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Acer Malaysia Begins To Ship Aspire E Series Laptops With Pre-Installed Windows 10

In addition to the newly launched Aspire R11, it turns out that Acer Malaysia has actually begin to ship more products with Windows 10 pre-installed in them. This was confirmed by Johnson Seet, Head of Mobile Computing and Smart Handheld for Acer Malaysia during the launch of Aspire R11 last week who also claimed that […]

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Acer Officially Launches Aspire R11 For RM 1,499: Pre-Installed With Windows 10

First revealed at Acer’s massive global press conference in New York four months ago, the company has officially launched the new Aspire R11 convertible laptop in Malaysia today. While we already knew early on that Acer’s intention to release the device into our market, the company has decided to offer it just in time with the […]

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Acer’s New Cloudbooks Are Windows 10 Machines That Start at RM655

Acer has announced two new slim and inexpensive laptops: the Aspire One Cloudbook 11 and 14. With the most affordable model going for only US$169 (about RM655), these are perhaps one of the most affordable Windows laptops in the market. However, in order to bring down the price, certain sacrifices had to be made.

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Hands On: Acer XR341CK 34-Inch UltraWide QHD Curved Monitor, With Adaptive-Sync and Flicker Free Tech

Curved design first hit the TV scene around two years ago and it doesn’t take long before the trend spill over to monitors. At this moment, plenty of established monitor brands have their own curved offering including Acer which has just launched its brand new XR341CK Curved Monitor in Malaysia earlier this week.

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Computex 2015: Acer Reveals Predator 8, Intel Atom x7 Powered Gaming Tablet

Acer turned up in the middle of Intel’s keynote at Computex 2015 to show off it’s range of Intel powered gaming machines. That happens to include the Acer Predator 8, an 8-inch gaming tablet that runs on Intel’s new Atom x7 processor.

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Acer Revo One Mini Computer Arrives In Malaysia; Priced At RM1099

Acer has announced the availability of the Acer Revo One mini computer for the Malaysian market. Powered by an Intel Celeron processor, the Revo One is intended to be a media player with additional capabilities; although there is nothing stopping anyone from using it as a compact workstation instead.

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Quick Look: Acer Aspire E Series Laptop Refreshed for 2015, Now Available in Malaysia

Alongside the three new Liquid smartphones, Acer Malaysia also took the opportunity to officially several new models which are part of the company’s newly refreshed Aspire E Series laptops. For those who are not familiar with it, Aspire E Series laptops are designed for entry level market and this year’s refreshed models were initially announced at the […]

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Acer Officially Launches Liquid Z220, Z520, and Jade Z Smartphones In Malaysia

Originally announced at Mobile World Congress 2015 earlier this year, Acer Malaysia today announced the availability of its three latest Android smartphone under the company’s Liquid series. Specifically, they are the Liquid Z220, Z520, and Jade Z which priced from RM 299 to RM 799.

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Acer Iconia Talk S 6.9-inch Phablet Arrives In Malaysia [Updated With Price]

Acer has announced the Acer Iconia Talk S for the Malaysian market. The device is a 6.9-inch phablet that skirts dangerously close to being a full blown tablet. Some Malaysians like big phones, and it looks like Acer is looking to cater to that market.

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Acer Aspire Switch 10 E Goes Official In Malaysia: Price Starts At RM 1,099

Held alongside the opening of its brand new concept store at Quill City Mall in Kuala Lumpur, Acer today has officially launched its brand new Acer Aspire Switch 10 E for our market. As you might have known, the Switch 10 E was one of the new products that was launched at Acer’s Global Press […]

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Acer Gears Up To Release New Products in Malaysia: Including Aspire R 11, Iconia One 8, and Switch 10 E

Over at its global media event in New York last week, Acer has unveiled plenty of new devices that will be released in markets throughout the world including Malaysia. In addition to those that we have already confirmed last week such as the Leap wearable products and gaming-oriented Predator series, a number of other products will […]

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Acer Unveils Second-Generation Leap Wearables, Featuring Stress Sensor

Besides a slew of notebooks announced earlier today, Acer also took the opportunity to release its latest generation of its Liquid Leap wearable. These new products offer an insight into the company’s approach in the emerging wearables industry, with an emphasis on style, activity tracking and battery conservation.

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Eyes On: Acer’s Predator Tablet, Built for Gaming

How would you even begin to describe Acer’s upcoming Predator Tablet? Let’s try.

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Acer Reveals Liquid X2, Triple SIM Capable Business Class Smartphone

Acer revealed the Liquid X2, a smartphone aimed at heavy business users, at its global event in New York. There aren’t many specifications revealed, but we do know that it has three SIM card slots and promises a very substantial amount of time between recharging due to the 4000mAh battery.

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Acer Officially Announces The Liquid Z410; Claims 16 Days Of Standby Time

Acer has announced the entry level Liquid Z410 for the Malaysian market. While the specifications may not impress anyone, the official press release claims that they smartphone offers 400 hours of standby time. That’s just over 16 days without a recharge.

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Acer Revo One Mini PC Appears In SIRIM Database

Not many manufacturers are building mini PCs, but it looks like Acer is preparing to give it a go. The Acer Revo One serves the same purpose as Intel’s NUC, but does so with a much more adorable facade. This machine is particularly notable because it was supposed to only appear in Europe.

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MWC 2015: Acer Announces Liquid Z220 and Z520 Budget Smartphones With Quad-core Processors

Acer is shoring up its Liquid Z series with another Android-powered two entry level smartphones. Both the Liquid Z220 and Z520 are not particularly exciting in terms of specifications, but are instead intended to provide a well-rounded mobile experience. Although, they do provide some interesting modes for people who just want a phone.

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MWC 2015: Acer Announces Liquid Jade Z

Acer has announced another specification lightweight in the Acer Liquid Jade Z. Unlike the budget Liquid M220 Windows Phone, the Liquid Jade Z runs Android 4.4 KitKat; and an Android 5.0 Lollipop update has been confirmed at some time this year.

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MWC 2015: Acer Announces the Liquid Leap+, a Fitness Tracker that Costs About RM320

Acer has just announced a new fitness tracker called the Liquid Leap+ at the on-going MWC 2015. The fitness band, as its name suggest, is an improved version of the Liquid Leap, Acer’s first ever wearable product, which was unveiled about 9 months ago at Computex.

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MWC 2015: Acer Introduces New Entry Level Windows Phone

Windows Phone fans will be getting a wider range of manufacturers to choose from when Acer’s new Liquid M220 appears in the market. That being said, this looks like yet another entry level Windows Phone powered device in a market that is positively swimming with low-end Lumia’s. It could be Acer testing the waters for […]

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