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Google Sends out Invite for Event in India on 15 September, Will They Announce Android One Devices?

The month of September has just gotten a lot more interesting, on top of IFA 2014 which will be starting tomorrow, Apple’s event on 9 September 2014, and a regional event from Sony, we now have one more thing to look forward to as Google sends out invitations for an event happening in India on […]

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Google Wing Is A Drone Delivery Service Being Tested In Secret

Google is working on all sorts of robotics these days, and it should come as no surprise that the mysterious Google X has been working on a drone delivery service. Unlike most other companies who are testing this sort of unmanned aerial aircraft, Google Wing is experimenting with multiple variations on the drone concept to […]

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Google Releases Slides App for iOS Devices

If you’ve been waiting for Google to give its presentation app, Google Slides, its very own mobile app like the Google Docs and Google Sheets apps that were announced a few months ago, here it is. Google recently released its Google Slides app for iOS and Android devices and is available for download immediately.

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AdDetector Is A Plugin That Labels Paid Content

Paid content, or advertorials, are a fairly common thing on the Internet; although it is not easy to differentiate it from regular editorial content. Google product engineer Ian Webster has created AdDetector, a plugin for both Chrome and Firefox, that will clearly mark content that has been paid for. Ideally, this is so readers are […]

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Google Releases Photo Sphere Camera App for iPhone Users

It looks like Google has just given iPhone users a little treat, the internet giant recently released its panoramic camera into the App Store called Photo Sphere.

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Google’s Music Streaming Service To Be Called Youtube Music Key

Details about the long rumoured Google music streaming service are slowly being  revealed as Android Police are reporting that it will be called the Youtube Music Key. It isn’t the most interesting of names, but it will bring some changes to how Google handles music; which includes the Google Play Music service. It will also provide […]

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Google Chrome Will Begin Red-Flagging Misleading Downloads

We’ve seen this happen countless times: you go to a website to download software and reach a download page with several “Click to Download” buttons, where only one is the actual download link. Clicking on these misleading ads could be a nasty affair, where you could be redirected to a site that automatically downloads malware without […]

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Leak: Motorola Shamu (Nexus 6) Appears in Benchmark Sporting a Snapdragon 805 Processor

Benchmark database is without a doubt one of the best places to explore if you wish to know about upcoming devices. A Motorola device with the codename “Shamu”, believed to be the Nexus 6, recently made its way to GFXBench and then on AnTuTu benchmark, with its hardware listed out, showing off a Snapdragon 805 […]

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Google Acquires Emu, a Messaging App with Siri-Like Feature

Google has gone shopping again and this time, the internet giant has bought Emu, a new mobile messaging app that comes with an intelligent virtual assistance.

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Gmail Can Now Recognize Non-Latin Alphabets in Email Addresses

You know how annoying it is when you can only use non-accented Latin characters as your email address? Well, it looks like things are going to change as Google announces that it is now able to recognize non-Latin alphabets in email addresses.

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Google removes “Bomb Gaza” App from Play Store

A mobile game which involves users pretending to be an Israeli militant bombing Gaza has been removed from the Google Play store. The app, “Bomb Gaza” which was made for Android devices by PlayFTWad obtained more than 1,000 downloads since its release on 29 July 2014. The game however is still available on Facebook, but […]

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Google Doodle Celebrates Inventor Of Venn Diagram

Today is the birthday of John Venn, the person who first introduced the Venn diagram, and Google is celebrating the day with one of their inventive Doodles. Venn was an English logician and Philosopher, who’s diagram is used in many scientific fields like set theory, probability, logic, and secondary school math classes. It has also […]

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Google Now Launcher Now Available for Most Android Devices

Always wanted to download a launcher for your Android phone but don’t know which to pick? Well, here’s one more for you to add to your list as Google makes its Google Now launcher available for almost all Android devices.

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Google Optimises Hangouts for Business-Oriented Use

Google is now taking efforts in optimising their social messaging app, Hangouts for better implementations to business use. The tech giant also announced that there is no longer the need to sign up for a Google+ profile in order to utilise the video conferencing app. The Hangouts app by Google would be available to all […]

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Google releases Chrome Beta for Android today

Google updated its Chrome Beta for Android app today with a new look by implementing the new Material Design interface. A prominent feature in Google’s upcoming Android L, the company has started to update many of its Android apps and services with this new Material Design language.  The Google Play Store has received its makeover, […]


Google Allegedly Buys Twitch For US$1 Billion

A report has been circling the internet indicating that Google has successfully bought over game streaming service Twitch. The news, originating from VentureBeat, claims that the deal has already been signed; at least according to sources close to the matter. Scant details have surfaced, although Youtube is said to be in charge of the deal […]

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Google Offers US$1 Million In Competition To Shrink Kilowatt Power Inverter

Google is partnering with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to open the Little Box Challenge. Teams are asked to shrink inverter technology, which changes direct current from power sources and changes it into alternating current for use in homes, office and cars. Most importantly, Google is offering US$1 million to the team that finds […]

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Google is Now Rolling Out A New Design to Play Store on Android Devices

It looks like Google is ready to roll out a new design to its Play Store for Android devices, the Mountain View company recently Tweeted that their latest update to the Play Store has just started rolling out, and should reach all Android devices in the coming days. The new design was leaked about two […]

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Google to Stop Calling Apps with In-App Purchases “Free” on Play Store

Here’s something I’m sure a lot of parents would wish for – Google, the European Commission and its Member States have recently agreed to not label apps as “free” when they contain in-app purchase. Google will also make it a default to require password input for all purchases but users are free to change that […]

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Google Street View Takes You on a Virtual Tour of the Kennedy Space Center

Looking for a way to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11′s moon landing? Here’s an idea: why not take a tour of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the launch venue of the historic mission? Good thing is that you don’t need to travel all the way to Florida. Just use Google Maps’ Street View function.

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