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Confirmed: Apple’s Next Press Event To Take Place On 16 October

by Syefri Zulkefli · 2 weeks ago · 2 Comments · 941 views

Apple Press Event, 16 October 2014

You might have heard a couple of rumours that stated 16 October as the date for Apple‘s next press event. Well, those rumours have been proven to be true as selected media outlets throughout the world have just received the invite for the said event from the company who has just announced iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch a month ago.

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Driveclub And NBA 2K15 And Other PlayStation Plus Offers Grace The PSN Store For The Month Of October

by Nicklaus Law · 2 weeks ago · 1 Comment · 545 views

Playstation plus cover

Playstation Plus members can now enjoy the offerings of the PSN store for the month of October. Both Driveclub and NBA 2K15 are set to be released on the PSN store – on the 7th of October and 8th of October respectively. Besides the couple of hot titles, PlayStation Plus members are also entitled to download free game titles from the PSN store such as Spelunky and Proteus. PlayStation Plus members are also eligible for discounts ranging from 20 percent to 40 percent for certain titles like CONTRAST and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – HD Edition.

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HTC Still Has Eyes Set On Tackling Wearables But Not Quite Yet

by Nicklaus Law · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 425 views

htc smartwatch 2

In this day and age, smartphone makers are also planning to foray further into mobile gadgets or more specifically, smartwatches. Motorola has one, LG has two to boot; even Apple has already begun treading into the territories of smartwatches. But not smartphone giant HTC. Well, not yet at least.

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Leak: iPad Air 2 Details Leaked Ahead of 16 October 2014 Event

by Huei Song · 2 weeks ago · 4 Comments · 4.1k views

iPad Air 2 Rumors

Apple is rumored to announce new iPads and more on 16 October 2014 but you don’t have to wait till then to see the details of the upcoming tablets from the Cupertino company. Details of the next generation iPad Air has recently been posted online, originating from “trusted sources within the Apple manufacturing chain”.

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Ubisoft Speaks Out On Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Resolution And FPS Decision

by Nicklaus Law · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 802 views

ac unity 1

Earlier today, a number of Assassin’s Creed fans caused an uproar on both Twitter and Reddit as they were displeased to find out that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Assassin’s Creed Unity will be running at a native 900p and 30FPS. Vincent Pontbriand, Senior Producer for Assassin’s Creed Unity stated that the technical decision was because Ubisoft wanted to avoid hardware debates that are often associated with console wars.

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DiGi Revises iPhone 5s Price, Get it for “Free” from the Telco

by Huei Song · 2 weeks ago · 3 Comments · 3.5k views

DiGi iPhone 5s Free

With the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus around the corner (we hope soon, really soon), here comes something fans of the iPhone 5s are waiting for – price drop from telcos. Last week, Maxis revised their iPhone 5s pricing and now, it’s DiGi’s turn and they are offering the iPhone 5s from as low as RM0 when you sign up for a contract with the telco.

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DiGi Opens for Huawei Honor 6, From RM159 and Comes with Free Power Bank

by Huei Song · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 1.7k views

DiGi Huawei Honor 6 Preorder

The Huawei Honor 6 will be launched in Malaysia on 16 October 2014 for RM999 but who says you need to pay full price to own the device? DiGi has just opened up a preorder for the Honor 6, allowing you to own the smartphone from as low as RM159 when you sign up for a contract with the telco.

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Asus PadFone S Coming To Malaysia Later This Month

by Farhan · 2 weeks ago · 6 Comments · 4.2k views

Asus Padfone S Take With Potato Camera

Asus will be launching its newest convertible smartphone, the Padfone S in Malaysia later this month. Like the predecessor, the Padfone S is a two piece device with a 5-inch smartphone and a 9-inch tablet dock. It is scheduled to arrive on 15 October at a price of only RM899. A complete steal considering the Snapdragon 801 process inside.

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Microsoft’s Project Spark Is Now On Windows 8.1

by Farhan · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 952 views


Microsoft Studio’s Project Spark game making software is now on the PC, albeit only for Windows 8.1 at this point. The app allows users to design and build games without having to learn too much back end coding. It is similar to Gamemaker Studio, with better graphics and is completely free for download.

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YotaPhone Coming to Malaysia this Friday, 10 October 2014

by Huei Song · 2 weeks ago · 1 Comment · 3.7k views

Yota Phone 10 10 14

Remember YotaPhone, the Android smartphone that comes with not only one, but two displays – one regular one and an e-ink one? Well, here’s a piece of good news for the fans of the YotaPhone because the device is heading to Malaysia really soon. Global Line Network, the official distributor of YotaPhone in Malaysia, has just sent us an invitation for the launch of the YotaPhone scheduled for this Friday, 10 October 2014, and they are inviting 10 Yota fans to witness the launch – you might even walk away with one YotaPhone.

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Adobe Digital Editions e-Book Reader Sends Information About Users Back To Adobe

by Farhan · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 161 views


Adobe is gathering data on those who use its Digital Editions e-book reader; a whole lot of data. This currently includes what books are stored in the library, who has been accessing the books, and even how much of the book has been read. The company claims this is part of the measures the e-book reader uses to manage DRM on books, and it wouldn’t be much of an issue if not for the fact that the application is sending all this information back in plain text with no encryption.

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U Mobile Now Offering Non-Stop Streaming on YouTube and Tonton

by Huei Song · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 3.7k views

U Mobile Free NonStop YouTube and Tonton Streaming

We all know that U Mobile has a vision to acquire 2,000,000 new customers by the end of this year, the telco is already offering attractive deals for new customers like free internet and it looks like things has just gotten a lot better. The telco is now offering free unlimited streaming on YouTube and Tonton but wait, there’s a catch of course.

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