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Facebook Starts Rolling out Snapchat-Style Photo Editing Tool to its iOS App

Using Facebook on your iOS device? Facebook recently rolled out a Snapchat-like photo editor to its main app, allowing you to add text, swipe to change filters, or paste Facebook stickers onto your pictures easily.

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Facebook Now Allow Users to Sign Up for Facebook Messenger Without a Facebook Account

If you’ve ever wanted to sign up for Facebook Messenger but do not want to link it to your Facebook account, you may soon be able to do so. Facebook recently announced that you can now sign up for Messenger without a Facebook account.

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Local Comedian Discovers Pictures Of Him And His Son On Pornographic Site

Nothing is sacred on the internet, as local comedian Harith Iskander discover pictures of his infant son on a website also containing pornographic images. He made the discovery after Google Alerts notified him of his name appearing on the site.

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Facebook Tweaks its News Feed to Take Into Account Time Spent on Stories

Facebook is changing its News Feed again, this time, it will try to guess what your interests are based on how long you spend on different posts.

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Facebook Introduces New Facebook Lite App for Android

On top of introduced an update to its Messenger app, Facebook also launched a new Facebook Lite for Android that uses less data, and works well across all network conditions.

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Facebook Improves the Way it Shares Location with its Latest Messenger App Update

By now I’m sure lots of you are aware that Facebook Messenger shares you location. Not just a general location like Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, but a precise one that traces you down to the exact street you’re on. It’s been around for a while now, we have a post on how to disable […]

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Facebook Announces Global Rollout for Video Call on its Messenger App

After several weeks since its first announcement, Facebook has decided to roll out its video calling feature to more countries around the world.

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China Is Hijacking Facebook’s Login System

Internet goers in China have been reporting that the Javascript module from Facebook Login has been hijacked. Fingers are being pointed at the Great Firewall of China, which sits between Chinese internet users and the actual internet.

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Facebook Launches New “Hello” Caller ID App for Android Devices

Curious as to why Facebook encourages you to save your phone number with them, especially when you use Messenger? Well, here’s one of the reason why, the social networking company just announced a new app called Hello, that will show you who’s calling you using information that are readily available on Facebook.

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Facebook Updating its News Feed to Show Balanced Content from Friends and Pages

Facebook is tweaking its News Feed again but don’t worry, they’re not going to change the layout entirely. Instead, the social network says that they want to update their News Feed algorithm to show users the things they care about.

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Facebook Introduces Scrapbook, a Tool for Parents to Share and Organise Children’s Photos

Facebook recently introduced a new tool called Scrapbook that makes it easier for parents to share and organise their children’s photos. If you’re a parent frequently sharing pictures of your children Facebook so your friends and family can see them, but at the same time wish there was a better way to organise all these […]

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You Can Download Apps and Connect with Businesses on Facebook Messenger

If you’re still wondering why Facebook split up its Messenger service from its main app, here’s why. At the company’s F8 event, Mark Zuckerberg took the curtains off its Messenger Platform to give you a better experience on Facebook Messenger. You can now install apps on Messenger and soon, you might even be able to […]

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Facebook Rolls out “On This Day”, Makes it Easier to Browse Back Old Memories on Facebook

Looking back at old photos and posts you’ve shared on Facebook will be getting a whole lot easier. Facebook just rolled out a new “On This Day” tool, a new way to look back on things you’ve shared and posts you’ve been tagged in on the social network.

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Sending Money Through Facebook Messenger Is Now Possible

Facebook Messenger has introduced a new feature where it lets you send money to your friends – not kidding. The company’s new payment feature was introduced to enhance the features of the messenger, letting Facebook users easily transfer money with their debit cards.

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Facebook Introduces Community Standards, Outlines What Cannot Be Posted Or Shared

Facebook has traditionally been rather unclear about what is allowed on its social media site, much to the annoyance of many individuals. However, that now change with the introduction of Community Standards; which sets out guidelines for what content can be posted and shared.

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The Number of Likes on Your Facebook Page Might Drop Thanks to Facebook’s Latest Update

If you run a Facebook Page, then here’s something you’ll need to know. Facebook wants to “make page likes more meaningful”, hence they’re going to change the way Page likes are counted and it might result in a drop of likes on your page.

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Islamic State Supporters Threaten Twitter For Banning Accounts

Twitter employees have been threatened by supporters of the Islamic State for banning accounts belonging to the terrorist group. The threat, which appeared on JustPast.it; a site that allows documents to be uploaded to the internet anonymously. It has also singled out Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey as the main culprit for the bans.

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Google And Facebook Chat Integration Removed From Outlook.com

Microsoft has been informing users that Google and Facebook chat options will no longer be available on Outlook.com. Google has decided to drop the chat protocol used in Google Talk, which has lead to the platform being no longer compatible with the messenger function on Outlook. All this means is that the Outlook.com chat function […]

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Millions of Facebook Users Don’t Think They’re Using the Internet

As it turns out, “millions” of Facebook users were not aware that they are using the Internet to access the service. Apparently, to them, the Internet did not exist, and Facebook is viewed independently of it. If this sounds ridiculous, you’d be surprised at the other misconceptions that these people have.

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Facebook Now Allows Legacy Contacts For When You Die

Facebook is implementing “legacy contacts”; people who are designated to take over a particular account in the event the owner passes away. The social media company had originally balked at the idea of allowing accounts to be taken over and simply froze the profile. A situation that often had unintended results.

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