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Apple’s Next Event is Confirmed for 9 September 2015, Live Stream Available for Windows 10 Users Too

Can’t wait to find out more about the next generation iPhones? 9 September 2015 is the date to mark on your calendar because Apple has just confirmed that its next event will be happening on 9 September at 10am PDT – that’s 10 September at 1am for us Malaysians.

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Apple Launches iSight Camera Replacement Program for iPhone 6 Plus

Bought an iPhone 6 Plus between September 2014 and January 2015, and have a faulty camera that always seems to take blurry pictures? Apple recently launched an iSight Camera Replacement program that will replace the camera in your affected device for free.

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Apple Boot Camp Now Supports 64-Bit Windows 10

Using one of the latest Macs but wish to try out Windows 10? Apple’s Boot Camp now lets you install Windows 10 on supported Mac models that have Mac OS X Yosemite installed.

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File in Mac OS X El Capitan Shows that Next-Gen iPad mini Will Get SplitView

SplitView on an iPad Air 2 One of the most interesting things in Apple’s next mobile operating system, iOS 9, is definitely the SplitView mode that lets users run two tasks simultaneously, side by side. SplitView is only supported on the iPad Air 2 but if you prefer a smaller-sized iPad instead, it looks like […]

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Report Explains How Force Touch Would Work on an iPhone

There’ve been many reports claiming that the next generation iPhones will have Force Touch on its display. Force Touch first debuted on the Apple Watch where users can have an additional layer of controls on such a tiny screen, so how would Force Touch be used on an iPhone, where there’s plenty of space to […]

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Is the 2015 MacBook Pro the Ultimate Portable Laptop?

I used to be a Windows-only guy. If you asked me a few months back if I would ever get a MacBook over any Windows laptop, I would’ve glared at you…intensely. Never in my lifetime would I imagine using a MacBook as my daily driver. All of that went out the window (pun intended) after spending some […]

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Apple May Announce New iPhones, iPad and Apple TV on 9 September 2015

Want to get a new iPhone, iPad or maybe even an Apple TV? You may want to hold onto your money for now because reports are now saying that Apple could announce new devices as soon as 9 September 2015.

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Apple Redesigns its Website, Removes Dedicated Online Store Page

For the longest time now, if you would like to find out more about an Apple product, you would visit the main www.apple.com site, and if you would like to buy something from their online store, you will need to visit www.store.apple.com instead. However, it looks like Apple has removed the redundant Store page, and […]

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Apple’s Massive App Store Promotion Offers “100 Apps & Games at New Low Prices”

Apple is currently having one of its biggest sales this year, offering 100 apps and games at “new low prices”, most of which are going for as low as US$0.99. If you’ve always wanted to get certain apps or games but are too expensive, you should check out the promotion to see if the app […]

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Own the Brand New Retina MacBook Pro? You Might Want to Update It to Avoid Data Corruption

If you happen to own the brand new Retina MacBook Pro, you might want to update it as soon as you can. Apple has just released a firmware update for the mid-2015 model that addresses an issue with the flash storage of the laptop. Apparently, in “rare cases”, this issue may cause data corruption. Unless you’re willing […]

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Apple Recruits More Auto Industry Veterans; Fuels Rumours Of Electric Cars

Rumours of a potential electric vehicle from Apple have surfaced again after the company recently recruited several auto industry veterans. As a consumer electronics manufacturer, Apple would have little use for the expertise that these people bring; unless it is actually building a car.

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Apple And Samsung Working On Dispensing With Physical SIM Cards

Apple and Samsung are reportedly in advanced talks with global GSM providers to introduce a new electronic SIM standard; one that would remove the need for physical SIM cards. The technology itself is not new, and there have been rumours floating around for years; although this latest report seems to indicate that the cardless SIM […]

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Apple Introduces its “Best iPod touch Yet” with New Colours, A8 Chip, and More – Available from RM779

It looks like the rumours were true after all, Apple recently introduced new a iPod touch featuring new colours, upgraded chipset, improved camera, and of course, Apple Music.

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Despite Less Than 20% Market Share, Apple Took Home 92% of ALL Smartphone Profits in Q1 2015

It is a statistic that will worry virtually all smartphone makers: despite having less than 20% of the global smartphone market share, Apple somehow raked in 92% of the entire operating profits attributed to global smartphone sales in the first quarter of this year.

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Apple Releases Public Beta for OS X El Capitan and iOS 9

For those of you who can’t wait to try out the upcoming Mac OS X El Capitan or iOS 9 update, you may now do so on the beta version of both operating systems. As promised, Apple has just released its public beta for OS X El Capitan and iOS 9.

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Video Answers Important Question; How Many iPhones Does It Take To Stop A Bullet

Apple iPhones are not exactly the toughest smartphones around, although they are hardy enough to take a tumble or two. However, the real question is how many iPhones does it take to stop a bullet? The answer is slightly more impressive than one would think. Considering the test was done with a close range shot […]

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Official Photos of Unannounced iPods Appears on Latest Version of iTunes

Apple’s sales for iPods may not be doing very well for the past few quarters, but it doesn’t mean that the company will stop the business. Pictures of unannounced iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle was published into the latest version of iTunes that was released just yesterday, and the company is expected to […]

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Apple Music Now Available in Malaysia from RM15, Offers 3 Months Free Trial

  Apple has just rolled out its iOS 8.4 update to users, bringing the much-awaited Apple Music service to users around the world, including Malaysia. It is priced at US$3.99 (RM15.01) for individual users, and US$5.99 (RM22.53) for family sharing.

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Apple Music Streaming And Beats 1 Online Radio Launches Tomorrow

Apple’s much awaited music streaming service, Apple Music, will be launching tomorrow. The service is scheduled to go live on 30 June at 8am PST, which is a late 11pm local time on the same day. The online radio , Beats 1, will begin broadcasting an hour later. It has been a long road for […]

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Is Apple Working On Beats Gaming Headset?

Even though you can generally game with Apple Mac depending on the model you choose, the company is not so big into gaming when it comes to their computers unlike iPhone and iPad. So, this particular design patent that is newly granted to the company is rather odd because it is a gaming headset – […]

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