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Samsung Adblocking Partner Pulled From Google Play Store

Samsung’s attempts to get ad blocking onto its pre-installed web browser have hit some slight difficulties after Google pulled its largest partner from the Play Store. This was supposedly because the app, known as Adblock Fast, violates the Developer Distribution Agreement; although Google has suspiciously left other ad blocking apps untouched.

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Google Wants to Be Like Apple with Its Nexus Devices

Google’s lineup of Nexus devices are very popular among Android purists, and according to a report, Google will apparently take the “Apple approach” with the Nexus program. The report mentioned that Google wants more control over its own program, which may see a change in direction for the lineup.

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Google Reveals Chinese New Year Trends Across APAC

Chinese New Year is around the corner, and data obsessed Google has compiled a list of trends surrounding the celebration from around the Asia Pacific region. These trends have fewer numbers than what we’re used to seeing from Google, but it does provide some extremely interesting insights into the various Chinese communities across APAC.

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Alphabet Is Now The World’s Most Valuable Company

Google’s transformation into Alphabet looks to have paid off; at least it has according to the new company’s first quarterly earnings report. Alphabet has beaten analyst estimates for its Q4 2015 results, and that has had the knock on effect of sending the company stock price up by six-percent in after-hours trading.

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Google Introduces “Animal Sounds” On Its Search Engine

Google has announced a new feature on Search called Animal Sounds. This new feature will enable users to search for sounds produced by a particular animal on Google. This seems like a neat feature for those that want to know what animals other than a fox sound like.

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Google Has Shipped Over Five Million Cardboard VR Headsets

Google has shipped over five million Cardboards over the last 19 months; an impressive feat considering that the “device” is literally made of cardboard. The internet giant has released a status update on what it has achieved with virtual reality, and it provides us with an idea of how consumers are reacting to the technology.

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Google Play Games Will No Longer Require A Google+ Account

Google is removing the Google+ requirement from Google Play Games, and this means that users will no longer be required to sign with their Google+ accounts in order to play games. Users will also receive fewer permission requests as well as enabling themselves to log in only once per account (rather than per game) and be automatically signed in to […]

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Chrome Will Get Faster And Use Less Data With New Compression Algorithm

The Google Chrome browser will soon be able to load webpages faster and use less data with the introduction of a new compression algorithm – Brotli. According to Google, the Brotli compression algorithm is an entirely new data format that performs better by packing in more data while still able to decompress at roughly the same […]


Google Malaysia Announces Top Ten Youtube Ads From 2015

Google likes making lists, and its latest one happens to be the top ten ads on Youtube Malaysia. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of them happen to be Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Aidilfitri messages; since Malaysian companies put the most effort into ads around those particular times of year.

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Google Is Testing Installing Apps Directly From Search Results

Google is testing a new feature on Android that will allows users to install apps directly from its search results. This skips the step where people are redirected to the Play Store, reducing the amount of time needed to download that one app.

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Google’s Robotics Division Folded Into X Research Labs

The realignment of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, continues as the former robotics division has joined the X division. The situation is a bit of a mess at the moment, as it seems that the decision was made as a last resort. Alphabet had been looking for someone to take over the robotics division, but failed […]

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Google Working On Spatial Audio For The Cardboard VR Platform

Google’s VR division announced that it will be updating the SDK of the Cardboard VR platform to enable developers to include spatial audio (3D audio) in their apps. This will enable consumers to be further immersed in the VR experience produced by their smartphones.

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Google Announces Next I/O; Conference Set To Take Place On 18-20 May

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced that Google’s annual developer conference will be taking place on 18-20 May in Mountain View, California. This marks the tenth anniversary of Google I/O, although the internet company has not revealed if it has anything special planned.

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CES 2016: BlackBerry Prepared To Go All In With Android This Year

BlackBerry is preparing to release at least one new smartphone this year, and it will almost certainly be running on Android. At least this is the plan that BlackBerry CEO John Chen has in mind, although he has said that there could potentially be a second Android powered phone released this year as well.

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Intel Is Making Its RealSense Smartphone Developer Kit Available

Intel has finally getting around to releasing the developer kit for a RealSense equipped smartphone. The kit is an Intel powered smartphone design that incorporates the Intel RealSense Camera ZR300 and is also fully compatible with Google’s Project Tango.

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AVG’s Web Tuneup Plugin Turned Out To Be A Huge Security Flaw In Chrome

AVG’s Web Tuneup, a plugin that is supposed to protect users from online threats, has turned out to be a major security flaw that exposes users’ browsing history and personal data to hackers. The plugin works by sending addresses of sites visited by users to AVG’s servers in order to check them against AVG’s database […]

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Google Testing Password-Free Login Using Smartphones

Recently, Google has begun testing an alternative method for users to sign in to their Google accounts without using a password; it was first noticed by a user on Reddit. This is done by using a smartphone to somehow authenticate a login.

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Google And Ford Form Joint Venture To Make Self Driving Cars

Google and Ford are apparently preparing to announce a joint venture to make autonomous cars at CES next year. The collaboration will see a new separate company that will limit the liability of either company in the event that something goes wrong with the vehicles, although few details are known about the deal.

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Google Doodle Celebrates Ludwig van Beethoven With Clever Mini-Game

Google is celebrating famed composer Ludwig van Beethoven’s 245th birthday today, and has created a clever little mini-game in his honour. It’s something for those who think they know Beethoven’s most famous works; and those who want to see if they remember playing the Ode to Joy back in primary school.

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Google Maps’ Offline Feature Is Now Available For The iOS

Google recently updated its Maps app for the iOS version. One of the new features of the update is its offline maps support, and now iOS users can download maps that can be used without the need of an Internet connection. Once these maps are saved locally onto their devices, users are able to search […]

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