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New Google Street View Feature Brings You Back to Yesteryear

If you ever wish to go back in time to see how the world has changed before your very eye, here’s your chance. Google has just announced a new feature on its Google Maps Street View, bringing you back to yesteryear and allowing you to see what places used to look like all the way […]

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Google Refunds Users who Bought Fake “Virus Shield” App, Throws in Extra $5 Credit

A couple of weeks ago, an app called Virus Shield was released into the Play Store and almost immediately jumped to the top of the paid app list with over 10,000 downloads. The app boasts the ability to “prevent harmful apps from being installed on your device”, can “scan apps, settings, files and media in […]

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Google Updates Hangouts App to Merge Conversations and SMS from the Same Sender

It looks like Google really wants to replace the boring messaging app on your Android smartphone and replace it with its Hangouts app. The search giant has just released an update to its Hangouts app, merging Hangouts conversations together with text messages from the same person.

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Why We Fear Google; German Media Mogul’s Open Letter To Eric Schmidt

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of the largest media group in Germany, has published an open letter to Google chairman Eric Schmidt outlining all the reasons for the public to distrust the company. Döpfner’s explanation paints a picture of the innovation and technological progress that the internet giant has achieved that is very different from the usual […]

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Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Now On Android

One of the world’s best computer role-playing games, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, is now available on Android devices. BG:EE is a remake of the original Baldur’s Gate which was released back in 1998 and features updated graphics and a splattering of new content.

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Apple And Google Attempting To Introduce Platform Exclusive Games

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple and Google are attempting to entice developers to release games on their platform first. Gaming apps are a vital piece of the mobile eco-system, and both companies are preparing to escalate the competition to the next level. However, while popular games are a large draw to mobile […]

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Google Releases its Camera App into the Play Store, Available for Devices Running on Android 4.4 and Above

Love Google’s camera app on Nexus devices and wish that your Android device can enjoy the same exciting features like Photo Sphere and such? No problem, Google has just released its Camera app into the Play Store, available for any devices running on Android 4.4 and above.

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Samsung’s Android Wear Watch And Tizen Smartphone To Come This Year

In an interview with Reuters, Samsung’s Senior VP for Product Strategy, Han Kil Yoon has confirmed that they will be releasing an Android Wear smartwatch and “high-end” Tizen based Smartphone this year. This is almost eerily similar to last year when those plans did not come through due to “poor market conditions”. Samsung have said […]

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Google Updates Terms Of Service To Inform Users About Email Scanning

Google has added a paragraph to its Terms of Service explaining that all emails going through the system are scanned for content. This move comes as the internet giant is experience a lawsuit against its email scanning policy; which some users say is a breach of privacy.

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Google Beats Facebook In Buying Drone Company

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has successfully acquired Titan Aerospace, a startup that specialises in building high altitude drones. It was earlier reported that social media giant Facebook expressed interest in purchasing the company, but it would appear that they have been beaten to the punch by Google.

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Leak: Redesigned Icons on Android Featuring a Flatter Design

Google I/O 2014 will be happening in about two month’s time (on 25-26 June 2014 to be precise), and it looks like the leaks are starting to trickle in. Android Police recently got their hands on a set of redesigned icons for Android, internally referred to as “Moonshine”, featuring a flatter design that looks more […]


Google Glass Coming To The Masses In The US… For One Day Only

From the day Google Glass was announced at I/O 2012 with perhaps one of the most memorable keynotes to date the wearable device has always been on the geek radar. The problem is you couldn’t get them outside of the If I Had Glass developer program. Fast forward to today and still only a very […]

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