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Google Photos Bug Ends Up Tagging Black People As Gorillas

Google’s new Photos app has made great strides in facial and object recognition. So much so that the system itself is able to sort images according to categories without user input. However, nothing is perfect, as computer programmer Jacky Alcine discovered after he was tagged as being a gorilla in several photos.

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Google Improves its Translation for Informal Speech in Google Translate

If you are travelling to a foreign land soon, you might want to download the Google Translate app because the company recently updated it with better translation for normal conversations.

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Watch How Google Tests Smartphone Displays For Lag

Google has access to some pretty interesting resources, and it puts these to good use. A video of how the Chrome OS team tests the responsiveness of the mobile browser has made an appearance; and it involves a machine with the suitable inappropriate name of Touchbot.

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Google Launches My Ramadan Companion For The Fasting Month [Update: Malay Language Site Launched]

Ramadan has begun today, and Google is using its massive spread of technology to make it easier for those who are fasting. The technology giant has launched My Ramadan Companion, a service that integrates into Google Now – except that it is specifically tailored to provide information about the fasting month.

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Google Announces a New Smartwatch that can Track its Wearer’s Health

Google has a new wearable and no, it’s not something for everyday consumer. Instead, the wearable is a health-tracking device that can provide minute-by-minute data, perfect for clinical trials and drug tests.

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Google Launches Youtube Newswire To Weed Out Fake News And Hoaxes

Google has launched a new stream of called Youtube Newswire, which will feature verified eye-witness videos to be used as a resource for journalists around the world. The internet giant aims to curate a feed of the most newsworthy eyewitness videos of the day, which have been verified and are embeddable from the original sources.

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Google Starts Offering “Free App of the Week” On Play Store, Hidden in New Family Category

It looks like Google has finally decided to offer free app of the week on its Play Store. The feature is similar to Amazon’s free app of the day, as well as App Store’s free app of the week whereby you can download a paid app for free within a certain period of time.

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Google I/O 2015: New Chromecast APIs To Improve Multiplayer Game Experience And Autoplaying Videos

Google has announced a new set of tools for the Chromecast to allow developers to build a better second screen experience. The focus appears to be on interactivity, and it looks like Google wants developers to start building more multiplayer games for the Chromecast.

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Google I/O 2015: Google Maps will Soon Support Offline Navigation

Good news for fans of Google Maps, Google announced at its I/O 2015 that its Maps app would soon be able to support search and turn-by-turn navigation while in offline mode.

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Google I/O 2015: Jump – New Tools For The Masses To Capture The World In Virtual Reality Video

Virtual reality is neat but it is not easy to come out with VR contents as usually requires custom camera rigs. Since Google is very much into VR through its Google Cardboard platform, the company apparently has decided to tackle this issue with something that called as Jump which was just announced a short time ago […]

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Google I/O 2015: Google Cardboard Update; Includes Expedition Programme For Schools

Google has not forgotten its low cost VR headset and will soon be offering an updated version of Google Cardboard for consumers. It will also be using the low cost of the the Cardboard VR headset to allow schools to take virtual reality field trips through its new Expeditions programme.

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Google I/O 2015: Google Now Will be Much, Much Smarter in Android M; Introduces “Now on Tap”

Google Now is about to get much, much smarter once Android M is here. The company has just showcased – at the ongoing Google I/O event – what Google Now will be capable of in the next iteration of Android. It will be focused on three aspects: context, answers, and actions. Now on Tap is […]

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Google I/O 2015: Project Brillo – Derived From Android, Made for Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) or connected devices are all the rage these days and it is no surprise that Google also has its eyes on the subject. At the on-going Google I/O 2015 keynote, the tech giant has unveiled its take on IoT through what the company calls as the Project Brillo.

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Google I/O 2015: Google Photos Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage For Free

Google has one upped every other cloud storage service on the planet with its new Google Photos service. While it looks like just another cloud storage solution for photos, Google is drawing attention to it by offering unlimited free storage. Unlimited. Free. Storage.

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Google I/O 2015: Android M Details Revealed; Focuses On Improving The User Experience

Google has revealed details about its next mobile operating system: Android M. The new iteration of the OS focuses mainly on the quality of the user experience, and Google has been rethinking how users interact with Android. Android M doesn’t appear to have many new features, but instead gives users what they have been asking […]

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Rumour: More Details Emerge on Two Nexus Smartphones by LG and Huawei; No Nexus Tablet for 2015

Google seems to have something interesting planned for its 2015 Nexus devices. A recent rumour circulating the Internet is indicating that there will be two Nexus smartphones made by LG and Huawei this year. Curiously, the rumour is also indicating that there will be no Nexus tablet for 2015.

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Google Granted Patent for Creepy “Smart” Plush Dolls for Children

A lot of household items have gotten “smart” lately, your glasses, watch, weighing machine, and such, and it looks like plush toys are going down the same route. It has recently been discovered that several years ago, Google filed a patent for a connected toy that can interact with children and even show certain facial […]

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Google Developing Its Own IoT Operating System, Codenamed Brillo

Google is apparently preparing to release its own lightweight operating system for the Internet-of-Things. Codenamed Brillo, the operating system will be released under the Android Brand; which fuels the assumption that it is a reduced version of Android.

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Google Study Finds That Security Questions Are Not Very Secure

Security questions are often used as a second layer of authentication, usually in the event that a user forgets his/her password and requests a reset. However, a Google study has discovered that this method has some serious drawbacks in that secure answers to questions are not easy to remember, and that answers that are easy […]

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Google’s Self-Driving Cars Got Into 11 Accidents Since Inception

Google has published a post mentioning that its self-driving cars have gotten into 11 accidents ever since it was tested on the road six years ago. However, before you assume that self-driving cars are not reliable, all 11 of the accidents were not the cars’ fault.

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