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First Look: Oppo Find 7 & Find 7a

by Pang Tun Yau · 6 months ago · 14 Comments · 7.7k views


Earlier today, we were at Oppo Malaysia’s HQ for a brief preview session with the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Find 7 and its sibling the Find 7a. Both devices will be launched next week, and we had the chance to check out Oppo’s handsome new smartphones in the flesh.

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Astro Details Its 2014 FIFA World Cup Coverage: Mobile Live Feeds, Podcasts, Games With Prizes, and More

by Syefri Zulkefli · 6 months ago · No Comments · 1.9k views

Astro 2014 FIFA World Cup Launch

So, by now you should know that the 2014 FIFA World Cup season pass on Astro is priced at RM 100. Of course, that’s unless you already subscribed to Astro’s Sports Pack before 30 April or Super Pack before 31 May – then you will have access for the tournament as part of your subscription without extra charges.

Astro apparently has also working on plenty of additional elements to add more value to the viewing experience of its World Cup coverage. In another words, Astro’s 2014 FIFA World Cup coverage is not just about those 64 live football matches from the tournament even though they are still the main attraction.

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Oppo to Offer Carbon Fibre Back Cover to both Find 7 and Find 7a Models; Midnight Grey to be China-Only Colourway

by Pang Tun Yau · 6 months ago · 8 Comments · 4.7k views


Previously, it was mentioned during the global launch that the Oppo Find 7 and Find 7a will be available in two colours – Midnight and White – with the high-end Find 7 to receive an exclusive Carbon back cover, featuring a carbon fibre design. An Oppo Malaysia representative has just confirmed to us that when the Find 7 and 7a are launched next week, they will be able to purchase the Carbon colourway for both models.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Features Explained

by Pang Tun Yau · 6 months ago · No Comments · 1.6k views

We’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy S5 for many weeks now, and if you’ve been wondering and/or confused about the many, many terms introduced such as the PDAF module, IP67 rating, Download Booster, and even Ultra Power Saving Mode, fret not! We’ve compiled a playlist of videos for you to enjoy, providing detailed explanations of five of the best features you’ll find on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Whether you’ve been planning to get a Samsung Galaxy S5, or are a brand new owner of Samsung’s latest flagship Android smartphone, our Galaxy S5 YouTube playlist above is definitely for you. Enjoy!

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U Mobile Offering the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 For “Free”

by Huei Song · 6 months ago · No Comments · 1.5k views

U Mobile Galaxy Grand 2

Want a new phone but don’t want to pay thousands of Ringgit and don’t have the time to wait for upcoming devices from companies like Oppo, Xiaomi and OnePlus? U Mobile is currently offering the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 with its postpaid plans, allowing you to own the RM1,199 mid-range device from the Korean company from as low as RM0.

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Project Ara Module Maker Experimenting With Conductive Ink

by Farhan · 6 months ago · 1 Comment · 1k views


Google’s Project Ara continues to explore new methods for constructing modular parts for smartphones. 3D Systems, the company currently responsible for building modules for Project Ara, is exploring the possibility of using conductive ink to print circuits.

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Facebook Introduces Anonymous and Line by Line Control with Facebook Login for Apps and Websites

by Huei Song · 6 months ago · No Comments · 802 views

FB Anonymous Login 2

You know how annoying it is when you wish to login into an app or a website using your Facebook account, but in order to do so, you will need to grant them access to a whole bunch of personal information and permission to post on your behalf? It looks like Facebook wants to put that to a stop. The social network recently introduced two new features – Anonymous Login and Line by Line Control Facebook login.

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Yahoo Will Begin To Track Users; Whether They Want It Or Not

by Farhan · 6 months ago · No Comments · 449 views

The Yahoo logo is shown at the company's headquarters in Sunnyvale

Yahoo is one of the few websites that allowed users to opt out of being tracked. The Do Not Track feature may not have very prominent, but it did comfort the few that used it. However, Yahoo has decided to permanently turn off this feature. A move it claims will provide a better experience for users.

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Disney Infinity 2.0 Introduces The Avengers

by Farhan · 6 months ago · No Comments · 869 views


The news that gamers expected is finally out. Disney is finally allowing a crossover between it’s cartoon universe and Marvel properties. Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Superheroes will bring 20 new characters and 80 power discs to the game. As expected, the Avengers from Marvel’s cinematic universe are taking top billing; but Samuel L. Jackson has teased that non-Avengers will also be making an appearance.

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Google Releases Google Docs, Sheets and Slides App for Android and iOS

by Huei Song · 6 months ago · 3 Comments · 1.2k views

Google Docs and Sheets App

It looks like Google is trying to make its online productivity suite a lot more useful, the company recently announced three new apps for Android and iOS – Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. It’s not 100% new per say, these three tools have been available in Google Drive app, but internet search giant wants to separate them into standalone apps and force you to switch.

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Astro Announces The Price For 2014 FIFA World Cup Pass: RM 100 For All 64 Matches

by Syefri Zulkefli · 6 months ago · 4 Comments · 9.2k views

Astro Football Pass for 2014 FIFA World Cup

With only one more month to go before 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Brazil, Astro has organized yet another media event/briefing for the tournament yesterday. In general, this particular event serves as a continuation to the initial FIFA World Cup launch that Astro has held back in November 2013.

Hence, most of the announcements that Astro has made at the World Cup briefing yesterday have been teased back at the initial briefing in November. Just that this time around, more lights have been shed on them including the actual pricing for the Football Pass will allow Astro customers without Sports Pack or SuperPack as well as NJOI owners to view World Cup broadcast.

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Hands On: OnePlus One, the 2014 Flagship Killer

by Pang Tun Yau · 6 months ago · 12 Comments · 23.5k views

OnePlus One-3

Slightly over a week ago, the world was shocked by a little-known startup from China. OnePlus, which was formed only in December 2013, announced its flagship smartphone called the One, and claimed it to be the “2014 flagship killer“. The OnePlus One matches the top-tier hardware normally found in heavyweights such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One, but is offering its debut smartphone at a starting price that’s less than half the retail price of normal flagship smartphones.

To offer high-end hardware is half the story. Great phones offer a package: superb hardware, precious design, amazing build quality and finally, great software to go along with everything. Does the OnePlus One offer all these and beyond?

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