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Samsung Galaxy S7 Appears In Antutu Sporting An Exynos 8890

Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7, has appeared in the Antutu database. The benchmark reports that it has spotted the smartphone running tests, although the specifications aren’t quite what was expected. Rumours had the S7 as running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, although the one reported by Antutu appears to be sporting a home-grown […]

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Login To Hearthstone From A Samsung Galaxy S6 For Free Packs And A New Card Back

Blizzard and Samsung have entered into a promotion for Samsung Galaxy S6 users. Any Hearthstone player who logins into their account from a Galaxy S6 will receive a special promotional card back, as well as three Classic packs of cards. Interestingly, this promotion only seems to be for the Galaxy S6 series; and none of […]

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Samsung Files For Galaxy S6 edge+ Trademark Amidst Falling Profits

Samsung has filed for the Galaxy S6 edge+ trademark with the US Patents and Trademarks Office, indicating that the company is planning to release a larger version of its flagship smartphone. This new device is expected to reach phablet size, and will likely end up existing alongside the upcoming Galaxy Note 5.

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Apple Remains Among Samsung’s Biggest Customers In 2014

A regulatory filing from Samsung has revealed its top revenue sources for the year 2014; among which happens to be arch-rivals Apple. It underscores Cupertino’s importance to the South Korean giant, although the report also revealed the greater impact Xiaomi has had on Samsung’s operations.

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Microsoft And Samsung Settle Dispute Over Android Royalties

Microsoft and Samsung have finally come to an agreement over royalty payments. Samsung had previously licensed patents from Microsoft, but later refused to pay up after Microsoft bought Nokia’s device division. It looks like all that is cleared up now, which raises an interesting question.

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South Korean Leaks Reveal the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

A new leak has surfaced that shows how the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge could look like. Previously, many leaks have surfaced about the upcoming Galaxy flagships and it seems like they might be the real deal as the images do tally with the design shown in the picture.

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Samsung Galaxy Life Offering RM20 Off Easy Taxi Rides

Samsung will be providing RM20 off Easy Taxi fares through its Galaxy Life app for the rest of January. Each user will be able to claim the discount three times, although that should be enough considering that the announcement has come at the very end of the month.

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Samsung Planning To Reduce Features And Streamline Touchwiz For Galaxy S6

Samsung is apparently prepared to listen to users and will be introducing a series of changes to Touchwiz in an effort to improve functions. The new Touchwiz is rumoured to be appearing on the next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, and will begin by eliminating redundant features.

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Samsung Considering Making Windows Phone Devices Again

Samsung is apparently looking into making low- and mid-range smartphones using the Windows Phone platform in an effort to diversify its product range. Of course, it would only do this if the current legal dispute with Microsoft came to an end.

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Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 4 With Faster LTE Capabilities

Samsung is introducing a new version of the Galaxy Note 4 with LTE Advanced Tri-Band Carrier Aggregation. The company claims that this will allow for download speeds of up to 300Mbps, or about four times faster than current LTE speeds; although this assumes the most ideal conditions for it to happen.

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Samsung Quietly Releases Four Low-End Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung has revealed four new Galaxy smartphones on the Samsung Tomorrow blog. The quiet announcement arrived yesterday, and these appear to be the updated versions of the previous line of low-end Galaxy phones. The Samsung Galaxy Core II, Galaxy Ace 4, Galaxy Young 2, and Galaxy Star 2 are clearly aimed at providing more choices in […]

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GOG Summer Sale Starts With Free Games And Contests

Good Old Games is possibly the second best place on the internet to get good deals on games. While it usually sells older titles and indie games, it also offers a lot of freebies and excellent deals; like giving away Fallout and Fallout 2 just before the license expired. This year GOG is kicking off […]

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GOG Is Launching Its Own Optional Gaming Platform

It seems that there will soon be an alternative to Steam and Origin. Good Old Games, or GOG, has announced their own version of the gaming platform: GOG Galaxy. What is interesting about this is that GOG claims it to be completely optional, and their customers will not have to use it unless they want […]


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Available From Maxis For Just RM299

If you’re in the market for a low-cost 7inch tablet, Maxis has a pretty sweet deal for you. For just RM299 with a SurfMore50 plan, you can grab Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 lite 7inch tablet for yourself!

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Get Watch Dogs For Free With Each Purchase of NVIDIA GeForce GTX Graphics Card

After being delayed for quite some time, Watch Dogs by Ubisoft is finally coming to the market at the end of this month. That being said, you are now able to secure a copy for yourself right away. How, you asked? Well, just by purchasing an NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphic cards.

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[Discussion]: Are We In A Flagship Smartphone Golden Age?

This year, we have seen more high quality, high end smartphones that are all separated by a hairs width leading us to ask the question: “Are we in a golden age for the flagship smartphone?” Seeing as how there are multiple choices right at the top of the price point, each with its very own […]

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[Lowyat.TV] Some Of The Improvements On The Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

There’s been a lot of talk about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 and it’s new camera module. In our review we said we liked it a whole lot compared to the S4 but it was quite difficult to show some of the features and the improvements in pictures so we decided to shoot a short […]

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Comparison (Z1, Note 3, S4, iPhone 5S)

Here’s a small camera comparison with several of the phones we had lying around in the office! We tested in 3 different conditions: Low light, Natural Light and landscape scenery. We also tested the autofocus by shooting after the first tap to focus, no matter if it was blur or not. The phones we tested […]

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Review: Samsung Galaxy S5 – A Band-Aid To Fix Samsung’s Botched Plastic Reputation

Disclaimer: Review was conducted with a marketing unit of the device and not the consumer model. All aspects of this unit is the same as the consumer model, with the exception of the IP67 rating where it was not tested. February 25th. After week after week of intense speculation and rumours, the time for the […]

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Launching 27 March In Malaysia

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to be launched in Malaysia on the of 27th March, weeks ahead of the international release date. Maxis began teasing the release yesterday, and DiGi has already started its registration of interest three days ago. Although it will probably take a few weeks for the actual device to arrive […]

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