Surface 3 Type cover […]

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Get To Know Windows 10: Productivity Boost Through Microsoft Edge, Snap, and Virtual Desktop

We are now two days away from the public release of Windows 10 on 29 July and while this will not be the last time you’ll hear about the operating system on our site , it is now time for the final part of our Get To Know Windows 10 series. For the final piece of […]

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The High-End Microsoft Lumia 950 & 950 XL Will Feature an Iris Scanner; 950 XL Supports Surface Pen

An accurate rendering of the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Microsoft has big, big plans for its upcoming Lumia devices: the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, both of which will feature an iris scanner for the new Windows Hello feature in Windows 10. That’s not the only big addition; the bigger and faster device of the […]

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Contest: #MYWindows10Story Week 3 – Work Across All of Your Devices

As per our announcement few weeks ago, we have embarked on a quest together with Microsoft Malaysia to seek out stories from users regarding their experience with Windows 10. In exchange for the most creative #MYWindows10Story from users, we are giving away a fully-kitted Microsoft Surface 3 which is inclusive of Surface 3 Type cover […]

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Get To Know Windows 10: Windows Continuum…What’s That?

Welcome to yet another edition of our Get To Know Windows 10 series and for those who are new to the series, so far we have covered two topics: the new Start Menu, and Windows Hello. Now that we are only a week away from the official global release of Windows 10, the timing is […]

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