Samsung To Revise Galaxy S6 Pricing After Lackluster Second Quarter

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Samsung announced its earnings for the second quarter of 2015 with a net profit drop of eight percent year on year. Low smartphone shipment counts and increased marketing expenses hampered growth; which has lead the Korean company to revise pricing for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge to maintain sales numbers.

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Jaring Network And Customer Assets Acquired By AIMS Group

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Menara Aims

The AIMS Group has announced a successful bid for Jaring’s data centre and network related customer assets. The acquisition will see AIMS take control of Jaring’s IPv4 addresses and all existing customers related to data dentre, broadband and access, cloud and managed services. The estimated value of the unexpired contracts is at RM50 million.

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Qualcomm Planning Job Cuts; Considering Splitting Company

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Qualcomm logo

Qualcomm’s recent troubles appear to continue as the company has announced that it plans to cut its current workforce by about 10-percent. Complicating matters is talk that the company is contemplating splitting in two; separating the manufacturing and licensing divisions into different entities.

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Audi, BMW, And Daimler Close To Buying Nokia Here Maps

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A consortium of German car makers have supposedly agreed in principle to buy Nokia’s Here mapping service. Audi, BMW, and Daimler plan to purchase the Here for $2.7 billion (RM10.2 billion) and later invite other car manufacturers to invest in the company.

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Google And BlackBerry Announce Partnership To Bring BES12 To Android

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BlackBerry + Android

BlackBerry will be bringing BES12 to Android Lollipop, as well as integrating its features with Google Play for Work. The move was made public in a joint announcement with Google, and marks another step for the company as it expands its suite of enterprise solutions to other platforms.

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Logitech Rebrands Itself with a New Logo and a “Colourful New Attitude”

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A word of warning before clicking play on the video: it may be uncomfortable to some people. Logitech has just rebranded itself with a brand new (sorry for the bad pun) logo and a “colourful new attitude”. The company will start identifying itself as “Logi” in some of its new product categories that will have a few “twists and surprises”.

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Jolla Splits Company Between Software And Hardware

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Finnish mobile maker Jolla has decided to split its efforts between its Sailfish OS and its devices division. The announcement did not go into detail about what would happen to the hardware side of things, but the existing Jolla ltd will focus mainly on the development of Sailfish.

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Sony Mobile: “We Will Never Ever Sell or Exit from the Current Mobile Business”

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Sony Mobile CEO and President, Hiroki Totoki, has decided to put an end to the rumour that Sony is planning to sell its mobile division. In an interview, he was quoted as saying “we will never ever sell or exit from the current mobile business,” which says a lot about the Japanese company’s resolve to stay in the market.

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Hewlett-Packard Files To Split Company In Half

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HP Pavilion x2 Hands On 11

Hewlett-Packard has filed the necessary paperwork for the company to split itself into two entities. The existing HP Inc will remain intact, but the server business will be spun off as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. This neatly divides the company between consumer tech and enterprise services, 

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Sony Launches “First Flight” Crowdfunding Platform; But Only For Sony R&D Projects

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First Flight FES watch

Sony has started believing that it should reach out and communicate with its fans and customers more. However, it appears to think that the way to do this is by asking them to crowdfund future products that are currently in development. Meet “First Flight”, Sony’s crowdsourcing platform that will allow it to seek funding directly from consumers instead of investors, or even from its own funds.

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Samsung Safety Truck Makes It Safer To Overtake Large Vehicles

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Samsung Safety Truck

Samsung has completed a trial run of its Safety Truck programme; an experiment that involves allowing drivers to see through large vehicles. This was done by mounting a wireless camera on the front of the trailer cab, and then feeding the video to four large screen panels set on the back of the trailer.

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Ex-Nokia CEO Stephen Elop To Leave Microsoft Soon: Windows and Devices Teams Merged Into A Single Group

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Microsoft Lumia 640 MWC15 04

Some might still hold him responsible for what happened to Nokia, so this might be an interesting news for you who feels the same way: ex-Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop who is currently leading Microsoft Devices Group (MDG) will be leaving Microsoft very soon. This is apparently due to leadership’s shake up that Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella has announced just moments ago.

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