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Benchmark Tests Show A “Nokia 1100″ That Runs On Android Lollipop

by Terry Bass · 21 hours ago · 2 Comments · 2.8k views

The Previous Nokia 1100

A device with the name Nokia 1100 appeared in a performance test and it seems the device will be running on Android 5.0. It is still too early to tell whether it is really a device from Nokia and we still don’t know what form the device will take, but it bears the same name as the now-retro device.

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LG and Huawei Rumoured to be Working on Two Nexus Smartphones

by Andrew Cheng · 21 hours ago · 3 Comments · 581 views

Google Nexus 6

In the latest rumour surrounding the next Nexus smartphone (or in this case, smartphones), Huawei and LG will apparently be manufacturing a Nexus device of their own, giving consumers the choice of two different Nexus smartphones. Turns out our previous post regarding a Chinese manufacturer building a Nexus smartphone has some truth to it.

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MSI Unveils Motherboards With USB Type-C And 3.1 Support; Will Be On Display At PAX East

by Farhan · 22 hours ago · No Comments · 633 views

MSI X99 Gaming 9 ACK

MSI has announced a range of new motherboards that support USB 3.1, which promises to be substantially faster than the current USB 3.0 standard. In addition to this, the new MSI Z97A Gaming 6 will also be one of the first motherboards to deploy the new reversible USB Type-C connector.

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Designers of Monument Valley Wants to Redesign Car Dash

by Huei Song · 22 hours ago · 1 Comment · 976 views

Ustwo to Redesign Car Dash

Ustwo, the company who developed the very popular game called Monument Valley, isn’t just a company that make games with beautiful artworks. The company is also an accomplished design studio and it looks like they want to redesign your car’s dashboard to not only make things a whole lot prettier, but also more useful than ever.

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DCA Files Police Report Against Drone Operator, KLIA Offers Him A Job [Updated]

by Farhan · 23 hours ago · 16 Comments · 9.8k views

Drone KLIA

The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) has filed a police report against a man who flew his drone up to planes landing at KLIA to take pictures. The DCA said that the act was reckless and was endangering the lives of those on the planes. On the other hand, it appears that the Malaysian Airports Berhad (MAB) thinks that this is a good idea and wants him to work for it.

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MWC 2015: Eyes On with Intel Atom x3 Reference Design Smartphones and Tablets

by Chief Chapree · 23 hours ago · No Comments · 576 views

Intel Atom x3 Reference Design Devices 01

Originally called SoFIA which stands for Smart or Feature phone with Intel Architecture, the new Intel Atom x3 processors were officially launched here at Mobile World Congress 2015 earlier this week. Made for the entry and value segment of the market, devices featuring these new processor will only be ready for consumers later this year but that doesn’t stop Intel from showcasing several reference design smartphones and tablets at its booth in MWC.

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Samsung Shows off the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in its Own Official Hands-On Videos

by Huei Song · 1 day ago · 1 Comment · 1.4k views

Samsung Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 edge Coming to Malaysia “in Mid-April”

Can’t get enough of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge? Samsung recently released three videos to show off the design, hardware, as well as the camera found on both devices.

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Huawei Watch to Retail at RM3,655?

by Andrew Cheng · 1 day ago · 5 Comments · 1.7k views


The Huawei Watch is arguably one of the best-looking Android Wear device that has been unveiled. However, if this rumour is any indication of its retail price, even its good looks will not justify such a massive price tag. According to a source, the Huawei Watch will allegedly cost a whopping US$1000 (about RM3,655).

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GDC 2015: NVIDIA Unveils GeForce GTX Titan X GPU

by Farhan · 1 day ago · 2 Comments · 1.2k views


NVIDIA has unveiled the GeForce GTX Titan X, the most powerful GPU that it has ever made. While details are sketchy at the moment, it appears that this will be one of those graphics cards that most of us will never be able to afford.

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MWC 2015: Sony Goes Cute With the BSP60 Smart Bluetooth Speaker, But With A Price

by Terry Bass · 1 day ago · 4 Comments · 1.2k views

sony-bsp60-bluetooth-smart-speaker 2

Sony announced the Xperia Z4 Tablet and the Xperia M4 Aqua at the MWC 2015, but that is not all the company has up its sleeve. It has also announced a rather interesting looking Bluetooth speaker called the BSP60.

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GDC 2015: Microsoft To Allow Cross Buy Titles Between PC and Xbox One

by Farhan · 1 day ago · 4 Comments · 536 views

Windows 10 Supports Game Streaming From Xbox One and Cross-Play

Microsoft is set to allow cross buying of games between PC and Xbox One as part of plan to integrate both platforms. The changes are set to come with Windows 10, which is due later this year. There are few titles that take advantage of this now, and it looks like Microsoft will be leading the way with its own games at first.

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Xiaomi Launching New Device in Malaysia on 11th March, Likely to be Redmi 2

by Andrew Cheng · 1 day ago · 6 Comments · 2.2k views


Xiaomi has just announced that it will be bringing in a new device to Malaysia. More likely than not, it will be none other than the new Xiaomi Redmi 2. Launched just two months ago, this highly affordable smartphone could continue the success of its predecessor.

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