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Samsung Rumoured To Be Working On Apple Pay Competitor

Rumour has it that Samsung is preparing to deploy its own wireless mobile payment system. Apple’s Apple Pay system is rapidly gaining momentum as an alternative payment method, and it is unsurprising that Samsung will want a piece of the pie.

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Samsung Begins Producing 14-nm Chips For Apple

Samsung is currently producing 14-nm FinFET logic chips for the upcoming Apple A9 SOC that will most likely end up used in the next generation of iPhones. Early reports had suspected that the new chips were intended for the Apple Watch, but that does not appear to be the case.

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Apple Releases iOS 8.1.2 Update to Fix Ringtone Problems

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Apple released the iOS 8.1.1 update, but it looks like the Cupertino company has yet another update for its users. This time the update, version 8.1.2, addresses some pretty annoying ringtone issue, as well as the usual bug fixes.

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Apple Malaysia Store (Online) Now Offers Free Shipping on All Orders

The year is coming to an end and Christmas is around the corner so prepare for a lot of shopping deals and promotions. Apple’s online store for Malaysia is now offering free shipping on all orders made on the website so whether you’re buying an iPhone 6 or just a Lightning cable for your brand […]

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Apple Announces its Best Apps and Games of the Year 2014

The year is coming to an end and Apple has just released its best apps and games of the year 2014. If you’re on your school break or clearing leave, download these apps and discover what Apple deems as “exhilarating, innovative, surprising” enough to be 2014’s chart topper.

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Apple Deleted Non-iTunes Songs From iPods And Kept It Quiet

  A class action suit has been brought against Apple for allegedly deleting music from rival services on iPods. The incidents happened between 2007 and 2009, although it is only now being brought before the court. Apple itself does not deny the accusation, but instead claims that it was part of a security feature.

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Unknown Chinese Phone Manufacturer Claims that Apple Copied them for Design of iPhone 6

After seeing so many posts and news about Chinese phone manufacturers copying Apple for the design of their phones, here’s the exact opposite – Digione, a relatively unknown Chinese phone manufacturer, is now claiming Apple copied the design of their phones on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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Apple Granted Patent that Prevents its Future Phones from Landing on the Face

It looks like Apple has a new way of preventing (or at least lessen the chances of) its future phone’s display from breaking when it falls and no, it’s not the fancy Sapphire glass we once dreamed of. Instead, it’s a patent that was just awarded to the Cupertino company that will shift the weight […]

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Apple Rumoured to Stop iPhone 5c production in 2015

The iPhone 5c, Apple’s solution to consumers who want a cheaper alternative to the then flagship iPhone 5s, will reportedly cease production some time next year. Apple’s rumoured halt on the production of the iPhone 5c was reported by Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times. 

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Apple Is Now Bigger Than Seven Of Its Biggest Competitors Combined

Apple has reach a market value of over US$700 billion, which makes it the biggest and most valuable company in the world by a ridiculous amount. The next largest company, Exxon Mobil, is only worth US$405 billion; with Microsoft a distant third at US$395 billion. While many critics would like to think that it has […]

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Apple App Store No Longer Lists Apps As ‘Free’

iOS users will no longer see apps listed as free in the App Store. Instead, the wording is replaced by the word ‘Get’ and followed by small print indicating that in-app purchases can be made. It may take a bit of adjusting to get used to the new look, but it is supposed to allow consumers […]

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Wirelurker Distribution Site Closed Down By Authorities; Three Suspects Nabbed

Three people that were suspected to have ties with the development of the Wirelurker virus, a malware that originated from China which was targeted towards iOS and OS X devices, have been arrested by the local authorities. Apple has also stifled the spread of the virus after it affected an estimated 350,000 users.

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Apple Addresses OS X Yosemite Bug in Latest 10.10.1 Update

OS X Yosemite, Apple’s latest iteration of its operating system was released around a month ago. It brought a number of new features but also a number of bugs which were addressed in the latest update, OS X Yosemite 10.10.1

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OnePlus Wrote a Guide on Transitioning from iPhone to OnePlus One

If you’re thinking of making the jump from an iPhone to the OnePlus One (or any Android smartphone), the team of OnePlus has written a very useful guide on how to transfer your information and data from the iPhone to the OnePlus One.

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Apple Responds to Wirelurker Malware And Blocks Infected Apps

After fast-spreading news of the Wirelurker virus that was affecting OS X and iOS devices made waves on the internet, Apple soon responded to the threat of the virus, effectively preventing it to spread further.

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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Now Available From Apple Online Store Malaysia

So, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have finally landed in Malaysia. As you might know, eager customers who would like to obtain one of these devices are able to do so through several channels including the local telcos, authorized resellers and even directly from Apple itself. By directly from Apple, we mean the Apple Online […]

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Apple Watch: Prices To Start From RM1170 to RM16720?

French website iGen.fr has reported that the Apple Watch would be priced from $349 (RM1170) to $5000 (RM16720); definitely not something one would buy on impulse.

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Apple Watch Launching in Spring 2015

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores, Angela Ahrendts, has stated that the new Apple Watch will be released after Chinese New Year; sometime in the spring of 2015.

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Security Concerns As iCloud Uploads All Documents Without Warning

Security critics have raised concerns about the new iCloud behaviour in Max OS X Yosemite. While the automatic uploading of documents is generally seen as a welcome feature, it appears that the iCloud sync saves more than what the user intends; this includes documents that have deliberately been left unsaved or are never meant to […]

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Hugo Barra: The iPhone 6 is the “Most Beautiful Smartphone Ever Built”

It is so rare for a top exec from one company to publicly praise the product of another (competitor) company. But then again, Hugo Barra is not a normal top executive. The VP of Xiaomi Global has gone on record to state that the new iPhone 6 is “the most beautiful smartphone ever built”.

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