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Razer Celebration Sale Sold Out In Under Two Hours, CEO Promises To Hold Another One Later This Month

Razer’s big celebration sale hit several hiccups with malfunctioning promo codes. That being said, almost everything was sold out in under two hours. However, CEO Tan Min-Liang has promised to run the sale again at the end of the month for the Razer Insiders who missed out.

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CES 2015: An Apple Watch Clone that Costs Only US$27

CES 2015 isn’t an event that featured only official technology and gadgets from reputable companies. Among many impressive (and sometimes weird) things like smart wearables, curved phones, powerful smartphones, action cameras, laptops, smart home gadgets and such, there’s this Apple Watch clone that costs only US$27 and it’s available a good two months even before […]

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Razer Celebrates CES 2015 With A Sale, But Only For Razer Insiders

Razer is celebrating winning several awards at CES 2015 with a massive sale for its fans. The sale begins 12 January at 6pm PST (13 January at 10am Malaysian time), and will see discounts of up to 50-percent off on all Razer products on their online store. The catch is that the sale is only […]

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CES 2015: Blocks Wearables Conjures Up Modular Smartwatch Design

One more interesting wearable design has come out of CES 2015, although this is more of a startup presenting a prototype. Blocks Wearables, the name of the company, was exhibiting their version of a modular smartwatch at the Intel booth as part of the “Make It Wearable” competition.

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CES 2015: Toshiba Announces NFC Capable SD Card

Toshiba has come up with an interesting way for people to quickly check the contents of SD cards. The new line of unnamed SD cards will have built in NFC technology that will allow users to instantly preview pictures stored on the card.

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CES 2015: Sony’s Android TVs Will be Powered by MediaTek

On top of a new processor specifically for Android Wear devices, MediaTek is also heading into the Android TV ecosystem. The company announced at the on-going CES 2015 that they have a new System on Chip for Android TV, and it will be making its debut in the newly announced Sony BRAVIA television sets.

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CES 2015: Saygus V2 Features a Whopping 320GB of Storage with OIS Rear and Front Cameras

Saygus has officially unveiled the V2 (or V-Squared), which is promised to be a high-end Android smartphone that will rival other flagships. Featuring a combined storage size of 320GB and optical image stabilisation for the rear and front cameras, this phone could very well be a worthy entry in the high-end smartphone market.

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CES 2015: Fuhu’s Kids Android Tablets are Bigger Than Your TV and Maybe Your Kids

How big can an Android tablet get? According to Fuhu, a company that already has a 24” Android tablet called Fuhu Nabi BigTab HD 24, Android Tablets could be as big as a television sets, measuring up to 65”. The company just announced new line of Big Tab XL tablets with sizes of 32”, 43”, […]

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CES 2015: Intel Reveals The Curie, A Button Sized Computer

Intel has introduce a tiny computer intended to help just about anyone to build a wearable device. Based on the Intel Quark SoC, the Curie Module has integrated 6-axis combo sensor with an accelerometer and gyroscope, low energy BlueTooth, and a DSP sensor hub.

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CES 2015: MediaTek Announces SoC for Android Wear, “Optimised for Cost and Power”

Android Wear smartwatches are without a doubt a little too pricey for an average consumer, and it looks like things might look a little different in the future. MediaTek has just announced a new chipset that is designed for Android Wear that is “optimised for cost and power performance”.

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CES 2015: LG Shows off its Smartphone with Two Curved Edges

Why have one curved edge on a smartphone when you can have two? Apart from a better curved smartphone – the LG G Flex 2, the Korean company also took the curtains off a smartphone that features two curved edges on both sides of the phone.

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CES 2015: Chinese Company Is Resurrecting Palm Inc In US

Everything old is new again as Chinese company TCL has announced that it is reviving the Palm brand as a US based subsidiary. Not only that it will once again make smartphones, and the company is soliciting opinions from the existing Palm community on what the next device should look like.


CES 2015: BlackBerry Announces that BBM for Android Wear is Coming Soon

At CES 2015, BlackBerry just announced that its BBM messaging service will soon support Android Wear, bringing BBM messages right to your wrist.

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CES 2015: Mad Catz LYNX 9 is a Modular Mobile Gaming Controller

Mad Catz has unveiled the LYNX 9, a modular Bluetooth controller for both PC and Android that can easily pass as a Transformer. The modular design of this controller opens up a few interesting possibilities, such as disassembling it to make it more portable or splitting the controller into two halves to accommodate a tablet.

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CES 2015: Haier Announces a Modular TV that Can Also Track Your Health

Google has a modular phone project and now, Haier wants to introduce the same modular concept on televisions. The manufacturer unveiled at CES 2015 that that they are working on an evolving TV that gives users the freedom to update their TVs one component at a time.

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CES 2015: The Razer Turret is a Wireless Lapboard and Mouse Combo

You’ve seen the Razer Forge TV and one half of the accompanying peripheral, the Razer Serval. Completing the other half is the Razer Turret, a wireless lapboard and mouse combo that is intended to bring the keyboard and mouse to the couch.

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CES 2015: Razer Unveils the Serval Bluetooth Gamepad

Razer has announced the Razer Serval, a multi-platform Bluetooth controller designed for Android, PC, and the Razer Forge TV. Smartphones can also be clipped onto the controller with an adjustable game clip, providing for a better mobile gaming experience with a proper directional pad and buttons.

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CES 2015: Nikon Introduces Touch Controls On Its D5500

Nikon has announced the D5500, its first Digital SLR camera with touch controls and a WiFi connection. It is also being called the lightest and slimmest DSLR on the market; at least as far as Nikon can tell when it conducted the market research for the press release.

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CES 2015: LaCie Announces the Mirror, an External Drive with a Mirror Gorilla Glass Finish

If you were waiting to see what external hard drive LaCie will introduce at CES 2015, here it is. Say hello to this shiny 1TB external drive called Mirror.

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CES 2015: Samsung Announces Line Of SUHD Smart TV, All Powered By Tizen

Samsung will be bringing the “most seductive” line of smart TVs to the market this year with the new SUHD line. As promised before, these will be powered by Samsung’s own Tizen operating system; which brings a new range of apps and features.

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