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Hacking Team Malware Checker Released; Free For Everyone To Use

The Hacking Team cyberattack saga is not yet over, at least not while software companies rush to plug the exploits used and analysts pour over the 400gb of data that was leaked. For the average consumer, the idea that the Hacking Team products could be used by governments to spy on them is scary enough. […]

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Government Spyware Maker, Hacking Team, Hacked; 400GB Of Files Leaked Online

Italian spyware maker Hacking Team is currently facing a massive nightmare. The company has had its security breached, and some 400GB of files leaked on to the internet. Human Rights associations and privacy advocates are having a field day sorting through the data which shows sales to numerous oppressive regimes.

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Registration For Mineski Pro Gaming League Southeast Asia Starts Today; Ends At Midnight

Mineski has announced an open registration for the Mineski Pro Gaming League Southeast Asia Season 7 (MPGL), which started late last night and will close at midnight tonight. The Malaysian qualifier for the league starts at 1pm tomorrow, with a US$50,000 (about RM183,000) prize pool there isn’t much time for teams to get in on the […]

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Oppo Malaysia Warns Consumers About Potential Counterfeit Products

Oppo Malaysia is apparently having an issue with counterfeit products in the country. The company has so far reported some 644 cases of knock-off phones appearing, most of which happened because the devices had failed and were shipped to Oppo service centres by unsuspecting consumers.

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Regin Malware Exposed As American Spying Tool

The advanced Regin malware that was detected infecting computer networks across the globe (including Malaysia) has been exposed as belonging to the American National Security Agency. This came as a result of more documents released by German newspaper der Spiegel, who received it from whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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Lightning Review: Xiaomi Mi Band

The Xiaomi Mi Band has finally landed in Malaysia. With a retail price of only RM59, the Mi Band costs a fraction of the price of its competitors – JawBone, Sony SmartBand, for example, and works in almost the same way as it sits quietly on your wrist, recording your daily activities.  

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SPAD Now Says That Uber Will Not Be Banned In Malaysia

Uber and the Land Public Transportation Commission (SPAD) appear to have set aside their differences and come to an agreement. The ride-sharing service will not be banned or suspended in Malaysia as it will comply with Malaysia transportation laws; although how this affects the budget Uber X has not been clarified.


Thailand Declares Uber Illegal

Thailand has joined the growing number of countries cracking down on Uber. The Department of Land Transport has said that the ride sharing service will now face fines for improperly using cars and not using the approved fare structure. This marks the third country in Southeast Asia that Uber has run afoul of, after Malaysia […]

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MCMC’s Public Cellular Blocking Service (PCBS): A National System Designed To Assist Victims of Phone Theft

For the majority of users that have  experienced it, losing a mobile phone whether due to accidental reasons or theft is a rather troublesome (and traumatic) experience – all the lost memories or worse, the private data stored inside your most personal of devices. To help Malaysian users cope with such situations as well as an […]

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Google Street View 101

Now that Google Maps Street View covers a large section of peninsula Malaysia, it might be time to sit down and examine precisely what the service actually is. For most Street View is an interesting distraction or a quaint tool to use for looking up random locations and see what there is. However, it is a […]

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Google Maps Street View Now Covers 90% Of All Public Areas In Peninsular Malaysia

A major update to Google Maps now includes roughly 90-percent of peninsular Malaysia’s public roads. This refers to highways, state roads, urban centres, and ungated neighbourhoods. Street View also includes popular tourist destinations like Taman Negara, Pangkor island, and Putrajaya. The update is now live, and Malaysians can start looking around for their favourite spots […]

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No Google, Malaysia is Not 69 Years Old

Oops. Looks like Google’s made quite a blunder with its National Day 2014 promotion on Google Play.

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Monday Viewing: Titan Dota 2 Division Documentary – Roads

As teams are arriving in Seattle for the hotly anticipated annual “The International” tournament by Valve, Malaysia is fortunate enough to have 2 teams involved. After winning the Asian qualifiers, Arrow Gaming have won a place in the main event. And of course there’s Titan, who have been invited by Valve based on their performance […]

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The Leica T (23mm f/2.0 Summicron T) Review: A Stunning Handful

Since the day I started taking photos I’ve been taught to treat my camera like a tool to help me make the photographs I want and not an antiquity to be placed behind glass boxes and behind many layers of laser triggered security for curious tourists to gawk at. To be a true workhorse, a […]

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Mystery Nokia Device Leaked On Camera, Could Be Lumia 830

Microsoft have plans for their Windows Phone 8.1 devices this year with low, middle and flagship slated to be released in the rest of the year. On popular Chinese blogging platform Weibo it looks like there has been a leak of sorts showing a mysterious Lumia device that could add to those already expected devices.

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First Look: Hands On With The Huawei Honor 6

Fresh from the launch in Beijing last week, we managed to get our hands on Huawei’s latest midrange smartphone, the Honor 6. The Huawei Honor 6 is the latest in the line of low-cost, high-performance devices to come out of the middle kingdom and with a name as large as Huawei behind it as well […]

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More Records Fall As Xiaomi Sells 10,000 RedMi Note’s In Taiwan In Just 1 Second

EDIT: After a further look into this, it looks like the 1s time was indeed too good to be true. Xiaomi Taiwan’s Facebook Page says it’s 21 seconds, still impressive though! Thanks lokgotz! This year, Xiaomi have become king of the flash-sale, selling incredible amounts of devices in an increasingly short time. In Malaysia they have […]

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First Look: Hands On With The BlackBerry Z3

BlackBerry haven’t been having the greatest last 12 months, losing their CEO and BB10 not getting the reception they had hoped. With John Chen taking the helm things have finally come with some semblance of stability and in one of the most pessimistic headlines ever from their Q4 earnings, BlackBerry didn’t lose AS MUCH as […]

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BlackBerry Unveils The Z3 – Rebuilding An Empire From The Bottom Up

Today after a 9 month long quiet period on the device front (since the Z30 in Malaysia), BlackBerry have announced the arrival of the Z3 to Malaysian shores. While released earlier this May in Indonesia, the BlackBerry Z3 is only now making its way over here but to the BlackBerry faithful, it couldn’t be sooner. […]


Software Issues Cause Another OnePlus One Delay

The OnePlus One may just be the most theoretically sought after Android device this year; Theoretically because one month after the announcement, it’s still pretty much impossible to get anywhere. Unfortunately for the Chinese manufacturers, shipping of the device may be further delayed (to the select few hundred anyway) due to critical software bugs on […]

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