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HP Omen Gaming Laptop Confirmed For Malaysia: Pre-Order Opens Now At RM 6999

by Syefri Zulkefli · 1 week ago · 5 Comments · 2.3k views

HP Omen Gaming Notebook at HP Malaysia Online Store

Revealed to the world for the first time few weeks ago, the HP Omen gaming laptop marked the return of HP into the gaming market even though the company is now going through some major changes. The name Omen itself seemed to be a homage to VoodooPC Omen, a gaming desktop machine that HP launched not long after it acquired VoodooPC.

Now, it turns out that HP Malaysia has apparently started to take orders for the new HP Omen gaming laptop.

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Nokia Z Launcher Now Available On Google Play

by Syefri Zulkefli · 1 week ago · 12 Comments · 3.7k views

Nokia Z Launcher

First released in June, the Z Launcher is one of the earliest product that Nokia has revealed to the public after its devices and services business were acquired by Microsoft. Since its initial unveiling back in June, the access to the customized Android launcher was limited to beta testers but today, the company has decided to release it to Google Play for everyone (sort of) to check it out.

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Nokia Unveils the N1 Android Tablet, its First Device After Sale to Microsoft

by Pang Tun Yau · 1 week ago · 9 Comments · 5.4k views

Welcome to the new Nokia. Just moments ago, the Finnish company, which finalised the sale of its Devices and Services division to Microsoft recently, has unveiled its first product as the new Nokia: the N1 Android tablet.

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Intel Unveils the MICA, Wearable for Women

by Andrew Cheng · 1 week ago · 1 Comment · 599 views


Everybody wants a slice of the wearable market, and Intel enters the market with the introduction of the MICA, or “My Intelligent Communication Accessory”. Designed by Opening Ceremony and is meant to work without a smartphone and Intel aims to sell the MICA to “fashion-forward” women with its appeal as a fashion accessory.

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Meizu to Enter Malaysian Market on 28 November, Starting with RM1099 MX4 Smartphone

by Pang Tun Yau · 1 week ago · 7 Comments · 4.6k views


The rumours have indeed proven to be true. Meizu will be making its way to Malaysia at the end of this month, where it will launch its current flagship smartphone, the MX4.

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Sony Announces a New Mobile Image Sensor, IMX230 That Has 192-Point Autofocus

by Huei Song · 1 week ago · 1 Comment · 1.1k views

sony-xperia-z3-7Sony Xperia Z3

One of the most important features of a smartphone would definitely have to be the camera, and it looks like Sony has got something very exciting to offer. The company just took the curtains off a new Exmor RS sensor, the “industry’s first stacked CMOS image sensor with an image plane phase detection signal processing function for high-speed AF”. In simpler terms, it means it has amazing autofocus capability, allowing you to capture quick moving subjects accurately. The sensor should debut in the next flagship smartphone from Sony, the Xperia Z4.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 to Utilize Next-Gen UFS 2.0 Memory?

by Andrew Cheng · 1 week ago · 3 Comments · 2.3k views


The Samsung Galaxy S6, codenamed Project Zero, looks mighty promising as more rumoured specification of the upcoming flagship is leaked. This time around, a report from a Korean newspaper indicates that future Samsung smartphones, starting from the Galaxy S6, would use a next-gen NAND storage which will offer a significant boost in performance.

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Tony Hawk Rides Experimental Hendo Hover Board

by Farhan · 1 week ago · 2 Comments · 2.5k views

Hendo Hover Board

Tony Hawk has appeared in video riding a genuinely real hover board. The Hendo hover board is a prototype that was built to showcase the technology for a Kickstarter campaign that currently receive twice as much money as the company is asking for; and that was before the skateboarding legend turned up to give it a try.

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Astro Introduces Eight New HD Channels

by Farhan · 1 week ago · 3 Comments · 3.6k views

Astro New HD Channels

Astro has expanded its HD offerings by introducing eight new channels, bringing the total number of HD channels to 48. There are also two new standard definition channels appearing, as well as a video-on-demand option called Astro Plus. Astro HD customers should see the option to preview these new channels from now until the end of February 2015.

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U Mobile Extends its Free Internet Roaming to Prepaid Users

by Huei Song · 1 week ago · 2 Comments · 2k views


Who could say no to free internet, especially when it’s for usage when you’re in a different country? U Mobile has been offering free internet roaming with its postpaid plans for a while now, and they have just extended it to prepaid users as well. Just top up a minimum of RM50, and you will automatically get free internet roaming for 30 days. The catch? It’s limited.

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Apple Addresses OS X Yosemite Bug in Latest 10.10.1 Update

by Nicklaus Law · 1 week ago · No Comments · 597 views


OS X Yosemite, Apple’s latest iteration of its operating system was released around a month ago. It brought a number of new features but also a number of bugs which were addressed in the latest update, OS X Yosemite 10.10.1

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Nokia Teases Something In A Black Box

by Farhan · 1 week ago · No Comments · 1.1k views

Nokia may have sold its devices division to Microsoft, but it is still apparently very capable of putting out new products. At least it is capable of getting some extra attention ahead of the Slush conference in Finland where the head of product business, Sebastian Nystrom, will be talking about the future of the company.

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