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Jolla COO: “This Will be the Year of Sailfish”

With a rugged outlook and jet black leather pants, it’s hard to imagine that Marc Dillon is a COO and co-founder to one of Finland’s hottest startups. The 11-year ex-Nokia veteran speaks with a demeanour unlike most professionals, and his energy is infectious as he interacts with everyone he meets at Jolla’s MWC 2014 booth. […]

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First Jolla Smartphone Delivered to Pre-Order Customers

Over in Helsinki, Finland, the first Jolla smartphone is now in the hands of the first pre-order customer. The Sailfish OS-running smartphone, the first in the world, was finally unveiled to the world at an event organized by the company and its carrier partner, DNA. For now, those who have made their pre-orders back in […]

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Samsung May Unveil Tizen 3.0 OS on November 11, Still a “Significant Investment”

Samsung’s been very quiet on its efforts in developing its home-brewed mobile operating system, Tizen, for quite some time now. As it stands, the company was reportedly ready to announce two Tizen-based smartphones in August and September this year, but that didn’t happen. Later on, it emerged that development on the platform was taking much […]

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Visualized: The Alternate Future of Nokia, Powered by MeeGo and Asha Platform

Last week, Nokia Malaysia launched its latest budget smartphone, the Asha 501. Powered by the new Asha Platform operating system, the Asha 501 further blurs the definition of a smartphone, bringing smartphone-like features to ever lower price points. At RM299, this phone may very well be one of this year’s success stories of the industry. […]

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Coming of Age: iOS7 Points the Way to the Future of Mobile Innovation

Apple’s decision to completely redesign its aging user interface for the latest iteration of its mobile operating system, called iOS 7, has naturally sparked many a debate. From the fanboys of other platforms raging on iOS 7 “ripping off” elements of their venerable operating systems, to iOS fans lamenting the drastic changes on iOS 7, […]

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Tizen App Challenge Offers $4 Million in Prizes for Your Apps

Yet another alternative mobile operating system is set to make its debut very soon, and the first major step towards populating the app ecosystem for Tizen will begin next Monday. Come June 3, the Tizen App Challenge will be open for app submissions to the soon-to-be-opened Tizen Store, offering a sensational $4 million in cash […]

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Keeping Things Unlike: All You Need to Know About Jolla’s First Ever Sailfish Smartphone

Is the sun setting on MeeGo, or merely rising to welcome Sailfish? In three days, a fire shall be rekindled. In three days, the dream shall be relived. In three days, the other half shall be revealed. In three days, Jolla will announce its first-ever smartphone. The mobile world may never be the same.

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Jolla to Reveal “the Other Half” on 20th May; First Sailfish OS Smartphone May Finally Be Unveiled

“I AM THE OTHER HALF”. What could it possibly mean? The title of Jolla’s first teaser trailer, posted on its official YouTube channel late last night probably kept many fans this side of the world awake wondering just what the teaser trailer meant. The Finnish startup has now gone full steam ahead with hyping up […]

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Sailfish OS by Jolla Can Run on Android Devices – Jolla Chairman

In addition to Jolla’s earlier announcement on its management level reshuffle, Jolla chairman Antti Saarnio also let out a key bit of information: Sailfish OS, the MeeGo-based mobile operating system developed by the company, can be installed and run on Android devices. Saarnio, who had previously revealed that the first Jolla smartphone will be announced […]

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Jolla Reshuffles CEO Again, Welcomes New Board Members as First Jolla Smartphone Nears Launch

Update: Jolla has released a press statement regarding the management changes, and is available here. Jolla’s top management has been reshuffled again, with current CEO Marc Dillon replaced as well as the addition of new members to the Jolla board. Replacing Dillon is Tomi Pienimäki, an expert in logistics and supply chain whose previous position was CIO of Itella […]

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Confirmed: Jolla to Announce First Sailfish Smartphone Next Month

Earlier today it was revealed that Jolla may be unveiling their debut smartphone as early as next month. That certainly got many interested, especially since the news came via an interview with Jolla chairman Antti Saarnio. The interview was conducted in Finnish, however, which gave rise to potential misquotes and “lost in translation” scenarios. On […]

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“MeeGo Veterans” Launches Eliademy, Wants to Democratize Education with Technology

Nokia’s MeeGo development team may have long disbanded, but the pursuit of making a product that will change the world continues to live on with members of the team. As many will know, most of the MeeGo team banded together to form Jolla, and are continuing the MeeGo development that Nokia discarded. Others, such as […]

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Zopo Set to Announce Jolla’s Sailfish OS-Based Smartphone in India

Zopo Mobile, a device manufacturer based in China, has announced its plans of producing a smartphone that runs on the new Jolla mobile operating system. The Chinese company, which only started operations last year, is reportedly famous for the ZP200 smartphone, which was China’s first “glasses-free 3D dual-SIM Android smartphone”, and has recently made its […]

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The Nokia N9: Is This the World’s Most Underrated Smartphone?

(Image Credit: My Nokia Blog) “Every once in a while, a product comes along that changes our perception of how we use technology, and how natural it can feel.” – Marko Ahtisaari (Head of Design, Nokia), June 2011 As we usher in the start of a new calendar year, it is the perfect time to […]

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Why I’m Cautiously Optimistic for Jolla and Sailfish OS

“Where there is a will, there is a way.” This age-old adage – among plenty of other similarly motivational anecdotes – adorned the screens of the main stage at Slush 2012, the largest tech conference in Northern Europe, when Jolla took to the stage. For many, this is the first time that the name Jolla […]

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Introducing Sailfish OS by Jolla: MeeGo is Definitely Not Dead

At the ongoing Slush event in Finland, mobile startups Jolla have finally showed to the world the latest mobile operating system: Sailfish OS. As many will know, Jolla’s staff comprises mainly ex-Nokia employees working on the now-defunct MeeGo development team, and are joined by community developers the world over. Sailfish OS is born from the […]

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Jolla Mobile Brings Hope for MeeGo

The culling of MeeGo by Nokia under Stephen Elop shall remain one of the tech world’s greatest mysteries (and gave rise to some of the most intriguing conspiracy theories, ever). The proprietary OS built from scratch by Nokia in partnership with Intel would have been, by all accounts, the most defining moment in mobile technology […]

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