Amazon Appstore Giving Away US$130 Worth of Android Apps for its Black Friday Sales

by Huei Song · 8 months ago · 4 Comments · 3.3k views

Amazon Appstore Black Friday Free Android Apps

It’s Black Friday today, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good deal outside of the U.S. Amazon’s Appstore is giving away a large collection of Android apps for free today, worth over USD$130 (that’s about RM440).

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Garmin Malaysia Launches Vivosmart Starting At RM 650

by Nicklaus Law · 8 months ago · 2 Comments · 3.5k views

The Garmin Vivosmart, a fitness band by the Switzerland-based company renowned for its navigation equipment, has officially been launched on Malaysian shores. It is the second device to join Garmin’s repertoire of fitness bands alongside the Vivofit.

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Apple Rumoured to Stop iPhone 5c production in 2015

by Nicklaus Law · 8 months ago · No Comments · 793 views


The iPhone 5c, Apple’s solution to consumers who want a cheaper alternative to the then flagship iPhone 5s, will reportedly cease production some time next year. Apple’s rumoured halt on the production of the iPhone 5c was reported by Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times. 

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Baidu to Launch the Dubike Smart Bike by Year’s End

by Andrew Cheng · 8 months ago · No Comments · 1.8k views


Baidu, often referred to as the Google of China, is planning to release a smart bike called the Dubike by the end of the year. This non-motorised smart bike features a whole suite of sensors and technology, while also looking very futuristic.

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Quick Look: Panasonic Let’s Note CF-RZ4, the 745g Hybrid Laptop

by Pang Tun Yau · 8 months ago · No Comments · 2.6k views


At our recent visit to Panasonic’s Toughbook manufacturing plant in Kobe, Japan, we were also able to take a look – and drool over – the company’s latest hybrid laptop in the business-oriented Let’s Note series, as the semi-rugged laptops are known in Japan. Weighing just 745g but packing an Intel Core M processor and running on Windows 8.1 Pro, this is surely one of the pinnacles of Panasonic’s engineering prowess…and surprisingly, it’s targeted for its female consumers.

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Building the World’s Toughest Notebooks: Panasonic Toughbook Shows the Way

by Pang Tun Yau · 8 months ago · 3 Comments · 3.1k views


Easy questions often come with difficult answers. “How vast is the universe?” “Where do we come from?” “How do you build the world’s toughest notebooks?”

As it turns out, Panasonic wanted the world to know the answer for the last question too. And, like all complex answers, this one required a little bit of show and tell.

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HTC Malaysia is Launching the Desire EYE and RE Camera on 5th December

by Andrew Cheng · 8 months ago · 5 Comments · 4.1k views


HTC Malaysia sure didn’t take long to bring its latest offerings to our shores. Just a couple of months ago, HTC unveiled the Desire EYE and the RE Camera, two new products that will satisfy any selfie or camera addict. This 5th December, a launch event for these two devices will be held here.

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In China, There is Even a Xiaomi Mi 4 Clone: The Zeaplus M4

by Andrew Cheng · 8 months ago · 8 Comments · 5.8k views


This is the Zeaplus M4. No, it’s not the Xiaomi Mi 4, and there is no typographical error. The M4 is an almost complete clone of the Mi 4, right down to the physical appearance and button placements. Xiaomi has been called out as an Apple copycat in the past, but this time around Xiaomi is the one being copied.

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Xiaomi to Release MIUI 6 with Android 5.0 by End of Q1 2015; Wants to be Part of Android One Program

by Huei Song · 8 months ago · 3 Comments · 3.6k views


If you’ve been waiting for Xiaomi to release MIUI 6 along with Android 5.0 Lollipop to your Mi device, it looks like your wait isn’t too long away. In an interview with The Next Web, Hugo Barra, the Global VP of Xiaomi , said that the update will be released by the end of the first quarter of 2015.

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Samsung Releases Galaxy A5 in China

by Nicklaus Law · 8 months ago · 2 Comments · 771 views

A month after its announcement, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is now available in China through Samsung’s official website. The Galaxy A5, alongside the Galaxy A3 are part of the A series which Samsung touts as the ideal phone for social media junkies. The Galaxy A5 will come in midnight black, pearl white, light blue, soft pink, platinum silver and champagne gold.

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Leaked Screenshots Shows How Themes on Samsung’s TouchWiz Looks Like

by Huei Song · 8 months ago · 4 Comments · 1.2k views

Samsung TouchWiz Theme

Love Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on Android devices, but wish you can just spice up the interface a little? Well, the next TouchWiz update might allow you to do just that. Samsung has been rumoured to be working on a themes section for its TouchWiz UI and several leaked screenshots suggests that we might be seeing it soon.

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Report: Sony is Working on an Smartwatch Made Entirely Out of E-Paper

by Huei Song · 8 months ago · 1 Comment · 899 views


There are plenty of smartwatches and smart bands out in the market, so what does one company have to do to stand out? Sony wants to make a smartwatch made entirely out of e-paper, reports Bloomberg. According to an unnamed source, this is part of the Japanese’s company’s new venture-style approach to create new products.

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