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LG to Unveil a 4K Quantum Dot TV at CES 2015

At next month’s CES 2015, LG will be unveiling a new 4K LCD TV with quantum dot technology. This technology is said to be superior to conventional LCD TVs by offering a wider colour palette and improved colour saturation, much like what an OLED TV offers.

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PlayStation Now: Bringing PS Games Directly To You Via Cloud

If you have checked out our Best of CES 2014 list, you might already know what PlayStation Now has for gamers in the near future. For those who haven’t done so, here what PS Now is generally about: a cloud-based game streaming service that allows users to play PlayStation games on various devices. With PS Now, […]

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CES 2014: ZTE Shows off its Modular Phone Concept, the Eco-Mobius

You know the modular phone concept is an amazing idea when everybody wants a piece of it, not too long after the first modular phone concept, Phonebloks, was posted online, the company and Motorola announced their partnership to bring the idea to live with Project Ara. A couple of months later, Xiaomi was reported to […]

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CES 2014: The First Google Glass Controlled Treadmill by Technogym

By now, you should have realised that there were tons of fitness-oriented products appeared at CES this year. While plenty of them come in the form of wristbands, others might have brought along bigger products. One such example is this treadmill from renowned Italian fitness company, Technogym. Of course, it is not just any ordinary […]

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CES 2014: Razer Shows Off Project Christine, A Modular PC Concept Design

In 2012, Razer came to CES with a conceptual gaming tablet that the company called Project Fiona which evolved into Razer Edge once the company came to CES 2013. For this year’s CES, Razer once again showed up at Las Vegas with another radical conceptual product in the form of Project Christine. Essentially, Razer’s Project […]

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CES 2014: AMD’s Kaveri A-Series Desktop APUs Finally Heading To The Market On 14 Jan

Almost exactly one year ago, AMD have briefly mentioned about a new APU codenamed “Kaveri” during its CES 2013 press conference. Built using 28nm manufacturing process, Kaveri is designed to succeed the existing Trinity / Richland APU families and is said to be the most advanced APU from AMD to date. This is due to […]

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CES 2014: The New ASUS PadFone X, Made For US Market

The global variant of ASUS PadFone Mini is not the only PadFone device that made an appearance at ASUS CES 2014 press conference earlier this morning. There is also the new PadFone X although this particular model is apparently made exclusively for US-based carrier, AT&T. The new PadFone X features a combination of 5-inch full […]

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CES 2014: ASUS PadFone Mini Global Release Begins In Q2 2014, Powered By Intel Instead of Qualcomm

Didn’t ASUS just launched the PadFone Mini in Taiwan recently? Well, that is true indeed. However, the PadFone Mini that the company announced at its CES 2014 press conference earlier today is slightly different from the one that the company released in its home country. To start off, the smartphone unit of the global PadFone […]

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CES 2014: ASUS ZenFone Series Goes Official, Available In Three Different Screen Sizes

A 2-in-1 hybrid device with dual-OS, a gaming monitor…so, what else did ASUS unveiled at its CES 2014 press conference earlier today? Well, say hello to the new ASUS ZenFone: a series of smartphones with display size that ranges from four to six inch and powered by Intel Atom Z2000 dual-core processors that was previously […]

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CES 2014: Sony Expands VAIO Fit Family with VAIO Fit 11A Multi-Flip PC, Coming Soon to Malaysia

On top of introducing new mobile phones and cameras, Sony also unveiled a new addition to its VAIO Fit lineup of notebooks – the VAIO Fit 11A that has the same unique multi-flip hinge on an ultra-portable size of only 11”. Like the existing VAIO Fit A series, the Fit 11A can be converted into […]

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CES 2014: Sony Announces Two New Compact Cameras – DSC-W830 and DSC-W810, Coming Soon to Malaysia

Now that Sony has showed off its latest and greatest digital imaging products like the A5000 and a 4K Handycam, here are two new point and shoot cameras targeted for those who need something a little smaller – the DSC-W830 and DSC-W810. Both new models feature a 20.1MP CCD sensor for HD movies and are […]

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CES 2014: ASUS Reveals ROG Swift PG278Q Gaming Monitor, Complete With NVIDIA G-Sync Tech

Apart from unveiling ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300, the Taiwanese electronic giant has also announced the first gaming monitor under its Republic of Gamers family called the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q. With a screen size of 27-inch and thin bezel that measures around 6mm, the company has certainly designed it to be a premium-grade display. The […]

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CES 2014: Sony Announces its Compact 4K Handycam, FDR-AX100, Coming Soon to Malaysia

Image credit: Engadget 2014 will definitely be an exciting year for 4K content, Sony has just unveiled its compact 4K Handycam at the on-going CES 2014. Unlike the prosumer 4K Handycam announced at IFA 2013, the new FDR-AX100E looks like your average consumer camcorder with a body small enough to be operated using one hand. […]

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CES 2014: Sony Introduces Alpha A5000 – World’s Smallest and Lightest Interchangeable-Lens Wi-Fi Camera*

Say goodbye to Sony’s NEX branding, Sony has officially dropped the branding and is now grouping its future NEX-like cameras under the Alpha line starting with the Alpha 5000 that was announced early this morning. The Alpha 5000 is the successor to the NEX-5T and offers a similar build and features as the former device. […]

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CES 2014: Sony Introduces SmartWear Product, Includes a “Core”, SmartBand and LifeLog App

If you were expecting a lot of wearable tech this CES, well, you’re right, Sony too has got something to announce for its new SmartWear Experience vision and is starting with a “Core”, a SmartBand and a LifeLog App that works with the Core to log down your daily activities. First up, the LifeBand looks […]

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CES 2014: Sony Announces Xperia Z1 Compact

It looks like the rumors were true after all, Sony does indeed have a smaller Xperia Z1 but nope, it will not be called the Z1 mini or Z1f, instead, Sony has named it the Sony Xperia Z1 compact. As seen in the rumors, the Z1 compact features all the goodness of the original Z1 […]

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CES 2014: Intel Perceptual Computing Is Now RealSense Technology, Embedded 3D Camera To Be Its First Product

You might heard of Intel’s Perceptual Computing before which aims to build technology that would help users to have natural and more immersive interaction with computers through not only touch interface but also through hand gestures, voice and video. The effort has since resulted in a new line of hardware and software family that Intel […]

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CES 2014: ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300, A Hybrid Laptop and Tablet That Runs Both Android and Windows

ASUS promised that they will reveal plenty of products at CES 2014 and they certainly did. Leading its CES 204 show is the brand new ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300 which is essentially a 2-in-1 hybrid notebook with a detachable top part that can be used as a tablet as well. Such functionality has long […]

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CES 2014: Lenovo Announces ThinkPad 8 and Miix 2 Tablet

CES 2014 hasn’t even officially started yet but nothing’s going to stop Lenovo from introducing its exciting lineup of devices for the year, the company recently unveiled several new Windows 8 tablets including a new Miix 2 range (Miix 2 10 and 11), as well as an all new ThinkPad 8. First up, the Miix […]

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CES 2014: LG Teases webOS TV and Fitness Band [Update: LG Lifeband Touch is Official]

Update: Well, that was quick, LG has officially announced its Lifeband Touch, a smart activity tracker that features a comfortable design and is compatible with heart rate monitors as well as any iOS or Android smartphones. It also comes with its own easy-to-use LG Fitness app and is also compatible with third-party apps such as […]

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