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Tim Cook Hints At More iOS Apps On Android

The cross pollination between Android and iOS looks like it is set to continue in the near future as Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted that more of his apps will be heading to Google’s mobile operating system. The news comes as Apple held a town hall meeting to answer questions from the media.

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Apple Set To Announce iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3, And Watch Options On 15 March

The long rumoured spring Apple event looks like it will take place on 15 March. Cupertino is expected to announce several new devices, along with new bands for the Apple Watch. That being said, Apple itself has not officially confirmed the date; although industry sources say that the information is accurate.

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Apple Could Reinvent Wireless Charging with the iPhone Next Year

Wireless charging today usually involves placing a particular device on a charging surface to draw enough power. In 2017, Apple hopes to change this by increasing the effective charging distance, which may make wireless charging that much more viable and useful, although we won’t be seeing this until next year.

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Apple May Have A New iPad Air In The Works

An unidentified source is claiming that Apple is preparing to announce a new iPad Air (possibly called the iPad Air 3) at an event in mid-March. This would be alongside a similarly rumoured iPhone 5se and several new Apple Watch designs. Apple is aiming to make the announcement in 14 March, although the final date is still […]

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Twitter Users Are Trolling Each Other With iPhone Crashing Link

A little knowledge goes a long way for Twitter users. Users of the micro-blogging site have been trolling each other with a link to a site that overwhelms Safari and causes iPhones and iPads to reboot. It doesn’t actually do any damage and is more of a really annoying prank.

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Apple May Be Preparing To Release An iPhone 5SE This Year

Apple may be preparing to launch a new budget iPhone 5SE as early as March 2016. The new phone would replace the iPhone 5s in current the lineup, which is an interesting departure from Apple’s traditional method of reducing the price of older models to fill the budget iPhone role.

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Apple Reveals A Full List Of Vehicles That Will Support CarPlay

Apple has released a dedicated website containing a full list of 2016 (and a few 2017) cars that will support its CarPlay automotive software. The listed vehicles are from 21 brands including Ferrari, Honda, and Volkswagen. Older vehicles can also be retrofitted with audio systems that support CarPlay. According to Apple’s website, however, some of these models […]

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Apple Close To Signing OLED Screen Deal With Samsung And LG

Apple has come close to signing a final agreement with LG Display and Samsung to provide OLED screens, which was rumored to be included with next-generation iPhones in 2018. Both LG and Samsung are planning to spend US$12.8 billion (approximately RM551 billion) together in order to build up the OLED production capacity over the next two […]

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iPhone 6s And 6s Plus Now On Maxis Zerolution

Maxis Zerolution has added quite a number of devices ever since its inception back in September of 2015. Those who have set their eyes on getting Apple’s latest iPhones might be interested with what Maxis is offering. That’s right, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is now on Zerolution, but there’s a catch.

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Apple Opens Secret Display Research Facility

Apple is in the process of researching and developing new display technology for the iPhone and iPad, and it is apparently being done from an incognito location in Taiwan. The facility is supposedly looking into adopting OLED technology for Apple’s mobile devices, which would allow them to save power and become even thinner.

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Oukitel Releases K10000; Comes With 10,000 mAh Battery

Smartphone manufacturers nowadays are so focused on creating bigger and thinner devices and as a result, battery life is sometimes sacrificed. A Oukitel has thought differently and has recently released the K10000, which comes with a 10,000mAh battery.

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Apple Planning Event for March 2016; Launch of iPhone 6c & Apple Watch 2?

According to several sources, Apple is scheduling an event for March next year. Apparently, there’s a very good chance that the Cupertino company will be unveiling the successor to the original Apple Watch and a 4-inch iPhone 6c.

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Shop in China Will Upgrade Your iPhone’s Storage to 128GB

If you think iPhone cloning was bad, China has now managed to upgrade the iPhone’s storage – a feature that was previously impossible. These repair shops charge an affordable fee for the service and it can done within an hour.

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Apple’s Q4 Financial Results Show Another Round Of Ridiculous Profits

Apple’s Q4 financial results have shown that the company is unsurprisingly healthy, and has managed to increase iPhone sales despite not launching a new device until the very end of the quarter. In fact, it has managed to increase sales of all products; with the sole exception of the iPad.

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Apple Sued For Failing To Warn Users Of WiFi Assist Data Usage

Apple is facing yet another class action lawsuit for failing to explicitly state that the new WiFi Assist feature would use cellular data. The original plaintiffs William Scott Phillips and Suzanne Schmidt Phillips are claiming that the data costs amount to some US$5 million (about RM21 million).

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senQ Will Offer Trade-In Program to Buy the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Offering Up to RM900

senQ recently announced that they will be opening a trade-in program, allowing customers to trade in their older iPhones to buy the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in Malaysia.

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[Update: U Mobile Opens ROI Too] Celcom’s Preorder for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to Start on 9 October 2015, Digi Opens ROI

  Update: U Mobile’s registration of interest page for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is now live too. Details available after the break. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be launched here in Malaysia on 16 October 2015. Like previous years, the devices should be available in authorised Apple resellers, as […]

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More iPhone 6s Torture Tests Puts Bendgate to Rest; Reveals More Interesting Details

When a new phone gets released, the internet usually runs wild with people trying to torture the devices, and this time round, things remains the same for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. We’ve already seen drop tests of both devices, but what about the whole “bendgate” issue? Will it survive in water? Here […]

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iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Drop Tests Are Here

Apple’s new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus go on sale today in selected markets. Not surprisingly, several drop tests have already been performed on these shiny new gadgets. Looking at these videos, one thing is certain: if you drop your new iPhone facedown, there’s a good chance the screen will crack.

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Slew of New Apple Products Appear on SIRIM, Including iPhone 6S & 6S Plus

Just announced earlier this month, a slew of Apple products have already been registered on SIRIM. These include the new iPad Mini 4 (both cellular and WiFi variants), Apple TV, and of course, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Oddly enough, the iPad Pro is nowhere to be found.

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