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BlackBerry Thinks That Net Neutrality Means Apple Should Make Apps For Its Smartphones

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has a new plan for enforcing net neutrality in the US, and it involves forcing Apple and Android app developers to build apps for BlackBerry devices. While he named iMessage and Netflix specifically, Chen appears to believe that it should apply to all content in the mobile space.


BlackBerry Denies Samsung Takeover Rumours

BlackBerry stocks soared yesterday as rumours of a potential US$7 billion buyout by Samsung began circulating. Of course, the price of those same stocks came tumbling back down when it company said that it had no idea what everyone was talking about.

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BlackBerry Sends Tweet From An iPhone, Again

BlackBerry has been doing a decent job of keeping up with social media, and asking fans to keep up with the conversation about the new BlackBerry Classic on Twitter is generally something that nobody would notice. Unless the Tweet itself was sent from an iPhone, which is distinctly not something that BlackBerry makes.

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BlackBerry Classic Now Available in Malaysia From RM338 Exclusively From Celcom

The BlackBerry Classic has just been launched in Malaysia, available exclusively from Celcom. As the name suggests, this device has elements of the BlackBerry Bold 9900’s design, which will surely bring back some nostalgia for BlackBerry fans everywhere.


CES 2015: BlackBerry Announces that BBM for Android Wear is Coming Soon

At CES 2015, BlackBerry just announced that its BBM messaging service will soon support Android Wear, bringing BBM messages right to your wrist.

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Sony Pictures Executives Turned To Old BlackBerry Phones After Cyber Attacks

An unlikely saviour turned up after the massive cyber attack that crippled Sony Pictures last month. With email servers not working and internal communications non-existent, executives at the studio kept in touch using a cache of old BlackBerry smartphones they found in a basement.

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Celcom Opens ROI for BlackBerry Classic, Price it at RM1,588

Celcom has just opened its registration of interest of the upcoming BlackBerry Classic and if you register with them, you’ll stand a chance to get a complimentary BlackBerry Classic or an Urbanear headset worth RM280.

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Tune Talk Now Offering the Red BlackBerry Passport, Comes with Free RM500 Airtime

Want a BlackBerry Passport but don’t wish to sign up for a contract with a telco and get tied up for up to two whole years? Tune Talk is now offering not only the original BlackBerry Passport, but also the red coloured one, and as with all devices offered by Tune Talk, it does not […]

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BlackBerry And Boeing Collaborating On Top Secret Spy Phone

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing is apparently getting help from struggling smartphone maker BlackBerry to build a new type of secure smartphone for government agencies. The self-destructing “Black” phone will include biometric security sensors, and a tamper proof casing that will destroy the phone in an emergency.

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Celcom Teases the BlackBerry Classic, Lists it as “Coming Soon”

Look at what Celcom just posted on its website – the BlackBerry Classic that was officially launched just yesterday. Celcom has just listed the latest smartphone from BlackBerry as “Coming Soon” on its main page.

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BlackBerry Finally Launches BlackBerry Classic: Another Throwback To Its QWERTY Legacy

To be frank, this device is long time coming. It was first introduced to the world back in February during Mobile World Congress and BlackBerry has even published a number of preview through its official blog. Not to forget, consumers in selected region were even able to pre-order the device prior to today’s announcement. So, […]

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Samsung And BlackBerry Partner To Increase Android Security

BlackBerry has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Samsung to provide enhanced security features to the Android platform. The agreement is mainly for the enterprise market, where BlackBerry holds the most secure platform; while Samsung has been attempting to make in-roads with its own Samsung KNOX solutions.

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BlackBerry Passport Facing Initial Stocks Shortage In Malaysia

As you might have heard, BlackBerry Passport has landed in Malaysia during the weekend exclusively (until the end of this month) through Celcom. There was not much noise or fanfare accompanying the release of the new device into our market but apparently, the device has been selling quite well in our market.

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BlackBerry Passport To Appear In Malaysia Next Month At RM2399

The square screened BlackBerry Passport will be available in Malaysia starting from next month as a Celcom exclusive until the end of October. After this time, the unusually shaped smartphone will arrive on other telcos and appearing off contract in stores. Celcom will begin selling the phone on 10 October, for RM639 on contract.

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BlackBery Officially Unveils Passport Smartphone

BlackBerry has officially taken the wraps off its latest smartphone, the odd-looking Passport, which has a square screen. However, the Passport actually looks like the perfect business-oriented smartphone for professionals.

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BlackBerry Passport and Moto G 2nd Gen Passes SIRIM Certifications, Ready For Release In Malaysia

Judging from the amount of news for the past few weeks, you might have realized that September is the month of new smartphones. For example, the second generation Motorola Moto G was just announced last week and BlackBerry will also be launching its next model, the BlackBerry Passport later this month. Guess what: both of […]

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Leaked: This Is The P’9983, The Next Porsche Design BlackBerry Smartphone

Among all BlackBerry devices that were released into the market over the past few years, there were a number of them that were priced way higher than the rest. Of course, what we meant by that are the BlackBerry devices that were crafted by Porsche Design such as the P’9981 and P’9982. As the popularity […]

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Celcom Now Offering the BlackBerry Z3 For Only RM288

The BlackBerry Z3 is finally here in Malaysia and if you’d like to get your hands on the latest BlackBerry smartphone in the country, you may purchase it from Celcom for only RM288; the retail price is RM699. The catch? A contract of course.

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Stand a Chance to Spend the Day with Your Favorite Local Celebrities with the BlackBerry “Stop Missing Out” Campaign

Calling all BlackBerry users, BlackBerry recently launched a “Stop Missing Out” campaign, offering Malaysian customers a chance to spend some time with their favorite local celebrities. All you need to do is snap a picture you with your BlackBerry smartphone, explain in less than 20 words how your BlackBerry device keeps you connected, and you […]

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Tune Talk Offers BlackBerry Z3 With Free Data For A Year: Chance To Win BlackBerry 9720 As Well

After making its debut in Indonesia, the BlackBerry Z3 has finally arrived in Malaysia. To celebrate the arrival of the device, Tune Talk is now offering the new device with free data for one year. You might ask: is there any catch to this deal? Well, there is indeed.

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