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Play Pac-Man on Google Maps and Search the Web with a New Perspective

Google is no stranger to pulling off the most random of things every 1st of April. Most of the time, these can be quite entertaining, especially if you’re really bored right now. Here are two neat “pranks” that Google has come up with.

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Google+ Photos Can Now be Accessed from Google Drive on Android, iOS and Web

Managing your photos on Google+ is about to get a whole lot easier. The company recently updated its Google Drive for Android, iOS and the web to let you access your Google+ Photos so you can do everything without switching between apps.

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Google Investigating Adwords Tampering In Malaysia And Singapore

Google is investigating allegations of tampering with an Adwords account, and circumventing a digital advertising agency by dealing directly with the client; a Singaporean government linked company (GLC). A Singapore-based Google executive directly approached the client, while the unidentified advertising agency’s Google Adwords account was mysteriously suspended.

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On-Body Detection Smart Unlock Keeps Your Android Device Unlocked While You’re Carrying It

Unlocking your Android smartphone is about to get a whole lot easier. Google is rolling out a new smart lock mode called “On-Body Detection” that automatically keeps your phone unlocked as long as it’s with you.

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String Of 13 Characters Causes Chrome On Mac To Crash

Web browsers can be fickle creatures, and occasionally crash for a variety of reasons. However, a bug report on Chrome for Mac has discovered that simply displaying a string of 13 characters causes the browser to crash. This is includes loading pages with the character, e.g. Mac users load Twitter after someone tweets the string […]

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Google Improves Play Store by Reviewing Apps Before Publishing Them, Introduces New Rating System

You know how it is believed that the Android platform is more prone to malware compared to iOS? Well, Google wants to better protect the community and hence, the company is now reviewing apps before they are published into the Play Store for the public to download.

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Microsoft Bringing Cortana To Both Android And iOS

  An exclusive report has revealed plans by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to bring Cortana to both Android and iOS. This would be an interesting play by Nadella to put an AI assistant on platforms that already have their own default voice activated assistants; and to be fair, it is difficult to see how he […]

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Google Has a New Chromebook Pixel with Improved Specs, Cheaper Price and Two USB Type-C Ports

What’s better than one USB Type-C port on a laptop that can be used for everything from charging to data transfer to pairing your monitor with? Two USB Type-C ports of course, Google has just introduced an updated Chromebook Pixel that is now cheaper, more powerful and comes with two Type-C USB ports along with […]

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Google And Malaysian Nature Society Paddle For Nature Campaign Draws To An End

The end of the Paddle for Nature campaign by the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and Google came to an end in Langkawi earlier today. The project, which began six months ago, charted the coast of Peninsula Malaysia using Google Street View technology. In addition to taking pictures for Street View, it will also serve as […]

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Google Finally Releases its Calendar App for iOS Users

You don’t need to own an Android device to get a taste of Google’s latest Material Design for its Android 5.0 Lollipop. Google finally released its Google Calendar app to iOS devices that, like its other Google apps for iOS devices, features the company’s Material Design interface.

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Google Is Working On Android OS For Virtual Reality

Google is playing catchup in the virtual reality space, but it has plans for the future. The internet giant has assembled a team of engineers to build a version of Android that will power virtual reality apps; and it plans to distribute it in the same manner as the smartphone operating system.

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LG and Huawei Rumoured to be Working on Two Nexus Smartphones

In the latest rumour surrounding the next Nexus smartphone (or in this case, smartphones), Huawei and LG will apparently be manufacturing a Nexus device of their own, giving consumers the choice of two different Nexus smartphones. Turns out our previous post regarding a Chinese manufacturer building a Nexus smartphone has some truth to it.

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MWC 2015: Google Working on Mobile Payment Called Android Pay

First, there’s Apple Pay then there’s Samsung Pay and now, say hello to Android Pay, a new mobile payment system by Google. At MWC 2015, Sundar Pichai, an executive from Google, just announced this new mobile payment framework and it will be available as an “API layer” to allow other companies to use it.

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Google Introduces Sponsored Apps To The Play Store

Google will be allowing advertisers to pay to promote their apps in the Play store. This change in policy will soon see sponsored apps appearing alongside regular apps, much like how it already does paid recommendation in Gmail and on Google search results.

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Google And Facebook Chat Integration Removed From Outlook.com

Microsoft has been informing users that Google and Facebook chat options will no longer be available on Outlook.com. Google has decided to drop the chat protocol used in Google Talk, which has lead to the platform being no longer compatible with the messenger function on Outlook. All this means is that the Outlook.com chat function […]

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Google Launching Android Pay At I/O This Year

Google looks set to launch a new electronic payment system at its I/O conference later this year. Called Android Pay (not to be confused with Apple Pay), it will exist alongside Google Wallet; although the two systems will remain separate entities.

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Google Science Fair 2015 Opens For Malaysian Submissions

The fifth edition of the Google Science Fair has opened for submissions, and Malaysian students are invited to participate once again. The international competition is open to all students aged 13-18, and seeks to promote a culture of observation and experimentation among youths. There is also a US$100,000 (about RM 363,700) scholarship (among other prizes) […]

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Gmail Autocomplete Bug Risks Sending Email To Wrong People

Gmail users have reported a strange bug in the autocomplete feature for the recipient field. The world’s most used email service is apparently now suggesting names that are least used, instead of the most common names used. It doesn’t break the service, but it does open the problem of sending email to the wrong person […]

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Toshiba Reveals Its Project Ara Camera Modules

Toshiba has revealed several reference designs for camera modules meant to work with Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone. Speaking at the Project Ara Developers Conference last month, Shardul Kazi, Senior Vice President from Toshiba America, demonstrated modules with varying sensor sizes and capabilities.

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Some Companies Pay To Be Whitelisted By Adblock Plus, Others Just Ask Nicely

Adblock Plus is one of the more popular online advertisement blocking services on the market; and despite this, many are still unaware that the company maintains a whitelist of about 300 websites. The information came to light as The Financial Times ran a piece reporting that companies like Google and Microsoft had paid the companies […]

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