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Apple Q2 2015 Financial Call: Not Record Breaking but Still Impressive, Sold 61.1 Million iPhones and More

It’s been almost half a year since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were first unveiled and it looks like Apple still has a strong momentum going on. At the Cupertino company’s Q2 2015 financial call, the company said that they sold a whopping 61.1 million iPhones, and while its Q2 2015 is not […]

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Apple Says That Pebble iOS Apps Rejections Were A Mistake

Last week, app developers for the Pebble smartwatch had noticed that their work was being rejected from the App Store. At the time, they were told that any apps that made reference to other manufacturers in the documentation or meta data would be automatically rejected; however, Apple has issued a statement saying that it was […]

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Apple Has Begun Rejecting Pebble Apps On iOS

The Apple Watch is on sale, and it looks like Cupertino is working to close its eco-system to outsiders. Pebble developers are reporting that their apps are being rejected for mentioning the Pebble smartwatch in the description. 

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Apple Watch Sport’s Display Doesn’t Fare Well in Scratch Test

You’ve seen how the sapphire display of the more expensive Apple Watches was able to withstand being repeatedly hit with a hammer and came out without a scratch after being drilled. However, it seems like the display of the cheaper model, the Apple Watch Sport, did not fare that well.

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Asus Wants to Deliver the Apple Experience at an Affordable Price Point with the Zenfone 2

We sat down for an interview with the Product Director of Asus, Alvin Chou, to talk about the company’s new smartphone, the Zenfone 2. During the interview, we asked Chou how Asus would compete against Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Honor. Surprisingly, he responded that Asus does not compare itself against them. Instead, […]

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Apple Turns To TSMC For More Chips To Power The Next iPhone

A note to Apple investors has revealed that Cupertino is shifting more production of its upcoming A9 processors to TSMC. This was done at the last minute following concerns that the other contracted manufacturers, which include Samsung, would not be able to meet demand in time.

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Registration For Apple’s WWDC15 Now Open

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference runs from 8-12 June this year, and registration for the event has officially opened. Not everyone will be able to attend, and the registration is only for a chance to buy tickets to the event.

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Apple Watch’s Sapphire Display Hammered and Drilled, Came Out Just Fine

We knew this was coming: a “scratch test” of the Apple Watch’s sapphire display has made it to the Internet. As usual, the display was subjected to the common key and coin scratch test, but it quickly escalated into more extreme tests, such as hitting it with a hammer before trying to drill through it.

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New Patent Granted to Apple Could Further Improve the iPhone’s Camera

Apple has just been granted a new camera patent that could potentially make it into future iPhones. This new patent basically allows any camera to take high resolution images, that is, as long as it has an optical image stabilisation system, much like the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Apple Offering 50-percent Discount On Apple Watch To Its Employees

The Apple Watch is set to arrive very soon, with its official stores beginning a retail try-on period at the end of this week. In this time, Apple CEO Tim Cook has sent out a memo to his staff, mostly as a pep talk to boost morale ahead of the big event; but also to […]

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Leak: LG Display Says that Apple will Release an 8K iMac Later This Year

Think that an iMac Retina 5K display is impressive (and expensive)? It looks like Apple has got something even more exiting in stored for this year. LG Display seems to have accidentally unveiled an iMac 8K in its press release.

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Apple Remains Among Samsung’s Biggest Customers In 2014

A regulatory filing from Samsung has revealed its top revenue sources for the year 2014; among which happens to be arch-rivals Apple. It underscores Cupertino’s importance to the South Korean giant, although the report also revealed the greater impact Xiaomi has had on Samsung’s operations.

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Apple Absorbs GST Charges for iPods, Increase Prices of Selected Accessories in Malaysia

If you’re planning to purchase a brand new iPod from Apple, you’ll be glad to hear that the company has spared its iPods from GST charges. All iPods in Malaysia – iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle, still costs the same as before. Sadly though, the same cannot be said for selected accessories sold […]

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Apple Increases Price of All Mac Devices in Malaysia Following GST Implementation

If you were hoping to get a brand new Apple Mac device be it a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac or even Mac mini, be prepared to pay 6% extra as Apple has already reflected the GST charges into all of the above-mentioned devices.

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Apple Watch Edition To Be Sold With First Class Service

Sources close to Apple have revealed several launch plans for the ultra-expensive Apple Watch Edition. This includes a longer time trying on the watch, 24/7 help, and even the chance to skip waiting in line. Naturally, one would expect first class treatment for buying a smartwatch that costs as much as a car.

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The Apple Watch Was Tested In A Top Secret Exercise Facility For Two Years

Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch may be one of the most anticipated new devices for this year, but company has been testing the technology behind it for two years now. The work was so secret that volunteers who participated in the testing had no idea what they were working on.

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Boot Camp for 2015 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Does Not Support Windows 7

For those who are not familiar with Boot Camp, it is a nifty software that allows Mac users to run Windows on their machine. In fact, we actually knew quite a number of Windows users who purchased Mac machines only because Boot Camp provides them the ability to continue using Windows while allowing them to […]

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String Of 13 Characters Causes Chrome On Mac To Crash

Web browsers can be fickle creatures, and occasionally crash for a variety of reasons. However, a bug report on Chrome for Mac has discovered that simply displaying a string of 13 characters causes the browser to crash. This is includes loading pages with the character, e.g. Mac users load Twitter after someone tweets the string […]

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Tag Heuer Teams Up With Intel To Make A Smartwatch

Luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer is preparing to announce that a new smartwatch meant to challenge Apple’s on Apple Watch. The company has teamed up with Intel to create a digital version of its best selling Carrera watch, which it plans to launch next autumn.

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Staingate: Annoyed Apple MacBook Users Start Campaign Over Anti-Reflective Coating Peeling

A group of Apple users have begun a campaign against the quality of the anti-reflective coating found on MacBook displays. It would appear that the issue stems from the coating becoming scratched or peeling off after a certain amount of time. While the problem has been known since 2013, it was only recently that Apple […]

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