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Mark Zuckerberg Plans To Build An AI Assistant For His Home And Work

Mark Zuckerberg is known for taking on personal challenges every year, such as learning Mandarin or meeting a new person every day. However, his current goal for 2016 is rather ambitious, as he posted in Facebook that he is planning to build an artificial intelligence (AI) that will assist in running his home and helping […]

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Facebook’s Free Internet Service Has Been Shut Down In Egypt

Egyptian officials has shut down Free Basics, a service provided by Facebook which allows users to access free basic Internet. It was not clear as to why the authorities in the country made a move to shut down the program, as they haven’t announced their reasons. In a statement to the Associated Press, Facebook said that it […]

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Hoax On Facebook Tricks Users Into Thinking That They Will Win RM19 Million By Sharing Thank You Message

A new hoax is floating around Facebook, which claims that the site’s co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is giving away US$4.5 million (approximately RM19 million) to 1,000 randomly selected Facebook users who post a specific thank you message and tag at least five of their friends. This particular hoax began circulating online shortly after Mark’s announcement that he […]

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Facebook Is Again The Top App Of 2015; Android Preferred Over iOS

According to research firm Nielsen, Facebook is once again the number one app installed on U.S. smartphones. The app has 126,702,000 average unique users, while YouTube only has 97,627,000 users, granting it a firm second place. These apps do show an increased number of users each year, but it is the Facebook Messenger app that […]

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Facebook’s Instant Articles Is Now Available On All Android Devices

Facebook recently launched a new tool called “Instant Articles”, which is a platform that delivers fast and rich news content to Facebook users from a plethora of news outlets. The Facebook tool was initially made available on iOS, and now it’s ready for its Android debut.

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Facebook Messenger Not Responding For Many Users [Update: It’s Working Again]

Facebook Messenger appears to be down at the moment. The instant messaging service stopped working about half an hour ago, and there has been no announcement on the matter. All we know is that messages are not being sent from both the web client and Messenger app.

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Facebook Lets Users Add A Lightsaber To Their Profile Pictures

The premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Malaysia is happening two days from now, and the hype is definitely real. Facebook is joining in as it has now added the feature to allow its users to add a lightsaber to their profile pictures.

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Facebook Makes Its AI Hardware Open Source

Facebook has announced that it wants to share its work on artificial intelligence and machine learning with the world. Well, share more of its work anyway. The company has already made the software it uses open source with the Open Compute Project, and will now also be publishing the designs for its hardware as well. […]

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Facebook Testing Update To Allow Users To Post Offline Comments

A new update of Facebook’s mobile News Feed is currently being tested by the social network to cater to those with slow or unreliable internet connections. The update will reduce the amount of time needed to keep users’ news feed updated, and also allow offline comments.

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Facebook’s Security Checkup Has Arrived On Android

Facebook launched its Security Checkup tool for Android devices. The tool allows users to log out of Facebook from browsers or devices they haven’t used for a long time and improve their account’s security. Additionally, users are able to turn on Login Alerts which not only protects their password, but also notifies them if somebody else is logging […]

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Links To Telegram.me Blocked In Whatsapp

Whatsapp users noticed a strange issue in their app lately. It turns out that all links leading to Telegram.me were being blocked in Whatsapp, rendering them into mere text messages instead of hyperlinks. Links that lead to chat rooms and personal messages were also involved being blocked. Additionally, users were blocked from copying and pasting those links to another […]

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US Government Officials Learn Of Cyberattack From Facebook

Remember when Facebook announced that it would be warning users of state sponsored cyberattacks on their accounts? Turns out that the feature is actually useful. The US State Department was recently warned of spearphishing attempts on employee Facebook accounts.

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Facebook Adds Option To Ignore Your Ex

You get into a relationship, share about it on Facebook and upload romantic photos of you and your significant other. Fast forward to a few moments later, you are no longer partners. What other ways can you not see updates about your former partner on Facebook besides just unfriending them on the social platform?

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Facebook Expanding Safety Check Feature To Include “Human Disasters”

Facebook’s Safety Check feature was originally introduced for family and friends to check in on each other during natural disasters. Introduced to cater to natural disasters, the feature will now also be turned on during times of “human disasters” following the recent terrorist attacks on Beirut and Paris.

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Facebook Launches ‘Music Stories’ – A New Way To Share and Discover Music

Music should be social, right? That is why Facebook is taking another attempt to merge music into its platform by introducing Music Stories. This is the company’s new way of allowing Facebook users to share and discover music.

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Facebook Now Has Over 1 Billion Daily Users

Facebook has reported its Q3 2015 earnings, and it has unsurprisingly increased profits. Revenue jumped from $3.2 billion to $4.5 billion year on year, but that isn’t quite as impressive as the 1.01 daily active users logging on to the social network.

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Mark Zuckerberg Aims To Stop Annoying Facebook Game Invitations

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has finally taken a stand on annoying Facebook game invites. The Chief Executive of Facebook Inc. spoke about it at an Indian Institue of Technology in Delhi.

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Facebook Shows Employees What Rural Internet Is Like On “2G Tuesdays”

Facebook has a plan to give its employees a taste of what people with slow internet connections experience. The company is working to expand into areas with no broadband access, and it seems to think that its workforce should know just what they are dealing with.

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Facebook’s iOS App Battery Drain Issues Fixed

If you happen to own an iOS device, it’s worth checking to see if there is an update for the Facebook app (if you have it installed, that is). Recently, many iOS users have noticed that the app is reporting an abnormal amount of background activity, draining more battery than necessary. Thankfully, Facebook has issued a fix.

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Facebook Now Warns Users Of State Sponsored Cyber-Attacks

Worried that your Facebook account may be targeted by government funded spies? Well, Facebook has you covered. The social media network has announced that it will begin notifying users if it suspects that their accounts are being targeted by government sponsored hackers.

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