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Catch the iPhone 6 Clones in Action in New Videos

Now that we’ve seen pictures of a working iPhone 6 clone, how about catching it in action? Two videos of the iPhone 6 have been posted online recently, and not only does the device look like the iPhone 6 leaks we’ve been reading about so far, it also runs on an OS that is almost […]

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Watch the iPhone 6 Sapphire Display Get Tortured and Finally Crushed Under a Car

So the iPhone 6 Sapphire glass performed very, very well in the last torture test we saw, but it doesn’t mean that it’s unbreakable. A video was posted by HK’s Apple Daily website, showing off a series of tortures made to the iPhone 6 front panel and finally crushing it under a vehicle.

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Telco Price Comparison: iPhone 5S Plans for RM50 a Month or Less

Now that Celcom has announced a new plan for its iPhone 5S bundles at only RM48 a month, how does it stack up against what Maxis and DiGi have got to offer with their similar monthly commitment bundles? We compared the new RM48 plan from Celcom, Maxis’ iValue Simple and the latest iDiGi 50 so […]

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Watch a 4.7” iPhone 6 Sapphire Glass Get Tortured in Video

So we’ve been seeing multiple rumors and leaks about the upcoming iPhone 6. The device, to be available in two different sizes, is said to come equipped with a Sapphire Glass on its front but just how strong is Sapphire Glass and should you be excited? YouTube user MKBHD recently posted a video showing a […]

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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Now On iOS

Monster Hunter is one of those games that has managed to sell consoles all by itself. The opportunity to hunt giant monsters is not one to be taken lightly; especially now that it has been ported over to iOS. Of course, this version of the game is not the most recent Monster Hunter 4 but […]

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[E3 2014] SteelSeries Announces Eye-tracking Training Camera

Professional gaming peripherals generally do not include cameras; although SteelSeries is trying to change that. The Sentry is a camera that tracks the player’s eye movements as they play games. This is apparently to train gamers to look at different parts of the screen faster and prevent them from getting too focussed on any one […]

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[Opinion] Apple Is Making A Mistake By Buying Beats

The news is out that Apple is buying Beats; or at least is in the process of doing so. A piece of information that is at least more unexpected and interesting than Microsoft acquiring Nokia, or Google selling Motorola to Lenovo. Popular opinion is that Beats provides Apple with the expertise to either build a better […]

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Apple Blocking Messages Sent To Those Who Leave The Platform

People switch smartphones all the time, often jumping between operating systems as they see fit. However, former Lifehacker editor, Adam Pash, has reported losing messages sent to him after trading his iPhone for an Android device.


The HYPER iStick – a USB Drive With A Lightning Connector Now On Kickstarter

HYPER is the company behind the Hyperjuice batteries for Macbooks and iPads and its latest creation has just made its way to Kickstarter. The iStick is a USB stick that makes use of the dual USB and Lightning connector to transfer files between iOS device and a PC. The iStick is the world’s first USB […]

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Apple’s Newest Smartphone Rumoured To Launch In August

According to A slip of the tongue by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, the iPhone 6 is expected to be launched globally in August, a month earlier than Apple’s usual product cycle. The report also mentions that only the 4.7Inch device will launch in August and Apple will subsequently debut a larger 5.5 or 5.6inch model […]

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Researcher Claims Apple Does Not Encrypt Email Attachments

NESO Labs CEO Andreas Kurtz has revealed that email attachments within the iOS 7 MobileMail.app are not protected by Apple’s data protection mechanisms. Which is the exact opposite of what Apple claims for its iOS data protection as noted in the support page which clearly states “this provides an additional layer of protection for your email […]

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Malware Campaign Against Jailbroken iPhones And iPads Discovered

Users on Reddit have discovered an unusual piece of malware that only exists on Apple devices that have been jailbroken. Called Unflod, it intercepts all incoming data and attempts to steal user’s Apple passwords. Security researcher Sophos is currently looking into the source of the malware but neither it, nor Reddit users, have been able […]

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Leaked Front Panel, Mockups and Casings Shows off Larger iPhone 6 with New Design

It looks like the iPhone 6 leaks just wouldn’t stop; over the past 2 days, several different leaks have been unleashed into the World Wide Web, showing off a bigger iPhone 6 with a new design. The leaks include images claiming to be the front panel of the next generation iPhone, mockups, as well as […]

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Leak: Pictures of Production Tools Also Suggests that Apple is Working on Larger iPhones

Another day, another rumor and leak about the upcoming iPhone 6 from Apple, the leaks we have today includes images of production tools from two different sources suggesting that Cupertino company is indeed working on larger iPhones.

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Reliable Analyst, Kuo Ming-Chi, Reveals Very Detailed Information about the iPhone 6

Renders of the iPhone 6 (4.7″ and 5.5″) based on leaked information Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has finally been launched into the market worldwide, let’s make way for some Apple rumors. According to a well-known analyst from KGI Securities, Kuo Ming-Chi, who has been fairly accurate with his leaks on upcoming Apple devices, […]

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Microsoft Office For iPad Reaches 12 Million Downloads

It was only introduced last week, but Microsoft has announced over 12 million downloads of Office for iPad on their official Twitter account. The app is currently free for download, but doesn’t allow users to edit documents without an Office 365 subscription.

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Switch Offers iPhone 5C 32GB At RM 1999, 16GB Version Now Goes For RM 1799

While stock last promotion: iPhone 5c 16g now at RM1,799 only. Normal price RM1,999 #switch pic.twitter.com/6h1wCjwcrz — Switch Apple Mac (@SwitchTM) April 3, 2014 If you recently have been considering to purchase an Apple iPhone 5C, now is a perfect time to visit nearest Switch outlet. According to the retailer’s official Twitter account, users are […]

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Glitch in iOS 7 Allow Users to Disable Find my iPhone and Delete Your iCloud Account

A few days ago, we shared a pretty funny glitch on iOS 7.1 that allowed users to temporarily delete some stock apps on their iOS devices like Weather, Stock, Game Center and more, but today’s glitch is nothing quite like that. The latest glitch found on iOS 7 will allow users to disable Find My […]

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Do We Really Need Mobile Anti-Virus?

I was recently asked about the necessity of anti-virus software on a smartphone. It is was a reasonable question, but one that I didn’t quite have an answer to. Kaspersky has reported some 200,000 unique samples of mobile malware in January 2014; which certainly looks like an extremely dangerous trend. Yet, security against malware doesn’t […]

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[Discussion]: Are We In A Flagship Smartphone Golden Age?

This year, we have seen more high quality, high end smartphones that are all separated by a hairs width leading us to ask the question: “Are we in a golden age for the flagship smartphone?” Seeing as how there are multiple choices right at the top of the price point, each with its very own […]

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