Name Your Own Price For 10 Mac Apps

by Farhan · 14 mins ago · No Comments · 2 views

Mac Bundle

Stacksocial is hosting a bundle sale that allows customers to name their price for 10 Mac apps. Like most software bundle sales of this type, it is being done as a charity drive. Customers are able to choose between Child’s Play, the World Wildlife Fund, and Creative Commons. While only 10% of the sale is being donated, the mark down on the software still makes it very worth looking into.

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Viber for iOS Gets Massive Makeover with Flat Design

by Huei Song · 2 hours ago · No Comments · 65 views


Look who just received a brand new look, Viber just released an update for its iOS app in the App Store, featuring a massive makeover as well as several enhancement. Released last night, the new Viber Version 4.2 for iPhone now comes with a flat and minimalistic design, in-line with the whole iOS 7 design cue.

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Red Orchestra 2 Free On Steam For Today

by Farhan · 3 hours ago · No Comments · 375 views

Red Orchestra 2

World War II shooter, Red Orchestra 2, is currently being given away on Steam. All users have to do is login to their accounts and download the game. The developer is celebrating the release of the Rising Storm Game of the Year multiplayer expansion, but that shouldn’t stop fans of WWII games from picking the base game up.

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The Upcoming Leica T Gets Leaked And It Looks Pretty Damn Good

by Lucas Lau · 3 hours ago · No Comments · 268 views


Thanks to a little slip up behind the scenes, we managed to get a glimpse of the upcoming APS-C system from Leica, the Leica T. From what we can see in the data that was actually saved before the takedown, it looks like the Leica T could be the best non M system Leica camera yet. According to sources at LaVidaLeica, the Leica T has a 16.5MP APS-C sensor and supports the new T lenses from Leica. Initially, the T lenses that will be offered will be a Vario-Elmar T 18-56mm f3.5-5.6 ASPH and 23mm Summicron T f2 ASPH.

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New Google Street View Feature Brings You Back to Yesteryear

by Huei Song · 4 hours ago · No Comments · 205 views

Street View Time Machine

If you ever wish to go back in time to see how the world has changed before your very eye, here’s your chance. Google has just announced a new feature on its Google Maps Street View, bringing you back to yesteryear and allowing you to see what places used to look like all the way back to the year 2007.

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Spec Sheet: Is the OnePlus One Really the 2014 Flagship Killer?

by Pang Tun Yau · 16 hours ago · 25 Comments · 4.8k views


Earlier, little-known Chinese startup OnePlus just announced its first smartphone – and it almost broke the Internet. Within minutes after the One’s launch ended its website’s servers broke under the intense worldwide attention it got. And it’s not a surprise, either: they knew it was going to happen. What else would you expect when you price a flagship smartphone at almost a third of the retail price of smartphones with similar specs?

Now that the dust has almost settled, there’s one important question to ask: is the OnePlus One really the 2014 flagship killer the company claims it is? Let’s find out.

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WhatsApp Passes 500 Million Active Users

by Farhan · 21 hours ago · No Comments · 485 views


WhatsApp continues to grow, even after being acquired by Facebook. The instant messaging service has recently revealed that they have surpassed 500 million active users. Most of these users come from Brazil, India, Mexico, and Russia; which Engadget has pointed is also where Facebook has a very large number of active users.

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Xiaomi Introduces Mi Router, Mi Router Mini and an Enhanced Mi Box

by Huei Song · 21 hours ago · 1 Comment · 2.1k views

Xiaomi Product Launch

It’s 23 April 2014 and if you’ve been waiting to see what Xiaomi has got to offer in its product launch, here it is. The Chinese company has just taken the curtains off three brand new products namely the Mi Router, Mi Router Mini and an enhanced Mi Box that is 3 times more powerful than before and supports 4K.

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Amazon Phone Will Reportedly Use Tilt Gestures Instead Of Buttons

by Lucas Lau · 22 hours ago · 2 Comments · 453 views


We have covered what looks to be Amazon’s first Smartphone a couple of days earlier and now BGR have come back with even more news about the mysterious device. Apparently instead of the usual buttons that just about EVERY smartphone uses, the Amazon phone will rely on a myriad of gestures and a tilt based OS interface for you to get by.

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OnePlus Unveils its Flagship One, Retails From Only $299

by Pang Tun Yau · 22 hours ago · 5 Comments · 4.5k views


OnePlus has finally unveiled its flagship smartphone, the One. Teased by the company for the longest time, this premium device is set to shake the mobile industry with its “flagship killer specs“. With a retail price that starts from only $299, this may well be the game-changer the industry has been waiting for.

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Maxis Opens Trade-In Program – Trade In Your Old Phone and get an iPhone 5S From RM0

by Huei Song · 23 hours ago · No Comments · 7.1k views

Maxis iPhone 5S Trade In Program

Have an old phone lying around, and wish to buy a brand new iPhone 5S? Maxis has just announced a new trade in & trade up program, allowing you to trade in your iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note 2, and purchase an iPhone 5S at a discounted price, or even for free when you sign up for the most expensive postpaid plan from the telco.

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Altel Ropes in Huawei to Build Its Own 4G LTE Network

by Pang Tun Yau · 24 hours ago · No Comments · 602 views

Altel 1

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Altel looks like it’s ready to join the big leagues. The company, which provides prepaid services including LTE leveraging on Celcom’s LTE network, has signed an agreement with Huawei to build its own LTE network.

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