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Jolla Splits Company Between Software And Hardware

Finnish mobile maker Jolla has decided to split its efforts between its Sailfish OS and its devices division. The announcement did not go into detail about what would happen to the hardware side of things, but the existing Jolla ltd will focus mainly on the development of Sailfish.

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MWC 2015: Jolla’s Sailfish OS 2.0 Finally Looks Like a Worthy MeeGo Successor

At MWC 2015, I was able to catch up on Jolla, the Finnish tech startup born from the ashes of Nokia. Its Sailfish OS mobile operating system has finally hit version 2.0, and the company were more than happy to share the new features on Sailfish OS 2.0 running on Jolla’s latest piece of hardware: […]

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Jolla Tablet Triples its Crowd Funding Goal, Introduces New Stretch Goals

It’s been only about 10 days since Jolla announced its first tablet, the Jolla Tablet, and opened an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for it, but the company has already received more than triple of its original goal funding. In celebration of this success, Jolla has introduced new stretch goals so you have the opportunity to have […]

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Jolla Unveils Jolla Tablet, Calls it “World’s First Crowdsourced Tablet”

Looks like Nokia’s not the only one to unveil its first-ever tablet at Slush 2014. Just moments ago, Jolla – comprised of former Nokia staff – has announced its first tablet known as the Jolla Tablet. Interestingly, Jolla is making it a crowdsourced effort – with early backers able to purchase it for just $189 […]

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Jolla Expands into Asia, Starting with India

Finnish smartphone startups Jolla is expanding into the Asian market. The company has just announced that it will be arriving soon to India, where the Jolla smartphone will be exclusively available at India’s largest e-commerce marketplace, Snapdeal.com.

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Jolla’s Latest Sailfish Update Finally Adds 4G LTE Support and More Features

Jolla’s first smartphone’s hardware had support for 4G LTE connectivity, but the OS itself was released without support for that connection. The latest update – the seventh since the device was made available to the public seven months ago – now fixes that alongside the introduction of plenty of new features.

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Jolla COO: “This Will be the Year of Sailfish”

With a rugged outlook and jet black leather pants, it’s hard to imagine that Marc Dillon is a COO and co-founder to one of Finland’s hottest startups. The 11-year ex-Nokia veteran speaks with a demeanour unlike most professionals, and his energy is infectious as he interacts with everyone he meets at Jolla’s MWC 2014 booth. […]

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MWC 2014: Jolla Sailfish OS 1.0 Demo

Jolla’s MeeGo-derived Sailfish mobile operating system is all set to exit its beta stage in March, where the Finnish company is ready to finally unleash Sailfish to the world. At its booth at MWC 2014, the company not only showed off its Jolla smartphone, it also showcased several Android devices running on Sailfish OS – […]

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Jolla Sailfish OS to Exit Beta Stage in March, will Soon be Available to Run on Android Devices

Finnish startups Jolla has announced that its alternative mobile operating system, Sailfish, will soon exit the beta tag with its upcoming software update coming in March. With that, Jolla states that the platform is now ready for global distribution. In addition, the company has also stated that the OS will soon be available to flash […]

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Nokia N9 User Can Now Install Sailfish OS On Their Device

For all the loyal Nokia N9 fans out there, Jolla has just breathed new life into your device! In a thread posted on Maemo.org, titled “Porting Saifish onto an N9, there are step by step instructions on how to get the MeeGo successor up and running on your device. I know that there are many […]

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Jolla Publishes Extensive User Guide for First Sailfish OS Smartphone

In addition to finally releasing the first Jolla smartphone, Finnish startups Jolla have also uploaded an extensive user guide on its website. The guide, which is also bundled in with every purchase of the Jolla device, offers not just a glimpse, but a thorough walkthrough of using the device, and navigating on the new Sailfish […]

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First Jolla Smartphone Delivered to Pre-Order Customers

Over in Helsinki, Finland, the first Jolla smartphone is now in the hands of the first pre-order customer. The Sailfish OS-running smartphone, the first in the world, was finally unveiled to the world at an event organized by the company and its carrier partner, DNA. For now, those who have made their pre-orders back in […]

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Jolla Sailfish OS to Integrate Nokia HERE Maps and Yandex Alternative Android App Store

Confirming an earlier tweet from last week, Jolla’s Sailfish operating system will be powered by Nokia’s HERE mapping and positioning technology. In addition, the company also announced that Jolla smartphone owners will be able to download Android apps from Yandex, an alternative Android store. The integration of Nokia’s HERE technologies was one of the most […]

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With “The Other Half” Smart Covers, Jolla’s Mid-Range Smartphone May Be the Disruptive Device the Industry Needs

Jolla has finally revealed detailed specifications on its first ever smartphone’s hardware. The smartphone, which will run on the company’s new Sailfish mobile operating system, looks to match its mid-range €399 price tag with equally mid-range hardware. The ace up Jolla’s sleeve, however, could be the game-changing Other Half smart covers – in addition to its […]

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Jolla’s Sailfish OS Now Compatible for Both Android App and Hardware Ecosystems; Pre-Orders to Open Again This Week

Finnish mobile startups Jolla has announced a major breakthrough with its Sailfish mobile operating system. The alternative mobile operating system is now compatible with both the Android app and hardware ecosystems, a significant step for the fledgling platform. While it has been known for some time that the Sailfish platform has an Android compatibility layer […]

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Jolla Confirms Second Batch of Production for Sailfish-Running Smartphone; Retains End-2013 Shipping Target

Finnish smartphone startups Jolla revealed that its pre-order campaign received orders from 136 countries, as the company prepares to begin shipping them by the end of this year, in line with its initial expectations. In addition, due to the positive response from consumers and industry partners alike, Jolla also confirmed that the company will begin […]

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Finnish Startups Adaia Rises from Nokia’s Ashes to Produce World’s First Adventure Smartphone, Powered by Android

Adaia, a Finnish startup comprising of sixteen ex-Nokia employees are developing a range of premium Android smartphones which will debut next year in three countries: the US, UK and their native Finland. Unlike other premium smartphone manufacturers, however, Adaia’s idea is wholly different: Adaia’s premium devices will be reinforced with tough materials such as titanium […]

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[Opinion] Why Last Night’s Jolla Reveal Actually Revealed Nothing

Oh Jolla, I believed in you. I believed that the Sailfish OS would be one of the most interesting and fun additions to the Mobile Phone market to break up the humdrum that is the current 4 pronged race. Despite not being a rabid follower, I kept up to date about the “The Other Half” […]

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Jolla Reveals “the other half” Sailfish Smartphone Ahead of Launch

So “the other half” has been revealed. And, after speculation from fans that went a little over the top, it was perhaps somewhat deflating to know that this “other half” Jolla is referring to is…you. Ahead of its Jolla Love Day launch event in Helsinki, Jolla has revamped its website and finally showed the world […]

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Keeping Things Unlike: All You Need to Know About Jolla’s First Ever Sailfish Smartphone

Is the sun setting on MeeGo, or merely rising to welcome Sailfish? In three days, a fire shall be rekindled. In three days, the dream shall be relived. In three days, the other half shall be revealed. In three days, Jolla will announce its first-ever smartphone. The mobile world may never be the same.

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