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Football Manager Documentary To Look Into The Game’s Influence On Modern Football

by Farhan · 6 days ago · 4 Comments · 593 views


A documentary about Football Manager (previously known as Championship Manager) is set to be screened in the UK early next month. Titled An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary, it examines how the game has impacted the modern game of football; from how former Manchester United striker Ole Gunnar Solskjær grew up with it, to the advent of Premier League scouts using the game database to assist with discovering new talent.

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“Vizzywig 4K”, the First 4K Video App for iPhone, Now Available in the App Store for USD$999

by Huei Song · 6 days ago · 3 Comments · 2.7k views

Vizzywig 4KHow much would you pay for an app for your iOS device? USD$0.99, USD$2.99 or even USD$49.99? Well, Apple recently approved a 4K video app for the iPhone 5S on the App Store that costs a whopping USD$999.99 – you can buy a brand new iPhone 6 with that money!

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Explore Destiny Through Google Street View

by Farhan · 3 weeks ago · No Comments · 396 views

Destiny Planet View

Google Street View is great for getting a feel for places that most people will never see in real life, and the most recent use of the technology allows users to wander around the world of Destiny; the next first person shooter from the studio that brought us the Halo franchise. Take a look at the fortifications and extra-terrestrial battlefield of Mars, Venus, and the Moon; all while being entertained by the friendly tour guide.

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Google Wing Is A Drone Delivery Service Being Tested In Secret

by Farhan · 3 weeks ago · No Comments · 878 views

Google Wing Drone

Google is working on all sorts of robotics these days, and it should come as no surprise that the mysterious Google X has been working on a drone delivery service. Unlike most other companies who are testing this sort of unmanned aerial aircraft, Google Wing is experimenting with multiple variations on the drone concept to figure out which would be the most suitable for flying around and delivering things to people.

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No Google, Malaysia is Not 69 Years Old

by Pang Tun Yau · 3 weeks ago · 12 Comments · 4.1k views


Oops. Looks like Google’s made quite a blunder with its National Day 2014 promotion on Google Play.

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Nintendo Reveals Pokemon Fighting Game Inspired By Tekken

by Farhan · 4 weeks ago · No Comments · 1.7k views

Pokken Tournament

The Pokemon company has announced the existence of the Pokemon fighting game that many fans have been waiting for. Built on a fighting style similar to Tekken, courtesy of a partnership with Bandai-Namco, the game is apparently being named Pokken Tournament. Just in case players aren’t aware of the link between the two games.

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Forbes Names DiGi in Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in the World

by Pang Tun Yau · 4 weeks ago · 1 Comment · 2.1k views

DiGi logo

Forbes has named local telecommunications operator DiGi as one of the world’s top 100 most innovative companies, joining a list of  companies renowned for its unique business approaches such as Amazon, Netflix and ARM.

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Brr! Samsung Mocks Non-Waterproof Competition with Galaxy S5 ALS Ice Bucket Challlenge

by Pang Tun Yau · 4 weeks ago · 5 Comments · 2.2k views

With a voice as cold as the ice water that was dropping unto itself, the following words were uttered:

I nominate the iPhone 5S, the HTC One M8 and Nokia Lumia 930.

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AdDetector Is A Plugin That Labels Paid Content

by Farhan · 1 month ago · No Comments · 503 views

AdDetector Newsweek

Paid content, or advertorials, are a fairly common thing on the Internet; although it is not easy to differentiate it from regular editorial content. Google product engineer Ian Webster has created AdDetector, a plugin for both Chrome and Firefox, that will clearly mark content that has been paid for. Ideally, this is so readers are more aware of what kind of materials they end up reading on the internet.

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Ignore No More, an App that Puts Your Kid’s Phone on Lockdown Until They Call You Back

by Huei Song · 1 month ago · 3 Comments · 3.5k views

Ignore No More

Just because parents are a lot older than us and are probably not as tech savvy, do not underestimate what they can do. A mum, Sharon Standifird, was so frustrated that her teenage children were ignoring her calls that she developed an Android app to make sure they never do so ever again.

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The Kingston HyperX Fury is a “USB Thumbdrive for Gamers”

by Pang Tun Yau · 1 month ago · 2 Comments · 3.6k views


HyperX, Kingston’s gaming arm that manufactures high-performance RAM and SSD tailored for gamers, has announced – of all things – a USB flash drive for gamers and enthusiasts. Yup, we’re not quite sure what that means either. 

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Uber Allegedly Uses Foul Tactics To Drive Customers To Their Service

by Dee-Ker · 1 month ago · No Comments · 1.1k views


Lyft, a car-sharing app, is accusing Uber employees of booking and cancelling thousands of rides for the past nine months. The San Francisco-based company claimed that a total of 5,560 Lyft rides have been allegedly canceled by 177 Uber employees since October, last year.

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