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Hands On: HTC One E9+, an Affordable Version of the Flagship One M9+

The HTC One E9+ has finally landed in Malaysia. The device packs the best of the company’s flagship, HTC One M9+, but into a plastic shell and with a much more affordable price tag of RM1,899. We spent a couple of hours with the device, and here’s our first impression.

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[Update: More Pictures] HTC Brings the HTC One E9+ to Malaysia, Priced at RM1,899

As expected, HTC has just launched the HTC One E9+, the plastic version of its flagship HTC One M9+, here in Malaysia. The device features high-end specs, and has a slightly more affordable price tag of RM1,899. 

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HTC Launches New Range of Desire Smartphones in the US

HTC has just launched a slew of Desire devices in the US. These include the Desire 626/626S, Desire 526, and Desire 520. Seeing how these devices are targeted at budget-conscious consumers, all of them are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor, which is an entry-level chipset.

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HTC One E9 to Be Launched in China Soon, a Mid-Range Device with a 720p Display

We kind of knew this was coming when HTC unveiled the One E9+. Apparently, the Taiwanese company will be releasing the One E9 in China very soon. As expected, it’s a lower-end version of the E9+, but we are kind of surprised it only has a 720p display instead of a more standard 1080p panel.

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HTC One E9+ Launching in Malaysia Soon? Spotted in SIRIM’s Database

We are seeing more and more interesting devices appear in SIRIM’s database. Joining the LG G4 and two 7-inch Asus ZenPad tablets spotted yesterday is the HTC One E9+. Unveiled in China about three months ago, it is essentially a slightly bigger HTC One M9+ with a few hardware changes.

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Review: HTC One M9+ – The “Okay” Flagship

Finally, HTC’s flagship smartphone for 2015 has arrived in Malaysia. But it isn’t the HTC One M9 that was announced at MWC 2015, instead, it’s a bigger and HTC says, a better version – the HTC One M9+ that was first unveiled in China in April 2015. We’ve been using the phone for several weeks […]

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The HTC Vive Setup Guide Is Both Charming And Informative

Valve has begun shipping the HTC Vive Developer Kit out to selected developers, but it is not yet done teasing everyone else about the VR headset. The company has made the setup guide included with the Developer Kit available for download online. It reveals quite a bit about the HTC Vive and how it will […]

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HTC Confirms Android M Coming to HTC One M9, One M9+ and More

That was quick, in just less than an hour after Google took the curtains off Android M, Jeff Gordon, Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC Corp, shared on his Twitter account that the update will be coming to the company’s latest flagship devices and more.

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Plastic Variant of HTC One M9+ Appears on TENAA

It seems like HTC isn’t done rolling out more and more smartphones into the market yet. A plastic variant of the new HTC One M9+, dubbed the M9e, has been spotted on TENAA, the Chinese equivalent of SIRIM in Malaysia. Interestingly, this particular model will not retain the Duo Camera of the M9+.

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Storekini Opens Preorder for HTC One M9+, Comes with Freebies

The HTC One M9+ has finally been launched in Malaysia just last night. The device will go on sale officially starting tomorrow, 30 April 2015, and you can preorder it right now from our very own Storekini.com.

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HTC Launches Desire 826 in Malaysia for RM1,359

It looks like the HTC launch event was indeed for “more than one” device. Along with the HTC One M9+, the company also announced the arrival of the HTC Desire 826 in Malaysia.

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Hands On: HTC One M9+

HTC Malaysia has made a surprising move by bringing the One M9+ to the country, instead of the One M9 that we saw back in MWC 2015 earlier this year. The M9+ was launched in China last month in a rather low-key announcement, but HTC is calling it a more powerful version – and in many […]

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HTC Launches HTC One M9+ in Malaysia, Coming in 30 April 2015

If you’ve been waiting for HTC to bring its latest flagship smartphone to Malaysia, your wait is over. The Taiwanese company is launching the HTC One M9+ in Malaysia later this evening, and according to our sources, it will be available for purchase starting 30 April 2015.

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HTC One M9 Is Officially NOT Coming To Malaysia

HTC fans who have been anticipating the HTC One M9 will have a very long wait ahead of them. Wayne Tang, Product Marketing Manager, HTC South Asia, has said that the HTC One M9+ is the only flagship coming to Malaysia, and that this is all part of a larger strategic plan.

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Developer Applications For The HTC Vive VR Headset Has Opened

Developers planning to work with the HTC Vive VR headset can now apply for the chance to receive one for free. The Valve-backed headsets will be shipping to developers in this spring, and will continue throughout the summer. It is expected that this means Valve will keep sending out new dev kits as more applications […]

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HTC Malaysia to Launch a New Flagship Device on 28 April 2015, “It’s More Than One”

28 April 2015 is looking to be a very busy day indeed. Just this morning, we received an invitation from Honor Malaysia to the launch of its two latest flagship devices in the country and now, here’s an invitation from HTC to the launch of its latest device and you might stand a chance to […]

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Huawei’s “Must-Have” Leather Case for the P8max Looks Awfully Familiar

Huawei seems to be releasing a slew of new devices today. Just this morning, the company announced its latest flagship, the P8. Unveiled alongside the flagship device is its phablet cousin, the aptly named P8max. Turns out, there is also a particularly interesting product that Huawei has also announced: a new magnetic leather case that is a […]

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HTC Desire EYE, One E8, Butterfly S Now Updated to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop

If you’ve been waiting to get your HTC Desire EYE, One E8 or even the relatively old Butterfly S updated, the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update is now available for these smartphones. Strangely enough, it is coming in from various countries, so it might take some time before Malaysian units get the update.

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HTC One M9’s Latest Update Drastically Improves Camera Performance

The HTC One M9’s camera performance has been under scrutiny for quite some time now. Thankfully, the Taiwanese company has released an update to rectify this issue. However, just how much of a difference does it make? A big one.

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Spec Sheet: HTC One M9 vs. One M9+ vs. One E9+

HTC has released multiple One smartphones in a rather short amount of time. Just yesterday, the company has announced the One M9+ and One E9+ for the Chinese market, which now join the HTC One M9. So how do these three One smartphones compare to each other?

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