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World Of Tanks Blitz Arrives On Android, Introduces British Armour

World of Tanks Blitz, the mobile app version of the popular tank action simulator, has finally arrived on Android. The update also brings with it cross-platform play with iOS, a new map, new crew skills, and large number of iconic British tanks.

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Apple App Store No Longer Lists Apps As ‘Free’

iOS users will no longer see apps listed as free in the App Store. Instead, the wording is replaced by the word ‘Get’ and followed by small print indicating that in-app purchases can be made. It may take a bit of adjusting to get used to the new look, but it is supposed to allow consumers […]

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OnePlus Wrote a Guide on Transitioning from iPhone to OnePlus One

If you’re thinking of making the jump from an iPhone to the OnePlus One (or any Android smartphone), the team of OnePlus has written a very useful guide on how to transfer your information and data from the iPhone to the OnePlus One.

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Apple Users At Risk of Infectious Malware

Malicious software on iOS devices are practically unheard of but Palo Alto Network reports that a new virus called Wireluker, may have already infected hundreds of thousands of users.

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Apple To Roll Out iOS 8.1 On 20 Oct: Brings Together Apple Pay, iCloud Photo Library Beta and SMS Handoff

It is yet another big day for Apple as the company has unveiled plenty of new products to the world earlier today including iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2, refreshed Mac Mini and 27-inch iMac with 5K display. Additionally, the company has also announced the availability of OS X Yosemite and for iOS users out there, […]

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Unity Game Platform Is Reportedly Being Solicited For Sale

A presentation pitching the Unity platform has been circulating around the gaming industry, prompting some to speculate that the game engine is going up for sale soon. Originally reported by CNET, the move would dramatically affect the millions of developers who rely on Unity to build games quickly; most of which happen to be on […]

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Apple Releases iOS 8.0.2, To Fix Cellular Service and Touch ID Issues In 8.0.1

Despite selling more than 10 million units, the release of Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is marred with a number of unfortunate issues. First, it was the #bendgate issue. Right after that, users reported that the new iOS 8.0.1 update somehow disabled their phone’s cellular service and TouchID. If you already owned one of the new iPhones and faced those very issues after […]

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Apple Lists out Top 10 Reason Why it Rejects Apps

If you’ve ever developed an app for iOS platform and have been rejected, then this is something you’ll need to go through. The Cupertino company recently posted out a list stating the top 10 reason why it reject apps so if your apps have been constantly rejected or if you even plan on writing apps […]

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Google Now Beats Siri in Analytic Experiment

There is now concrete evidence that Google Now is a better assistant than Siri. An experiment has shown that Google Now had the edge over Siri by answering 86% of all the questions heard correctly compared to the 84% by Siri. Gene Munster, an analyst of Piper Jaffray conducted a side-by-side comparison between Apple’s Siri […]

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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Now On iOS

Monster Hunter is one of those games that has managed to sell consoles all by itself. The opportunity to hunt giant monsters is not one to be taken lightly; especially now that it has been ported over to iOS. Of course, this version of the game is not the most recent Monster Hunter 4 but […]

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Mobile Game Review: Romans in My Carpet

Romans in my Carpet is a game that feels like it should have been released as an early access game on Steam. The look and feel of the game is similar to those being pushed out by hopefuls who just want to get their great idea out the door and maybe sell a copy or […]

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Starbucks Malaysia Releases Official App on Android and iOS

Starbucks Malaysia has released an official app for Android and iOS devices, featuring a virtual Starbucks Card that links to your physical one, allowing you to easily and quickly make purchases, top up and also enjoy the My Starbucks Rewards program.

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Razer Reveals The Junglecat – Game Controller For iPhone 5 and 5s

Gaming peripheral company Razer has announced a game controller designed specially for the iPhone 5 and 5S. The company has been experimenting with mobile gaming for a while, and this sort of device does not come as a surprise. Junglecat is an iPhone case that turns your Apple device into a something resembling the Sony […]

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iOS 8 Concept Shows A Promising Widget-Filled Future

I’m not one to post concept renders so as not to get anyones hopes up but this concept video showing off a sorely missed feature in iOS was a long time coming. For a while now, I’ve always loved the customizability of the Android OS centred around the abundance of widgets and weighed that as […]

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Watch The Apple WWDC 2014 Live Stream Next Week

Apple has put up the announcement for its WWDC live stream next week. Fans can tune in at 10am PDT on 2 June (1am local time the following day). As usual, nobody is entirely sure what Apple is announcing; although there is the usual plethora of rumours floating around.

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Apple Blocking Messages Sent To Those Who Leave The Platform

People switch smartphones all the time, often jumping between operating systems as they see fit. However, former Lifehacker editor, Adam Pash, has reported losing messages sent to him after trading his iPhone for an Android device.


The HYPER iStick – a USB Drive With A Lightning Connector Now On Kickstarter

HYPER is the company behind the Hyperjuice batteries for Macbooks and iPads and its latest creation has just made its way to Kickstarter. The iStick is a USB stick that makes use of the dual USB and Lightning connector to transfer files between iOS device and a PC. The iStick is the world’s first USB […]

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World Of Warcraft TCG Elements We Want To See in Hearthstone

We’ve been on a bit of a Hearthstone binge in the office lately; it’s a great game that can be played in short bursts over lunch. However, a friend of mine recently reminded me of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game that once existed to fill that need for a Blizzard themed card game. […]

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Google Maps Now Integrates Uber Services

Google Maps has received a substantial update which now integrates ridesharing service Uber. The update now allows users to compare Uber transportation with the previous options for walking and driving. Choosing the Uber option also automatically opens the Uber app and prompts the user to hire a ride. Provided the Uber app is installed in […]

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So You Want To Play Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Here’s A Beginners Primer!

Hearthstone has just arrived on the iPad, making it an excellent time to start playing the game. For the uninitiated, Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a collectible card game (CCG) played entirely online. Like every other CCG, it involves building decks from randomly obtained cards. Those familiar with Magic: the Gathering will have an idea […]

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