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Microsoft Jumps The Gun, Reveals The New Lumia 950 and 950 XL Online

by Chief Chapree · 1 week ago · 3 Comments · 639 views

Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL on Microsoft Store UK

In general, a new product can only be deemed as official only when its creator or manufacturer say so despite the abundance of leaks and rumors out there. But sometimes, the company themselves leaked its new product out in the open although most of the times it might happened by accident. That is the case with Microsoft, which has pretty much confirmed its two new flagship Lumia smartphones that the company supposed to unveil next week in New York.

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Lightning Review: BenQ XR3501 35-inch Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

by Andrew Cheng · 1 week ago · No Comments · 1.2k views


Ultrawide curved gaming monitors have been becoming more common in recent years, but none of them are quite like the BenQ XR3501. As the world’s first curved monitor with a 2000R curvature, it’s the most “curvaceous” monitor out on the market now. This basically means the XR3501 should provide a more immersive experience as it has a more extreme degree of curvature than its competitors. That being said, with a retail price of RM3,999, is it worth the money?

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#MYCYBERSALE 2015: What Do You Need To Know About Malaysia’s Annual Online Sale

by Chief Chapree · 1 week ago · 7 Comments · 1.6k views


After generating RM 67 million in revenue that were spawned from 227,000 successful transactions, we can safely say that the inaugural #MYCYBERSALE last year was a success. Hence, it is not surprising to see the initiative by Multimedia Development Corporation under its Digital Malaysia program made a return once again this year. However, if you somehow have just found out about it, what we have here is a quick guide on what you need to know about #MYCYBERSALE 2015.

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[Update: U Mobile Opens ROI Too] Celcom’s Preorder for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to Start on 9 October 2015, Digi Opens ROI

by Huei Song · 1 week ago · 3 Comments · 1.4k views



Update: U Mobile’s registration of interest page for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is now live too. Details available after the break.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be launched here in Malaysia on 16 October 2015. Like previous years, the devices should be available in authorised Apple resellers, as well as from the major telcos, and for those who are interested in a telco subsidy, Celcom’s preorder will start a week early, while Digi has already opened up its registration of interest page for both devices.

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Twitter Might Be Working To Remove Its 140 Characters Limit

by Chief Chapree · 1 week ago · 2 Comments · 54 views

New Tweet on Twitter

With around 500M tweets are sent on daily basis, Twitter is certainly one of the most popular online social networking service out there. However, tweets are still limited to only 140 characters even though the service is already nine years in existence.

While there might be plenty of third party services out there that helps users overcome the limitation in addition to the company’s own “Retweet With Comment” feature that went live few months ago, they also come with their own set of shortcomings. The good news is that Twitter itself is apparently looking into overcoming the character limitation through a new “product”.

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Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Publicity Stunt Fakes Terrorist Attack On Singapore

by Farhan · 1 week ago · 5 Comments · 952 views

Call of Duty Black Ops Twitter

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is nearing its release date, and Activision is beginning to turn up the marketing for its next big title. Unfortunately, its most recent stunt has drawn the anger of the internet by tweeting about a fictional terrorist attack on Singapore; complete with hourly updates about the complete breakdown of civil structure.

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Apple Releases More Information About Privacy for iOS 9 and iPhone Features

by Huei Song · 1 week ago · No Comments · 213 views

Apple Privacy Update

With so many hacks and vulnerabilities going in for mobile devices, privacy is definitely one of the most important things phone manufacturers should focus on. Apple recently updated its privacy website with more details to how your data is used in iOS 9 and the iPhone.

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Tesla Reveals Bioweapon Defence Mode In New Model X

by Farhan · 1 week ago · 2 Comments · 1k views

Tesla Mode X Bio Defence Mode

Tesla has been known to be rather playful with the features in its cars, but this latest revelation makes us think that Elon Musk is a little too excited for Fallout 4. The new Tesla Model X is an all electric SUV that features defences against potential biological attacks.

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Google Consumer Barometer: Malaysia Among Top Mobile Internet Users In The World

by Farhan · 1 week ago · 5 Comments · 1k views

Google Consumer Barometer 2015 Devices

Malaysians love their smartphones, and the latest statistics from Google’s Consumer Barometer shows just how important mobile communications has become in this country. There is a similar trend among Asian countries, who dominate the top five countries with the highest smartphone penetration.

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Report: iPhone 6s Costs US$211.50, and iPhone 6s Plus Costs US$236 to Build

by Huei Song · 1 week ago · 16 Comments · 2.7k views

iphone 6s teardownTeardown by ifixit

We all know that a phone costs a lot less to build compared to its retail price, but just how much is the difference between the cost and retail price of one of the most expensive consumer smartphones out there – the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus? According to a research firm, the hardware prices of both new iPhones are US$211.50 and US$236 respectively.

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HTC Sends out Invite for 20 October 2015 – to Unveil HTC One A9?

by Huei Song · 1 week ago · No Comments · 276 views

HTC 20 October 2015 Invite

HTC recently sent out an invitation to an event happening on 20 October 2015. While the invite did not mention anything about what the company has planned, it is believed that HTC will launched the much rumoured HTC One A9 with the codename HTC Aero.

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow Rolling Out to Nexus Devices Next Week

by Pang Tun Yau · 1 week ago · 3 Comments · 1.9k views

Android Marshmallow Mascot

The latest version of the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, will begin seeding into selected devices starting from next week.

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