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WhatsApp Lost US$140 Million After Being Bought Over By Facebook

Financial reports for WhatsApp have recently been made public, and the it appears that the company is nowhere near the definition of profitable for the third quarter of 2014. Analysts are following the company closely as details of its recent US$16 billion acquisition by Facebook were also revealed in the reports; a price tag that […]

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Facebook Introduces “Safety Check” Feature, Lets Friends Know You’re Safe When In Disaster Zones

Nowadays, it’s a safe bet that if one is near an area of disaster, one would most probably want to notify their loved ones about their whereabouts. Facebook has turned its attention to this and have come up with a “Safety Check” feature as a result. In essence, the Safety Check feature allows a user to […]

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You Can Now Use Stickers On Facebook Comments

Express yourself better with emoticons and stickers? Well, it looks like you can now use Facebook stickers when you comment on a status or post on Facebook on the web or mobile.

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Leaked Screenshots Suggests that Facebook is Working on a Mobile Payment Service

It looks like Facebook is here to take on PayPal, according to several leaked screenshots, it appears that the company is working on a mobile payment of some sort and it will be integrated into the company’s very own Messenger app. A source of TechCrunch recently sent them several screenshots and a video of a […]

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Facebook Tweaks its News Feed to Show News That Matters, While it Matters

Yes, Facebook is tweaking things again but don’t worry, this time round, it’s to fix one pretty annoying problem. Like it or not, Facebook likes to force users to see what they deem popular with a “Top Stories” News Feed. The problem with that is sometimes, the news they show you are outdated. The social […]

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Facebook Messenger Now Allows You to Doodle On Pictures Before Sending Them

For those of you who are using Facebook Messenger on your Android devices, check out the Play Store for an update because the latest version now allows you to doodle on pictures before sending them.

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Facebook Begins Tracking Users Across Platforms For Advertisers

The world’s largest social media platform has just implemented a feature that allows it to track consumer behaviour across platforms. Facebook announced on a blog post yesterday that it would now allow advertisers to track consumers who had clicked on mobile ads and subsequently moved to a desktop to make a purchase. While the idea […]

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Google removes “Bomb Gaza” App from Play Store

A mobile game which involves users pretending to be an Israeli militant bombing Gaza has been removed from the Google Play store. The app, “Bomb Gaza” which was made for Android devices by PlayFTWad obtained more than 1,000 downloads since its release on 29 July 2014. The game however is still available on Facebook, but […]

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Facebook Being Hit With Class Action Lawsuit; Anyone Outside US And Canada Can Join In

Facebook is currently facing an international class action lawsuit for breaching European data protection laws. The suit, brought by Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems, is aimed at Facebook Ireland which happens to be where the world (minus the US and Canada) officially signs up for the social media site. The location of the Dublin based […]

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Facebook to Remove Messaging from its Main App “In the Next Few Days”

Remember back in April it was reported that Facebook will stop allowing users to message using its main Facebook app, forcing them to download and use its dedicated Messenger app instead? Well, it looks like it will be happening really soon. According to TechCrunch, over the next few days, Facebook will completely disable messaging within […]

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Facebook Now Allows You To Save Missed Contents

Facebook has just introduced a feature that allow users to save shared content for later viewing. This “Save” feature makes getting back links and other posts from friends much easier without ever losing them in the sea of new posts. The company said that the feature will be brought to all users on Android, iOS […]

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Facebook Experiments With Users’ Emotions

Facebook managed to rock its own boat over the weekend when it was revealed that the social networking site had conducted an experiment on affecting users’ emotions. The aim was apparently because Facebook was afraid that people would stop visiting the site if they were exposed to too many negative emotions. Of course, it turns out […]

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Facebook Goes Down For The Count Getting “Fixed As Soon As They Can”

UPDATE 1645hrs: And We’re Back Up! UPDATE 1627hrs: And it’s back down again… UPDATE 1624hrs: Facebook is back up, but content is slow to refresh Much to the dismay of most of Malaysia (one of the world’s most connected nation in relation to average Facebook friends), visitors to Facebook have noticed that instead of a feed […]

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Facebook Launches Slingshot: More Than Just A Snapchat Competitor

The popularity of snapchat in the last year has been astounding and Facebook is now jumping on that bandwagon with an app they call Slingshot. Diving headfirst into the “Temporary” media messenger app segment, Slingshot differentiates itself from Snapchat in a rather odd way. When you receive something from a contact in Slingshot, before you […]

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Facebook Now Detects Malware When Logging In From An Infected Device

  Facebook has rolled out a new feature for the social networking website to make things easier for people to defend and protect their machines. Users that log into a Facebook account from an infected PC will see a popup from F-Secure and Trend Micro; and they will then be able to download a malware […]

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HP Malaysia Introduces HP 14 Notebook For RM999

HP has announced the HP 14 Notebook, a budget notebook retailing for only RM999. The notice appeared on the HP Malaysia Facebook page, and includes Windows 8.1 pre-installed on the device. Inside, the HP 14 features  2GB DDR3L RAM and a 500GB SATA HDD; although details of the product are mostly unavailable.

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Facebook Building “Slingshot” As A Snapchat Competitor

Rumours are springing up that Facebook is preparing to launch its own app to compete with Snapchat. The “ephemeral messaging” app has become popular due to the ability for users to send pictures and messages that disappear after a single view. Facebook attempted to purchase Snapchat in November 2013, but the US$3 billion offer was […]

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Bitly Accounts Compromised; Facebook And Twitter Logins Disconnected For Safety

URL shortening service, Bitly, has issued a warning that its accounts have been compromised. While the company does not yet know if any accounts have actually been accessed without permission it has taken precautions to protect users who log in via Facebook or Twitter.

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Oculus Wants To Build A Billion Player MMO

There was considerable backlash against Oculus after it was acquired by Facebook. Questions about why a social network would need a virtual reality headset maker were abound. However, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe told an audience at TechCrunch Disrupt about a possibility for the pairing; building a massively multiplayer experience for one billion simultaneous users.

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Facebook Introduces Anonymous and Line by Line Control with Facebook Login for Apps and Websites

You know how annoying it is when you wish to login into an app or a website using your Facebook account, but in order to do so, you will need to grant them access to a whole bunch of personal information and permission to post on your behalf? It looks like Facebook wants to put […]

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