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Microsoft Malaysia Launches the Work Wonders Campaign

by Andrew Cheng · 4 days ago · 1 Comment · 1.2k views


Microsoft Malaysia has launched the Work Wonders campaign that starts on the 18th of November to the 31st December 2014. This campaign is the perfect opportunity for those who are looking to purchase an Office 365 subscription alongside a Windows tablet.

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Titan And Epsilon Pro-Gaming Teams Disqualified From CS:GO Competition For Cheating

by Farhan · 4 days ago · 2 Comments · 1.9k views


The eSports scene was shaken by revelations that three top Counter Strike: Global Offensive players were banned by Valve’s VAC anti-cheating software for using hacks. Three players, Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian, Simon “smn” Beck, and Gordon “Sf” Giry each received in-game bans last week. This has lead to their respective teams – Titan and Epsilon – to be disqualified from the Dreamhack Winter tournament which carries a prize pool of US$250,000.

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Google Releases New Security Tool That Makes it Easier to See What Devices Have Access to your Account

by Huei Song · 4 days ago · No Comments · 1.2k views

Google Devices and Activity Dashboard

Google recently released a new security tool that makes it a lot easier for you to manage what devices uses your Google account. Called Devices and Activity dashboard, the tool is actually for Google for Work users, but is available for individuals as well.

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How To Avoid Being Annoyed By Pirate Kings, And Other FB Game, Requests

by Farhan · 4 days ago · 2 Comments · 4.8k views


If Facebook news feeds are anything to be believed, Pirate Kings is the new Candy Crush. Mostly due to the number of inane requests that are sent out to unsuspecting friends. Instead of ranting on about how many people will be unfriended if they continue with such requests, here is how one can turn off notifications from Pirate King forever.

Note: This also works for other Facebooks apps that become annoying.

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TM Warns Of Slow Internet Speeds Due To Fault In Submarine Cable

by Farhan · 4 days ago · 36 Comments · 9.4k views


Anyone currently experiencing slow internet speeds should take note that it is due to a fault in the South East Asia–Middle East-Western Europe (SMW4) submarine cable providing an international data link to Europe. Telekom Malaysia warns that it affects all Unifi and Streamyx users who are accessing sites and servers based in Europe.

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Malware Network Has Been Spying On Computer Networks Since 2008

by Farhan · 4 days ago · 3 Comments · 1.2k views


Security researchers have revealed details about a malware campaign that has compromised multiple countries since 2008. Called Regin, the malware is suspected to be a state-funded attack against the multiple targets (include those in Malaysia); although researchers are not yet certain of what it is intended to achieve.

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Samsung, Apple and LG Take Top Three Spots in Digitimes Research Report for Smartphone Industry

by Huei Song · 4 days ago · 3 Comments · 1.6k views


The Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo may be doing extremely well this year but despite their performance, it looks like the big guys are still on top.

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Maxis Now Offering Lenovo A606 for “Free”

by Huei Song · 4 days ago · 3 Comments · 706 views

Maxis Lenovo A606

You don’t need the latest and most expensive smartphone just to enjoy high speed internet. Maxis recently added the Lenovo A606 to its device bundle, offering the RM599 LTE smartphone from as low as RM0 – you’ll need to sign up for a contract of course.

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South Korea Authorities Begin To Hunt For “Uncertified” Selfie Sticks

by Syefri Zulkefli · 4 days ago · 1 Comment · 3.4k views

Selfie Stick at South Korea

Unless you have been ignoring the world for the past year or two, you should be aware of the existence of the selfie stick which is an accessory to help users snap self-portraits with their smartphone. It is a rather simple and generally harmless mobile accessory but somehow, the South Korean government has decided to crack down on sales of “uncertified” selfie sticks.

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Pinć VR: Portable Virtual Reality Headset For iPhone 6 That Also Acts As A Case

by Syefri Zulkefli · 4 days ago · 1 Comment · 840 views


Looks like Samsung is not the only one who is trying to bring virtual reality (VR) to mobile space. Another company from Canada called Cordon Media apparently has the same mission as well and has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for its own VR headset that is designed for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus called Pinć (pronounced as “pinch”).

What made it different though is that Pinć also able to function as a phone case.

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Lightning Review: Aztech MWR647 4G MiFi and Power Bank

by Pang Tun Yau · 4 days ago · 1 Comment · 2.1k views


When you’re always travelling, it can be difficult to stay online. It’s even worse when you’re travelling in a group – roaming charges will kill you financially. So what are your options?

Thankfully, over the past few years many companies began introducing highly useful MiFi devices. Short for Mobile WiFi, these devices lets you share the data connection from one device by acting as a mobile WiFi router – making it a useful travel companion for those who cannot stay offline.

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Quick Look: Acer Liquid E700 Triple SIM Smartphone, Coming To Stores Soon For RM 699

by Syefri Zulkefli · 5 days ago · 3 Comments · 2.2k views

Acer Liquid E700 Quick Look 02

Apart from three new Liquid smartphones that Acer has launched for Malaysian market last week, the company still has one more product under its sleeves that will be released into our market very soon. This particular product is rather interesting in a way that it supports not only one or two SIM cards but three SIM cards.

Well, say hello to the new Acer Liquid E700 Triple SIM smartphone.

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