GOG.com Starts Selling DRM-Free Movies

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GOG Movies

Good Old Games, or GOG, has always been the place to find DRM free games for those who want to avoidbeing locked into Steam or any other DRM. It is now also a place to get DRM free movies, or at least it will if talks with Hollywood executives go well. For now, the new Movie tab on GOG.com will contain a documentaries about gaming and internet culture; the kind of thing that resonates with its main customers.

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Amazon Buys Twitch.tv For US$1 Billion

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It appears that rumours of Google buying out  Twitch were completely untrue. News has surfaced that it is Amazon who have successfully come to an agreement to purchase the video game streaming service. This has been corroborated by reports from the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. What Amazon intends to do with its new acquisition is still unknown, although there are indications that the service will be allowed to operate independently for now.

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Facebook Begins Tracking Users Across Platforms For Advertisers

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Facebook’s Fundamental Flaw is Also Making Them Billions of Dollars

The world’s largest social media platform has just implemented a feature that allows it to track consumer behaviour across platforms. Facebook announced on a blog post yesterday that it would now allow advertisers to track consumers who had clicked on mobile ads and subsequently moved to a desktop to make a purchase. While the idea is for brands and stores to better understand how people use the internet to shop, it might not be so enticing for consumers to be consistently watched while on the internet.

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Crytek USA Team Leaves Company To Form New Studio

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Gunfire Games

The team at Crytek USA has officially left the company to strike out on their own once again. David Adams, CEO of Crytek USA, had quit three weeks ago and took the core developers from his existing company with him. The same core developers that had followed him to work at Crytek; and THQ before that. This new company, Gunfire Games, is currently looking for projects, but is hoping to make a return to the Darksiders series.

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Ubisoft Thinks League Of Legends Monetisation System Is Flawed

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LoL Pentakill

Ubisoft consultant Teut Weidemann has come out with a statement declaring that Riot Games’ League of Legends has an inherently flawed system. The conclusion was reached as a result of examining the metrics of the game from public tracking services; as well as shareholder reports, press releases, and conference talks. Essentially, Weidemann believes that LoL is only surviving because of its massive playerbase.

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Facebook Being Hit With Class Action Lawsuit; Anyone Outside US And Canada Can Join In

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Facebook Allows Behading Videos

Facebook is currently facing an international class action lawsuit for breaching European data protection laws. The suit, brought by Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems, is aimed at Facebook Ireland which happens to be where the world (minus the US and Canada) officially signs up for the social media site. The location of the Dublin based subsidiary also exposes it to the data protection laws of the European Union, which are much stricter than anywhere else on the planet.

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Samsung Sees Quarterly Drop in Profit for First Time in Three Years

by Pang Tun Yau · 1 month ago · 1 Comment · 1.6k views


For the first time in three years, Samsung Electronics has seen a drop in quarterly profits. Now, these figures are not as dramatic as they sound, since the company still made billions in net profit, but one of the contributing factors behind Samsung’s Q2 drop in profits were due to the traditionally strong Samsung Mobile division.

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Dell US Now Accepts Bitcoin As Payment

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Bitcoin accepted

Dell has now begun accepting Bitcoin on its US online store. The computer manufacturer has partnered with Coinbase as a secure third party payment service. This experiment with crypto-currency puts Dell as one of the largest ecommerce merchants to accept Bitcoin.

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Microsoft Shuts Down Nokia Asha and Series 40 Too

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Following the recent announcement of Microsoft’s plans to transfer Nokia X series to the Windows Phone family, the company is now acting to shut down the Nokia feature phone lineups and end the support of the platform.

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Microsoft Closes Down Xbox Entertainment Studios

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Halo 5: Guardians for Xbox One and Halo TV Series Confirmed For Release In 2015

News is out that Microsoft is looking to downsize its 127,000 strong workforce by about 18,000 people. While most of these were expected to come from the recently acquired Nokia Devices and Services Division, Redmond has surprised many by announcing it will be shutting down the Xbox Entertainment Studios.

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Samsung Suspends Supplier On Allegations Of Child Labour

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Samsung has suspended Dongguan Shinyang Electronics Co. Ltd from supplying it with components as it has found evidence of suspected child labour practices. The Korean manufacturer made the announcement through the Samsung Tomorrow blog, and has said this move was done in line with its zero-tolerance policy towards child labour.

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Crytek UK Staff Walk Out From Company After Not Being Paid

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Crytek, the studio behind the Crysis series and Ryse of Rome, is being reported by Kotaku as being in deeper financial trouble than first thought. Staff at the company’s UK office have apparently stopped working, and development of the resurrection of the Homefront series is now in jeopardy.

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