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SwiftKey Coming to iOS on 17 September 2014

by Huei Song · 1 week ago · No Comments · 761 views

SwiftKey on iOS 17 September

Hate your iOS device because the keyboard is just too annoying but you have no choice but to stick to it? Well, it looks like that problem will be over very soon, SwiftKey recently announced that its award-winning keyboard will be heading to iOS on 17 September 2014 – the day where iOS 8 will be released to users.

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Sony PSP Users In Asia And Europe To Lose Access To PlayStation Store

by Farhan · 1 week ago · No Comments · 805 views

Sony PSP

Owners of Sony’s PlayStation Portable handheld console are about to have their devices cut off from the PlayStation Store. The news comes from IGN who spoke to a Sony representative on the matter. While access to the PlayStation Store is denied, the users will still be able to use the other online functions of the PSP; and can still buy digital games for their consoles through the Sony Entertainment Network Online Store.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note Now Available on Maxis for “Free”

by Huei Song · 1 week ago · 5 Comments · 1.4k views

Xiaomi Redmi Note Maxis FREE

If you wish to get a Xiaomi Redmi Note but do not wish to wait for their weekly sales where you might or might not get one because there are a limited number of units, you can now purchase it from Maxis from as low as RM0. As usual, you’ll need to sign up for a contract under one of the telco’s new MaxisONE Plans.

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Leaked: This Is How Desktop Looks Like In The Upcoming Windows 9

by Syefri Zulkefli · 1 week ago · 16 Comments · 2.5k views

Windows 9 Technical Preview

It is not a secret that Microsoft is planning to unveil Windows 9 a.k.a Threshold to the world really soon. As we get closer to the rumoured date for the press event, two tech sites in Germany have published a set of screenshots from an early build of Windows 9 Technical Preview which provided an early look to the new operating system.

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SanDisk Ultra II SSD Now Available In Malaysia

by Farhan · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 1.8k views

SanDisk Ultra II SSD

SanDisk has announced that its new line of Ultra II solid state drives are now available in Malaysia. These SSDs are designed to cater to the customer who is concerned with battery life and power efficiency. An enhanced SSD Dashboard allows users to constantly monitor the performance of the drive, while also making it easier to obtain firmware upgrades.

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Spec Sheet: iPhone 6 vs Flagship Android and Windows Phone Smartphones, and SmartWatch Comparison

by Huei Song · 2 weeks ago · 14 Comments · 13.2k views

iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Now that the two new iPhone 6 have been confirmed, and we’ve been seeing a lot of phone announcements over the past few weeks, how do all of these devices stack up against one another? We’ve compiled the specifications of new and existing flagship smartphones in the market – Apple and Android, into one big table for easy comparison.

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Google Revise Play Store Refund Window to 2 Hours

by Huei Song · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 365 views

Play Store Refund Window Extended to Two Hours

It looks like Google has finally decided to extend the refund window on its Play Store from 15 minutes to a good 2 hours. The change has just been updated on Google’s support page for “return paid apps & games”.

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Microsoft Dropping Nokia And Windows Phone Brands

by Farhan · 2 weeks ago · 7 Comments · 2.3k views

Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM 01

Geek On Gadgets has revealed the contents of a confidential internal document from Microsoft concerning the future of Nokia and Windows Phone. It would appear that the Microsoft Mobile division is slowly moving away from the two brands, with the Lumia 830 and 730 being the last two smartphones to carry the Nokia name.

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BlackBerry Passport and Moto G 2nd Gen Passes SIRIM Certifications, Ready For Release In Malaysia

by Syefri Zulkefli · 2 weeks ago · 4 Comments · 1.3k views

Motorola Moto G 2nd Generation and BlackBerry Passport

Judging from the amount of news for the past few weeks, you might have realized that September is the month of new smartphones. For example, the second generation Motorola Moto G was just announced last week and BlackBerry will also be launching its next model, the BlackBerry Passport later this month.

Guess what: both of them should be available in Malaysia as they have been listed in SIRIM’s database yesterday.

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Five Million Gmail Passwords Leaked; But There Is Good News

by Farhan · 2 weeks ago · 4 Comments · 4.1k views

Google Personal Search

News has broken that five million Gmail addresses and passwords have been posted to a Russian Bitcoin forum. However, Google has stated that the leak is not the result of a security breach, but rather the work of a long phishing campaign against internet users. In fact, most of the passwords have long been changed and accounts suspended.

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Square Enix Launches Game Streaming Service For Smartphones And Tablets In Japan

by Farhan · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 598 views

Square Enix Dive In

Square Enix will be making a game streaming service available to the Japanese market. Unlike most other services of this type, it will be only be made on smartphones and tablets through the Dive In app. Users will also only be allowed to rent games for a limited time, instead of buying it outright. The service starts with Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 13, and Murdered: Soul Suspect.

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Razer’s Deal Finding Software Goes Live; Eight Games On Sale To Celebrate

by Farhan · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 638 views

Razer Cortex 2

Razer’s Cortex game sale tracking software has gone live after a two week early access period. In celebration of the announcement, eight games are being discounted on for a month. The titles can be accessed from the Razer Cortex software, that users will have to download and register for a Razer account.

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