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Pakistan To Shut Down BlackBerry Services For “Security Reasons”

BlackBerry’s secure messaging service will be blocked in Pakistan starting from 1 December. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has said the measure was taken due to “security reasons” but did not disclose what that meant.

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Google And BlackBerry Announce Partnership To Bring BES12 To Android

BlackBerry will be bringing BES12 to Android Lollipop, as well as integrating its features with Google Play for Work. The move was made public in a joint announcement with Google, and marks another step for the company as it expands its suite of enterprise solutions to other platforms.

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Report: Blackberry’s Android Phone To Be Available In Several Models Within Second Half of 2015

For the past few weeks, there is a sudden influx of rumors that pointing to a new Android-based slider smartphone from BlackBerry codenamed as “Venice”. The device apparently will be released by November this year and this is supported by a recent report coming from phone’s supply chain in Taiwan.

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Supposed Leaks Of Android Powered BlackBerry Show Passport-like Device [Updated]

Rumours of BlackBerry’s foray into an Android powered device continue, and this time with a supposed leak of what the device will look like. Surprisingly, the only picture available seems to indicate that the company will be putting Android into a BlackBerry Passport; although another tweet from evleaks indicates that the rumoured slider version of the phone […]

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BlackBerry Could be Working on an Android Smartphone with Physical Keyboard

Remember the days when smartphone manufacturers experimented with physical QWERTY keyboards on Android smartphones? Well, BlackBerry might just be bringing this back. According to a report by Reuters, the company may be working on an Android smartphone with a slide-out physical keyboard.

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BlackBerry Announces Another Round Of Layoffs

BlackBerry has announced a round of layoffs from its mobile division as the company seeks to further consolidate its business. The company has not revealed how many people will be affected by this decision, but instead chose to say that it would affect number of employees from around the world.

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Review: BlackBerry Leap – A More Affordable Alternative To The BB Classic

The BlackBerry Leap is intended as a mid-range smartphone, for young executives who are just beginning to build their careers (and their BlackBerry eco-system). It is also the kind of BlackBerry that doesn’t have a physical keyboard, which has proven to be the less popular of the two BlackBerry styles.

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BlackBerry Leap Officially Arriving In Malaysia On 20 May

The BlackBerry Leap will be arriving in Malaysia next week, and pre-orders for the device have already started on 11street. As a full touch interface alternative to the BlackBerry Classic, the Leap is aimed at young professionals and combines long battery life and advanced security features.

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BlackBerry Leap Up For Pre-order On 11street

BlackBerry’s newest smartphone is now available for Malaysians to pre-order on 11street. The BlackBerry Leap is aimed at young executives who are just about to begin building their careers, and is priced at a point that won’t break their wallets.

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Tune Talk Now Offering BlackBerry Classic, Comes with RM300 Free Tune Talk Airtime

If you want to buy the BlackBerry Classic but do not wish to get tied to a contract, you may now do so from Tune Talk. The BlackBerry Classic is available for purchase with Tune Talk without any contract, and it even comes with free airtime too.

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BlackBerry Announces New Tablet Based on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Been waiting for BlackBerry to announce a new tablet? Say hello to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and no, this is not a typo. The tablet from BlackBerry, SecuTablet, a “high-security tablet” that is based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5.


MWC 2015: BlackBerry Teases Dual Curved Display Smartphone With Sliding Keyboard

It looks like BlackBerry has learnt how to play the hype game. The company has shown off a dual curved display smartphone with a sliding keyboard during its press conference at Mobile World Congress 2015, and yet no details about the device have been provided.

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MWC 2015: BlackBerry Officially Reveals The BlackBerry Leap

BlackBerry has unveiled a midrange smartphone aimed at those who are only just beginning to build their careers. The 5-inch BlackBerry Leap is only one of four new devices that will be released this year, although the company did not share much information about what the other three might be.

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One Week With…. A BlackBerry Classic: A Surprising Conclusion

And so it ends. One week is up, and I have been freed from this task of experiencing the world from the eyes of a BlackBerry Classic user. As I said in my midweek update, it wasn’t all that bad. In fact, there were some moments when I seriously considered switching over to the platform. […]

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One Week With… The BlackBerry Classic: Midweek Update

I have spent about five days on a BlackBerry device now, and this is a short update to let people know that I have not yet decided to end my existence. As expected, there are some parts of the BlackBerry experience that I enjoy, and some that I would rather not have to face again. […]

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Typo iPhone Case Fined For Copying BlackBerry Keyboard

The Typo iPhone case was meant to provide the iPhone with a physical keyboard similar to the BlackBerry experience. However, the company behind it – co-founded by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest – made it a little too similar and has been hit with a US$860,600 (about RM 3.1 million) fine after it was found […]

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One Week With…the BlackBerry Classic

As someone who has never used a smartphone with a physical keyboard, I have ended up drawing the short straw for Lowyat.NET’s new editorial segment, and have been assigned to spend the next week using the BlackBerry Classic as my only communications device. After seven days, I will share my thoughts and experience with using such an […]

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BlackBerry Thinks That Net Neutrality Means Apple Should Make Apps For Its Smartphones

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has a new plan for enforcing net neutrality in the US, and it involves forcing Apple and Android app developers to build apps for BlackBerry devices. While he named iMessage and Netflix specifically, Chen appears to believe that it should apply to all content in the mobile space.


BlackBerry Denies Samsung Takeover Rumours

BlackBerry stocks soared yesterday as rumours of a potential US$7 billion buyout by Samsung began circulating. Of course, the price of those same stocks came tumbling back down when it company said that it had no idea what everyone was talking about.

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BlackBerry Sends Tweet From An iPhone, Again

BlackBerry has been doing a decent job of keeping up with social media, and asking fans to keep up with the conversation about the new BlackBerry Classic on Twitter is generally something that nobody would notice. Unless the Tweet itself was sent from an iPhone, which is distinctly not something that BlackBerry makes.

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