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Apple Schedules Event for 9 March 2015, Most Likely to Launch the Apple Watch

Apple has just scheduled an event for 9 March 2015 and while the invitation did not mention what it’s for, I guess the answer is pretty obvious. Scheduled to be released in April 2015, an event for early March sounds like the perfect timing to get the ball rolling for the Apple Watch.


Apple Ordered To Pay Patent Troll RM1.9 Billion

Apple has been ordered to pay US$532.9 million (about RM1.9 Billion) to Smartflash LLC, a holding company that does nothing but sue others for infringing its patents. In this case, the ruling came after a Texan Jury found that Apple’s iTunes infringes patents concerning digital rights management and data storage.

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Mac OS X and iOS Have More Vulnerabilities Than Windows In 2014, Says Report

Most Windows users out there would be familiar with the need to install patches through Windows Update from time to time. Even though not all of them are made to fix the operating system as they could be drivers and Windows’s own anti-malicious software, the amount of patches that users need to apply from time […]

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Developer Got Android Wear to Work with an iPhone; No Jailbreak Required

Android Wear devices, as its name suggests, only works with Android devices; until now. A developer by the name of MohammadAG has successfully paired his Motorola Moto 360 with his Apple iPhone 6. The best part? The iPhone didn’t even need to be jailbroken.

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Apple Watch Could Have Been Even Smarter

Originally, Apple wanted its Watch to work as a health-monitoring device. Among the things that the Watch was planned to track were heart rate, blood pressure, and even stress levels. However, current technologies just cannot fulfil Apple’s ambitions yet.

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Apple Opens Web Version Of iWork To Windows Users

It looks like Apple is trying to tempt more Microsoft Office users over to its own productivity suite. iWork has been ported to the iCloud, and anyone with an Apple ID will be able to use it to access documents from a web browser.

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MacBook Air Drops from 1,000 Feet at 200kmph from an Airplane

This particular MacBook Air took its name a little bit too literally. Pilot and Reddit user, Carl (or av80r as his name appears on Reddit), dropped his 2011 MacBook Air from 1,000 feet at 200kmph when he forgotten to do the proper pre-takeoff checks before taking off on his light aircraft that resulted in the […]

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Viral Photo Shows How China Manipulates App Store Rankings

A woman sits before a rack of what appears to be dozens of iPhone 5Cs all set to the Apple App Store. This image has been circulating around social media claiming to be a ranking manipulation service that allows developers to pay to boost their work into the top ten free apps.

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Apple Threatens Accessory Makers Who Make Products Based On Leaks

Apple has been discovered to have taken extra precautions to prevent leaks about the iPhone 6 from happening last year. Cupertino required accessory makers, often a source for leaks, to sign a new agreement that prevents them from seeking out information about new Apple devices. Which has also been interpreted as preventing them from reading […]

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Apple Working on New Photos App for Mac to Replace iPhotos

Dislike Apple’s iPhotos app on your Mac? You’re not alone, and it looks like Apple has a fix for that. The Cupertino company is working on a brand new Photos app for Mac users, that brings over several features from Photos on iOS, with a lot more to offer than before.

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The Most Shameless iPhone 6 Clone Actually has Sapphire Glass Display

iPhone clones have always been associated with low-end specifications and sub-par software, but the Dakele 3 is markedly different. Unlike the iPhone 6, this particular clone actually has sapphire glass display that was previously promised by Apple.

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Apple Has Mysterious Camera Equipped Cars Driving Around San Francisco

Several minivans with camera equipment strapped to the top have been spotted driving around San Francisco. The vehicles have been confirmed as belonging to Apple, although nobody is sure what they are doing by driving around with all those sensors.

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Apple Building New Music Service Based On Beats Music

Apple’s plans for Beats are now clear; the company is building a new music streaming service based on Beats Music. It will be integrated into iTunes, and the rest of the Apple eco-system; and more surprisingly, an app will be made available for Android.

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iTunes Issue Had Developers Logging Into Random Accounts

Developers for Apple’s iTunes had several hours of confusion as an error in the login system sent them into random accounts. No damage has been reported as a result of the problem, although iTunes Connect and TestFlight had to be taken down for several hours.

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Samsung Q4 Profits Dip Amid Slow Smartphone Sales

Samsung Electronics has posted its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2014, and the news looks less than convincing. The company made some 5.29 trillion Won (about RM158.87 quadrillion) in profit, although that was down from the 8.31 trillion Won (about RM249.56 quadrillion) earned last year. This stands in stark contrast with its nearest rival […]

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Apple Releases its Record Q1 2015 Results, is Now the Top Smartphone Vendor in China

Earlier today, Apple announced its financial results for its fiscal 2015 first quarter that ended in 27 December 2014. The company reports US$74.6 billion in revenue earning and US$18 billion in profit in the past 3 months. If you’re not familiar with the numbers, it’s very, very impressive, and it’s mainly thanks to iPhone sales, […]

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Apple Releases Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 and iOS 8.1.3 Update

If you’re a Mac or iOS user, it’s time to give your device an update because Apple recently released the Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 and iOS 8.1.3 update that features bug fixes and more.


Apple Basically Ruined Nexus 6’s Integration of a Fingerprint Sensor

Most of us are aware of the rather weird dimple on the back of the Nexus 6, but ex-Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has revealed that it was meant to be a fingerprint sensor. This indicates that even Google considered incorporating the technology that was made popular by Apple.

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Samsung Will Supply Chips For Next Apple iPhone

A South Korean newspaper has reported that Samsung has signed a deal to provide the new generation iPhone processors. Under the agreement, the South Korean manufacturer will provide Apple with 75-percent of its needs; although there is no word on who will be supplying the rest of the processors.

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Apple Allows Chinese Government To Examine iOS Source Code

The Chinese government has managed to convince Apple to turn over their source code to assuage fears of secret backdoors and spying. This brings many years of pressure from the government to an end, although the move could have also have been prompted by US whistleblower Edward Snowden’s comments about the iPhone last week.

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