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Samsung Introducing New Fingerprint Scanner in the Galaxy S6

by Terry Bass · 6 days ago · No Comments · 1.6k views


Samsung is making some changes to its fingerprint scanning system. Sources report that its next flagship, the Galaxy S6 will be using a touch-based fingerprint scanning system as opposed to the previous swipe-based system.

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WhatsApp Now Working Properly with Priority Notification Mode on Android 5.0 Lollipop

by Andrew Cheng · 6 days ago · No Comments · 1.1k views


Android users who have received the Android 5.0 Lollipop update would have realised by now that WhatsApp still sends you audible notifications even though you’re in priority notification mode. Thankfully, the latest WhatsApp update has solved this little annoyance.

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DiGi Offering RM60 in Rebates for Those who Renew Their Contract with the Telco

by Huei Song · 6 days ago · 2 Comments · 1.3k views

DiGi Contract Renewal Program

Have a contract with DiGi that is about to expire or has already expired? DiGi wants you to renew your contract with them and is offering RM60 in rebates for those who do so.

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Gran Turismo Players Finish Second In Class At Dubai Endurance Race

by Farhan · 6 days ago · No Comments · 764 views

GT Academy 2014 Winners

Gamers from Gran Turismo’s GT Academy took second place in the Pro-Am class at the 2015 Dubai 24 Hours race; also finishing fifth place overall. The all gamer team had earned their drive by winning the Gran Turismo national finals in their respective countries, showing that video games can teach people how to race fast cars.

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Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will Feature Two Edge Displays

by Huei Song · 6 days ago · 2 Comments · 960 views

samsung-galaxy-note-edge-malaysia-2Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

MWC 2015 will definitely be an extremely exciting event to look forward to. Among the many mobile devices that are expected to be unveiled – Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z4, HTC One Hima and more, it looks like Samsung will unveil a special version of the Galaxy S6, which will come with two edge displays.

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Samsung Galaxy Life Offering RM20 Off Easy Taxi Rides

by Farhan · 6 days ago · No Comments · 223 views

Samsung Galaxy S5 and A5

Samsung will be providing RM20 off Easy Taxi fares through its Galaxy Life app for the rest of January. Each user will be able to claim the discount three times, although that should be enough considering that the announcement has come at the very end of the month.

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America Knows North Korea Is Behind The Sony Pictures Attack Because It Hacked The Country First

by Farhan · 6 days ago · 4 Comments · 4k views


The cyber-attack on Sony pictures still has a few more twists to the story. New documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden have revealed that the American National Security Agency had already hacked into the North Korean government systems, and was watching everything it was doing.

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HTC Rolling out Android 5.0.1 Lollipop to HTC One (M8) Devices in Malaysia

by Huei Song · 6 days ago · 8 Comments · 963 views

HTC One M8 Lollipop Malaysia

Great news for HTC One (M8) owners, check your device for a software update now because according to HTC Malaysia, the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update is now available.

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Hotlink Introduces New Tablet Plan with 365-Day Validity

by Huei Song · 6 days ago · 7 Comments · 4.4k views

Hotlink Tablet Plan

If you have multiple devices with multiple SIM cards, keeping all of them active can be quite a chore. Hotlink recently introduced a new Tablet Plan that has a validity of 365 days so you won’t have to worry about your number being deactivated.

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Exposed: The Misleading Don’t Bodoh Campaign Is Nothing More Than A Fraud

by Chief Chapree · 1 week ago · 22 Comments · 10.8k views

Don't Bodoh

Claiming itself as an “independent entity that is not linked to any telco companies“, Don’t Bodoh looks like a nifty, professionally-done website that apparently allows users to “compare” telco plans and determine which one is most suitable to them. As we dug deeper in our effort to learn more about this particularly secretive “independent entity”, we learned that Don’t Bodoh is misleading users into believing that the site is actually giving sound advice to them.

In fact, Don’t Bodoh can be considered as a fraud depending on how you look at things.

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OnePlus One for Sale without Invitations on 20 January

by Terry Bass · 1 week ago · 7 Comments · 3.6k views


The OnePlus One, dubbed the “flagship killer” of 2014 will be available for purchase without an invite on the 20th of January. However, there is a catch: the invitation-less sale will only be open for two hours and that varies according to time zones.

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App of the Week: MyMaxis, Manage Your Maxis Account, Make Payments, Discover Rewards and More

by Huei Song · 1 week ago · No Comments · 657 views

MyMaxis App of the Week

Maxis recently launched a brand new MyMaxis app that makes it a whole lot easier for its subscribers to manage their Maxis accounts, as well as exclusive new features. As someone who has lots of bills to pay and tend to forget about them (hence overpaying whenever I remember), I think it’s an extremely useful app that puts your Maxis account at your fingertips, allowing you to view and pay your bills, check your usage, purchase additional data and view rewards.

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