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Lowyat.TV – The Movement: The Swagger Salon (Lansi)

Here at Lowyat.TV and Lowyat.NET, we are proud to present our documentary series called The Movement. These days, more and more people are pursuing their dreams and shaking up their respective industries; The Movement sets out to document this “movement”  and tell the stories behind these inspiring individuals. Often times we take for granted what […]

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[Lowyat.TV] Some Of The Improvements On The Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

There’s been a lot of talk about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 and it’s new camera module. In our review we said we liked it a whole lot compared to the S4 but it was quite difficult to show some of the features and the improvements in pictures so we decided to shoot a short […]

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Review: Samsung Galaxy S5 – A Band-Aid To Fix Samsung’s Botched Plastic Reputation

Disclaimer: Review was conducted with a marketing unit of the device and not the consumer model. All aspects of this unit is the same as the consumer model, with the exception of the IP67 rating where it was not tested. February 25th. After week after week of intense speculation and rumours, the time for the […]

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[Lowyat.TV] Kuala Lumpur is Happy!

After two hectic weeks of shoot, here is Kuala Lumpur’s version of Pharrell Williams’ Happy! The Lowyat.TV Team hit the ground running for this project and we managed to get around 100 participants to join in our shoot. Malaysians from all walks of life as well as expats who have come to call KL home […]

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[UPDATED] Sony Releases The Xperia Z1 Compact – Everything We Loved About The Z1, But Smaller

After making its debut at CES 2014 and teasing the “pre registration” from Sony Malaysia, at an event in Jakarta, Sony have finally announced the arrival of the Z1 Compact. The original Z1 was one of the Lowyat.NET team’s favourite phones of 2013 and with the Z1 Compact coming in and trimming the size down […]

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[REVIEW] Oppo N1 – A Breath Of Fresh Air In A Otherwise Still Industry

This time last year, the term “China Phone” was a deemed a rather derogatory one. The Chinese mobile phone company was a misunderstood underdog, more known for manufacturing the phone rather than producing handsets of their own. With the exception of a Meizu M9 or something from Huawei, China Phones were just not as desirable […]

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Hands On & First Impressions: Sony Xperia Z2 at MWC 2014

Sony’s handsome Xperia Z1, one of our favourite Android smartphones of 2013, has just been given a sweet refresh. While the new Xperia Z2 does appear to be somewhat of an incremental update from the Z1, the Xperia Z2 builds on what was already good on the Z1 and fixes many of the flaws from […]

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Who are Xiaomi and Oppo? And Why Should You Be Paying Attention?

Who are Xiaomi and Oppo? The last week has seen two Chinese companies begin to make news in Malaysia. Oppo recently launched a series of new phones, while Xiaomi is already planning to enter the market. But who are these companies? And how do they fit into the grand scheme of smartphone manufacturers out there?


Preorder Your Acer Liquid Z3s Now With Storekini!

In conjunction with the release of the Acer Liquid Z3s today, the great guys at Storekini have an exclusive pre-order with a whole bunch of awesome gifts when you put in your order. The Acer Liquid Z3s will retail for RM299 and here’s what you get when you order with Storekini:

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Acer Releases The Liquid Z3s – A Sub RM300 Phone For Just About Everyone

Not many phones under the RM500 mark are really worth taking a second look at these days with much of the focus given to the mid range and flagship smartphones. Acer have released an updated version to the Liquid Z3, the Z3s and have shown that budget doesn’t have to be budget on features. Sporting […]

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What To Look Out For When Buying A Powerbank – A Buying Guide

It’s no surprise that in the connected world we live in, the most useful and important gadget of them all has got to be a powerbank. These days battery technology is not where we want it to be with relation to how much we use our devices and we often find ourselves out and about, […]

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The Upcoming HTC One Successor (Codenamed M8): What We Know So Far

While the Samsung Galaxy S5 box is making its rounds in the sun, giving us a glance of what could be from the Korean powerhouse, its natural rival the HTC One and potential successor is showing some skin of its own. Earlier we saw a leaked image of what the next HTC One (possibly called […]

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