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Microsoft Invests In Rogue Android Developer Cyanogen

Cyanogen wants to take Android away from Google, and it looks like Microsoft is more than happy to help it along with a US$70 million investment in the company. While the amount makes Redmond a minority investor in the company, there is a sense that Microsoft would like nothing more than to loosen Google’s grip […]

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Sennheiser Reveals Modular Sound Components For Project Ara Smartphone

Sennheiser is currently working on two concept audio modules for the upcoming Project Ara smartphone from Google. Called the Amphon and Proteus, these two blocks aim to provide high definition audio on smartphones; and also seem to take the idea of a modular phone in the right direction.

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Cyanogen Wants to be Independent of Google

The CEO of Cyanogen, Kirt McMaster, has announced his wish to be independent of Google in the next three to five years. Basically, he wants CyanogenMod to be an open version of Android that offers a deeper level of access to the core of the operating system.

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Google Researchers Publish Three Apple OS X Exploits

Google’s Project Zero has published three zero-day exploits for Apple’s OS X, with enough information for experienced hackers to use in an attack. The information was not released out of malice, as Google had originally alerted Apple to these issues three months ago.

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Google Glass Becomes Its Own Division, No Longer Part Of Google X

Google Glass is exiting the experimental stage, and will be bringing the two year old Explorer programme to an end. From now on, Glass is its own division within the company and will be headed up by Tony Fadell, CEO of the recently acquired Nest.

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Google Now Launcher Updated with Lollipop Design, Brings Lollipop to Jelly Bean and KitKat Users

If you can’t wait to get the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop update on your Android device, and want to have a taste of what Google’s new Material Design is like, then download and install the latest Google Now launcher from the Play Store now.

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Project Ara Will Be Sold From Food Trucks In Puerto Rico

Google has revealed new details about its upcoming Project Ara modular smartphone. While the prototype has reached its third iteration, the information about its first test market has raised the most eyebrows. The company will be selling the highly anticipated smartphone first in the US territory of Puerto Rico, from food trucks.

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Google Translate App Now Works Offline

Google is rolling out an update for the Google Translate app that will make it more more useful than it is now. iOS users will also be catching up with the Android version of the app with this new update, which will be rolling out over the next few days.

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Samsung Planning To Reduce Features And Streamline Touchwiz For Galaxy S6

Samsung is apparently prepared to listen to users and will be introducing a series of changes to Touchwiz in an effort to improve functions. The new Touchwiz is rumoured to be appearing on the next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, and will begin by eliminating redundant features.

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Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop App is Now Available for iOS Devices

Finally after nine long months, Google has decided to release the iOS version of its Chrome Remote Desktop app. Launched in April last year for Android, the app allows users to remotely access their PC or Mac using only their smartphone or tablet.

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Ex-Googlers Come Up With A Tablet That Looks Suspiciously Like The Microsoft Surface

Jide Technology, a company founded by three ex-Googlers, will be introducing a tablet that appears to merge the best parts of Microsoft and Android; into a form that mimics the Surface Pro. Called the Jide Remix, it also runs a customised version of Android 4.4.2 that resembles Windows 8.

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Report: Google Translate to Support Real-Time Voice Translation Soon

Good news for those of you who are planning to travel to another country, it has been reported that Google is working on a real-time voice translations for its Google Translate app. This means that the next time you visit a foreign country, you no longer have to look like a silly person trying to […]

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Google Announces Google Cast For Streaming Music

Google is putting its Chromecast technology into speaker now, and is looking to make it easier for users to connect media players to sound systems. It works is essentially the same was as the Chromecast, although there is no additional hardware to pick up besides the Google Cast compatible speakers.

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Gmail Slowly Returning To China

Gmail has noted a slight increase in traffic from China, signaling an end to the service disruption which began several days ago. While the amount of traffic is still significantly lower than before the blockage, it looks like new workarounds have been discovered and people will return to the service over the next few days.

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Singapore Testing Driverless Cars Next Year

Singapore is planning to test driverless cars in 2015. This will function as a short range transit between the neighbourhood and nearby public transport spots, which is more like a shuttle service than a full blown taxi. While the lucky neighbourhood has not yet been revealed, it will apparently be one of the busier areas to […]

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Google Unveils First Prototype of Driverless Car

Google has revealed the first prototype of its futuristic driverless car. While it looks completely unchanged from earlier mockups, this particular vehicle is now fully functional although it does have a smaller casing for the equipment that is located on the roof of the car.

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Google+ Can Now Auto Enhance your Videos

Google+ is already famous for automatically enhancing your photos and even applying some cool Auto Awesome effects, and it looks like things has just gotten better with its latest update. Tim St. Clair, a Software Engineer for Google+ Photos, recently announced on his Google+ page saying that Auto Enhance on Google+ now works on videos too.

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Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for Nexus 7 2012 Quietly Released

Google is definitely hard at work this festive season. We have reported just last week that Android 5.0.1 Lollipop is available for the Nexus 5, and now, Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for the Nexus 7 2012 – the very first Nexus 7 model – has been made available on Google Developers’ website.

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Google To Directly Implement Android Into Cars

Google is reportedly planning to improve Android Auto in the form of a new project called Android M . Though Android Auto, an operating system for cars that allow the user to stream music and view maps was released last year, this early concept is looking to completely eliminate the need for an Android smartphone to enjoy […]

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Google Creating Child-Friendly Versions Of Chrome And Other Services

Google is apparently working on creating versions of Chrome, Youtube, and even its search engine for children under the age of 13. It is unclear how these new versions will work, but they are scheduled to appear at some point next year. If anything, it would be nice for parents to have a search engine […]

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