OpenSignal Releases State Of LTE Report; Malaysia Doesn’t Do Too Badly

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DiGi 4G LTE For Smartphones

A new report on the state of LTE connections across the globe has been released by OpenSignal; and it shows that Malaysia is not doing all that badly compared to developed countries. The usual suspects still top the charts in terms of LTE speeds and coverage, but the rest of the world is catching up.

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U Mobile Ropes In AEON Credit For Its iPhone MicroCredit Scheme: Now With New Interest Rates

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U MicroCredit by U Mobile and AEON Credit Service

Earlier this week, U Mobile has announced that it has partnered together with AEON Credit Service (yes, that AEON) to provide financing for iPhone purchases under its MicroCredit scheme. Previously, U MicroCredit’s was operated Berjaya Credit which made this announcement rather interesting.

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Celcom Introduces NewPhone Smartphone Leasing Plan, From RM55 Per Month

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In addition to the announcement of the FATTNET from Xpax prepaid plan, Celcom also introduced a new smartphone leasing plan called NewPhone. Only the second such plan offered by a local telco, NewPhone allows users to upgrade to a new smartphone every year by paying a fixed monthly fee.

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Celcom Announces Limited-Time FATTNET from Xpax CNY Prepaid Pack, 8GB Internet for RM88

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Celcom is making a roaring start to the new year. Fresh from unleashing one of the most competitive postpaid plans we’ve seen so far, the local telco is aiming to disrupt the prepaid market with the new FATTNET from Xpax prepaid pack.

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Celcom First Gold Postpaid Plan Offers 10GB Internet, Unlimited Calls and SMS for Just RM80 a Month

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Well, that was unexpected. In a swift response to recent telco developments, Celcom has unleashed its best postpaid plan ever: the First Gold. Offering a staggering 10GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts to all networks for just RM80 a month, this plan is one of the best we’ve seen yet from any telco.

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MCMC Announces Spectrum Reallocation: Affects Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, and U Mobile

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Originally announced by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Razak under the revised Budget 2016 last week, the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has finally shed some light on the upcoming spectrum reallocation that will be done through bidding process. It apparently will be affecting spectrum in the 900MHz and 1,800MHz bands as well as involving four major telcos.

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Shoot Out: U Mobile Hero Plus vs MaxisONE Share Supplementary Plans

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Currently, there are only two telcos in Malaysia that offer supplementary lines that share data: Maxis and U Mobile via MaxisONE Share and U Mobile Hero Plus respectively.

Both supplementary lines are also unique in the fact that they both allow supplementary lines to enjoy free unlimited calls to all networks, a perk the MaxisONE and Hero postpaid plans offer. But which supplementary line offers better value for both the principal and supplementary lines?

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U Mobile Introduces Hero Plus Postpaid Plan, A “Member” Line With 10GB of Data and Unlimited Calls for RM50 A Month

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U Mobile today announced a new supplementary plan for the Hero P70 postpaid plan. Called the Hero Plus (or Hero+) plan, it offers two subscribers to share 10GB of data and unlimited calls to all networks for just RM60 per person.

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Digi Unveils Limited-Time SmartPlan 75, Offers 7GB Internet and Unlimited Calls for Just RM75

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In a surprising move, Digi has unveiled a new postpaid plan that looks to be one of the best value-for-money plans available today. The SmartPlan 75, revealed late last night via its official website, offers 7GB of mobile Internet, unlimited calls, and plenty of value added bonuses for just RM75.

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Celcom To Offer Fixed Broadband Service Soon, Riding On TM’s HSBB Infrastructure

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Celcom Logo

In addition to its domestic roaming deal with TM for the upcoming P1 mobile services, Celcom has also unveiled its plan to offer its own fixed broadband services. This service will be utilizing TM’s High Speed Broadband infrastructure – similar in nature as per Maxis Fibre.

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TM Signs Domestic Roaming With Celcom For P1, Mobile Service To Be Ready By 1H 2016

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While some users might not be aware of this, TM is currently working to turn P1 into a mobile player. By that, we mean as a full fledged telco service instead of just being ISP. Today, the company today has taken one step closer to its mobile ambition by signing domestic roaming partnership with Celcom.

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A Closer Look at the U Mobile POWER Prepaid Plan

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These days, most telcos offer prepaid plans with special promotions that are only valid for a certain period of time. True to its disruptive approach, U Mobile introduced the Power Prepaid Plan in the middle of last year – and so far has proven to be unmatched in delivering value for subscribers.

U Mobile’s POWER prepaid plan is the company’s latest offering for prepaid users. The SIM starter pack goes for a mere RM8.50 and it comes with a tonne of freebies that last forever. Yes, forever. Plus, it is the only prepaid plan in Malaysia that offers free high-speed Internet every month, also forever.

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