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[Update: Now With Video] Review: Aorus X7 Pro – A Roaring Gaming Beast Unleashed

by Terry Bass · 1 week ago · 8 Comments · 3.1k views


Aorus unleashed this beast, the X7 Pro and it got us thinking, is this just another gaming laptop or does it have more to offer? The design and quality build screams gaming as it does not want to be locked up in an office room. Sporting an intimidating all black exterior and two graphic cards powered with a 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, the Aorus X7 Pro is definitely a performer. The real question is: Is it worth the price?

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Hands-On: HyppTV Everywhere For DiGi Customers

by Chief Chapree · 1 week ago · 8 Comments · 2.1k views

HyppTV Everywhere for DiGi

In case you missed our earlier report, TM will be announcing HyppTV Everywhere service that is formulated exclusively for DiGi customers on 13 April. However, it turns out that DiGi customers already able to utilize them immediately according to what we have experienced just moments ago.

Not only that, the FAQ on HyppTV Everywhere’s official website has been updated with information regarding HyppTV Everywhere for DiGi customers. Read more below to discover what we’ve learned regarding the service.

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Samsung To Roll Out “S Carpet” On 17 April To Celebrate First Day of Galaxy S6 & S6 edge Sales In Malaysia

by Pang Tun Yau · 1 week ago · 2 Comments · 1.4k views


Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 edge will officially be available in stores in Malaysia from 17 April, and the company is making sure that it will be a proper affair for fans eager to purchase the device on its first day of availability. In fact, there’s even a global initiative called “S Carpet” which will see one venue in each of the selected countries worldwide offer a unique experience for Samsung fans.

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Oppo Releases Glass Back LTE Smartphone for RM585

by Andrew Cheng · 1 week ago · 1 Comment · 3.8k views


Oppo has just unveiled the A31 in China, a rather attractive smartphone with a glass back and LTE connectivity. Retailing at 999 yuan (about RM585), don’t expect the A31 to blow you away in terms of specifications. It does, however, have a pretty premium vibe to it.

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TM To Launch HyppTV Everywhere For DiGi Customers Next Week

by Chief Chapree · 1 week ago · 2 Comments · 1.1k views

HyppTV Everywhere for DiGi Customers

For those who are not aware of it, HyppTV Everywhere is an extension of TM’s HyppTV service that allows customers to view the IPTV service through via smartphones and tablets. In other words, HyppTV Everywhere enables their customers to watch HyppTV even though they are not in front of their TV although it is not only accessible within Malaysia.

Previously available only to UniFi and Streamyx customers, TM has since opened up the service to virtually everyone starting from January 2015 onwards. Soon, the service’s availability will be extended even further as TM will be officially unveil HyppTV Everywhere for DiGi next week according to the media invite we received today.

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Mac OS X 10.10.3 Update Brings New Photos App to OS X Yosemite Users

by Huei Song · 1 week ago · No Comments · 561 views


Finally, for all you Mac OS X Yosemite users who can’t wait to see what Apple has got to offer on its new Photos app for Mac, you can now test it in the latest Mac OS X 10.10.3 update. Available immediately, the update brings a host of bug fixes and improvements, and replaces the much disliked iPhotos app with a new app called Photos.

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Samsung Malaysia Announces Arrival of New SUHD TV, Promises “Next Level” Viewing Experience

by Pang Tun Yau · 1 week ago · No Comments · 1.2k views


Samsung Malaysia has officially announced the arrival of its latest range of flagship Smart TVs, the curved SUHD TV. Like the “S” moniker in its mobile products, the “S” in SUHD is Samsung’s way of showcasing the cutting-edge technology the new SUHD TVs bring into the home entertainment industry.

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Xiaomi Releases Two New Products – Premium Mi Band Leather Strap and Monopod Selfie Stick

by Terry Bass · 1 week ago · No Comments · 3.1k views


Xiaomi has added two new products up for sale in their already vast accessories portfolio. The first item is a premium quality leather strap for the Mi Band, while the second product is a monopod selfie stick.

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Spec Sheet: HTC One M9 vs. One M9+ vs. One E9+

by Andrew Cheng · 1 week ago · No Comments · 1.8k views


HTC has released multiple One smartphones in a rather short amount of time. Just yesterday, the company has announced the One M9+ and One E9+ for the Chinese market, which now join the HTC One M9. So how do these three One smartphones compare to each other?

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Dell Announces Venue 10 7000 Premium Android Tablet With Intel Realsense Camera

by Farhan · 1 week ago · 1 Comment · 1.2k views

Dell Venue 10 7000

Dell has introduced the Venue 10 7000, a premium grade Android tablet that borrows design cues from several competitors; although still managing to look distinctly like a Dell product. The 10.5-inch tablet focuses heavily on the enterprise market, making features like Android for Work and Microsoft Office for Android key components.

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Report Indicates That eSports Athletes May Be Turning To Performance Enhancing Drugs

by Farhan · 1 week ago · No Comments · 977 views


Performance enhancing drugs have long been a problem with athletes, although it has mainly been confined to events that require physical prowess. However, a recent report alleges that some eSports athletes are also turning to prescription medicines that enhance their ability to play video games.

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YouTube Will Soon Let Users Pay To Remove Its Pre-Roll Video Ads

by Terry Bass · 1 week ago · No Comments · 427 views

youtube cover

YouTube will soon release a subscription-based ad removal service for its viewers later this year, where all pre-roll video commercials, ads and banners will be removed. Question is, would you pay money for it?

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