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Google Granted Patent for Creepy “Smart” Plush Dolls for Children

A lot of household items have gotten “smart” lately, your glasses, watch, weighing machine, and such, and it looks like plush toys are going down the same route. It has recently been discovered that several years ago, Google filed a patent for a connected toy that can interact with children and even show certain facial […]

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Google Developing Its Own IoT Operating System, Codenamed Brillo

Google is apparently preparing to release its own lightweight operating system for the Internet-of-Things. Codenamed Brillo, the operating system will be released under the Android Brand; which fuels the assumption that it is a reduced version of Android.

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Google Study Finds That Security Questions Are Not Very Secure

Security questions are often used as a second layer of authentication, usually in the event that a user forgets his/her password and requests a reset. However, a Google study has discovered that this method has some serious drawbacks in that secure answers to questions are not easy to remember, and that answers that are easy […]

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Google’s Self-Driving Cars Got Into 11 Accidents Since Inception

Google has published a post mentioning that its self-driving cars have gotten into 11 accidents ever since it was tested on the road six years ago. However, before you assume that self-driving cars are not reliable, all 11 of the accidents were not the cars’ fault.

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Google Suspends Map Maker Service After Offensive Image Appeared in Google Maps

Remember when an imagery of an Android mascot urinating on Apple’s logo appeared on Google Maps? It was pretty funny and entertaining when it was first discovered, but for Google, the case is anything but fun. After some investigations, the company found that it was a user-created prank submitted through the company’s own Map Maker […]

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Google Set To Reveal Android M At Google I/O Later This Month

Google has revealed the schedule for its Google I/O conference later this month, and it looks like the internet giant is preparing to take the lid off the next version of its mobile operating system, Android M. There are a few other announcements set to be made at the 2.5 hour long keynote, and this […]

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Google Announces Collections, a Pinterest-Like Feature for Google+

Google+ may not be a common social platform for people to share on, and it looks like Google is working hard on changing that. The company just introduced a new feature called Google+ Collections, a more attractive and easier way for users to share based on topics.

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Google Updates Google Now, Adds Support for 70 New Third-Party Android Apps

Google is rolling out an update to its Google Now service, making it more useful than ever. The update brings support for 70 new third-party apps so you can easily stay up to date in a single app.

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Google Now Lets Users Send Directions Straight To Their Smartphones

Google previously introduced ‘find my phone’ and the company now has a new feature that allow users to send directions to their mobile devices right from their desktop browser. This prepares the user even before they start driving, ridding the fuss of entering an address while driving.

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Google Now Allows Download of Users’ Entire Search History

Google added a new feature where users can download their entire search history. Since the company already has all the information we’ve ever searched for, why not we have a copy it too, right?

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Google Rolls Out Boost For Mobile Friendly Websites On Search Rankings

Google rolled out its latest search results update yesterday, one that promises to shake up the internet. From now on, sites that the internet search giant deems to be mobile friendly will receive a boost in rankings; provided the search was done from a mobile device.

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Google Supposedly Unveiling A US-Based Wireless Service

Google could be on the verge of unveiling a wireless service, at least according to the Wall Street Journal. The newspaper claims that this new service will bring interesting options to US subscribers, such as pay-as-you-use data charges.

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Google Introduces “Works With Cardboard” Programme

Google has introduced the “Works with Cardboard” programme, which aims to get its Cardboard VR headset working properly with any device. There are many versions of the VR headset floating around now, thanks to it being open-source, and each has slightly different specifications. This programme will get any of these headsets working with any VR […]

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Lost Your Smartphone? Google It (Seriously)

Google has implemented something very, very useful into its search engine. The next time you lose your smartphone, you can simply head on to Google and type in “find my phone”. It will then start searching for your smartphone.

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European Union Formally Accuses Google Of Being A Monopoly

The European Commission has formally announced that it is opening an anti-trust probe into Google’s business practices. This probe concerns the way Google ranks search results for goods and services, as well as a secondary look into whether Android is creating stifling innovation and creativity.

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MYNIC Issues Statement On Google Malaysia DNS Redirect

Google Malaysia’s homepage is back to normal after going down for almost 24 hours yesterday. Users trying to access the site from a desktop computer were redirected to a page proclaiming that it had been hacked by a Bangladeshi group. MYNIC, the .my domain name administrator who was the real victim of the attack, has issued […]

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Google Malaysia Down, Looks Like Another DNS Hijacking

Google.com.my is currently down for desktop users after the site was hacked and defaced by unknown culprits. The attack, which happened just about an hour ago, replaced the Google Malaysia front page with a message from the hackers.

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Android 5.0.X Lollipop Update Reportedly Bricking Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

If you own a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 device and have not updated to any version of Android 5.0.X Lollipop yet, don’t hit the update button or attempt to flash it. Multiple users of these two Nexus devices are reporting that any Android 5.0.X Lollipop update is bricking their device. It appears the Android 5.0.2 […]

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Google Finally Updates its Snapseed App with a Host of New Features

Finally, after acquiring Snapseed for so may years, Google has decided to give this photo app a much needed update. Starting today, Snapseed for Android and iOS is blessed with new editing tools with “the precision and control of professional photo editing software”.

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Google Is Working On Android Wear For iOS

Google is apparently working on iOS compatibility for Android Wear, allowing smartwatches running its wearable OS to compete directly with the upcoming Apple Watch. On the other hand, it isn’t clear if Apple will even allow it to interact with its eco-system.

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