Gigabyte Unveils The F2A88X-D3HP Motherboard

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gigabyte amd mobo

Gigabyte has unveiled its newest mid-range motherboard dubbed the F2A88X-D3HP. The ATX motherboard is based on AMD’s A88X chipset, which supports FM2+ socket CPUs. Gigabyte mentioned that its newest motherboard is included under the company’s “Ultra Durable” motherboard series, which is said to be, well.. ultra durable.

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Micron Announces Mass Production Of GDDR5X Memory Starts In Summer 2016

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Image Credit: Micron

Micron has updated consumers on the progress of its GDDR5X memory standard. According to Micron, the testing phase is currently showing positive results and certain components are already being manufactured. In addition to that, Micron has also mentioned that it is aiming to mass produce the memory standard come summer this year. GDDR5X is a successor to the already ageing GDDR5 memory standard. Although not as powerful as the upcoming HBM2 technology, GDDR5X does, instead, provide a more economical choice for PC enthusiasts.

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Confirmed: Intel’s Upcoming BIOS Update Will Eliminate Non-K Skylake Processor Overclocking For Good

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Intel has now confirmed that it will indeed release a BIOS update which will disable any form of overclocking on non-K Skylake processors. According to PCWorld, Intel mentioned that overclocking non-K Skylake processors isn’t recommended, simply because they weren’t designed for it. Interestingly, this confirms the recent rumour about Intel playing a part in ASRock’s decision to issue a BIOS update which removes its SKY OC technology.

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Razer Now Selling Blade Stealth Notebook For RM 49

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Razer Blade Stealth Paper Notebook

During CES 2016 last month, Razer has launched its thinnest gaming notebook to date that is called Blade Stealth. Fast forward to earlier this week, the company has released yet another Blade Stealth notebook on its webstore that is priced at only RM 49. Before you get too excited though, you might want to read more about it below.

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ASRock Removes SKY OC Technology In Latest BIOS Update

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sky oc

A few months ago, we reported about ASRock’s SKY OC technology, which gave users with locked¬†Intel processors the ability to overclock their desktop chips. Unfortunately, the company has released a recent BIOS update that completely eliminates the aforementioned technology.

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Logitech Unveils The G810 Orion Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard

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Logitech G810 2Just weeks after launching the G502 Proteus Spectrum gaming mouse, Logitech is now introducing its newest gaming keyboard called the G810 Orion Spectrum. The full-sized gaming keyboard comes with several features that may attract a few PC gamers. The G810 Orion Spectrum would be the second keyboard by Logitech to feature RGB lighting, the first one being the G910 Orion Spark.

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Microsoft Officially Acquires SwiftKey: App Remains Available On Android and iOS

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SwiftKey on iOS 17 September

You might have heard the rumor before and it turns out to be true: the popular predictive keyboard SwiftKey is now officially part of Microsoft. The news was announced by the co-founders of the company, Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock as well as by Harry Shum, the Executive Vice President, Technology and Research of Microsoft.

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Seagate Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over High Failure Rate Of 3TB HDD

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Seagate, well known for manufacturing various types of digital storage products, is now facing a class action lawsuit over the high failure rates of its 3TB hard drives. This includes both internal and external versions of the HDD. The specific model of the allegedly defective hard drive is the ST3000DM001.

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USB Type-C Reviewer Loses His Chromebook Pixel 2 To Bad Cable

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USB Type C Wrongly Wired

Benson Leung has faced his first sacrifice in his one man crusade against poor USB Type-C cables. The Googler has ended up damaging his Pixel 2 while testing a particularly problematic charging cable bought off Amazon. It turns out that the Surjtech cable was wrongly wired and was also using an incorrect resistor; all of which translated into a laptop with a burnt out USB controller.

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AMD Unveils Two New CPU Coolers Along With Three New Processors

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amd feb 2nd announcement

AMD has officially announced details regarding its new products that include two new CPU coolers and three new processors, one of which is the AMD Wraith Cooler, which was seen back at CES 2016. In addition to that, the three new AMD processors are using the FM2+ socket.

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Microsoft Now Labels Windows 10 As A “Recommended” Update

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Windows 10 Malaysian Launch 11

It seems like Microsoft really, really wants its users to upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft’s newest operating system is now labelled as a recommended update for users that are still using either Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. This comes to no surprise since the change coincides with Microsoft’s scheduled Windows 10 push, which was highlighted in its blog post last October.

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Vaio Unveils Three New Laptops: The Vaio Z, Z Flip and S

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vaio z flip ed

Vaio has unveiled three new “high-end” laptops that consist of the Vaio Z, Z Flip and S. The Vaio Z Flip is the most premium model while the Vaio Z and S are the standard alternatives. It has already been almost two years since Vaio has parted ways with Sony, and it’s good to see that the brand is still trying to come up with new products.

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