Zee Avi’s Latest Single Mockingbird Available Exclusively On Deezer

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Zee Avi Nightlight

Sarawakian songstress Zee Avi is set to release her new album “Zee Avi’s Nightlight” on April the 22nd but for her fans she will be offering her single titled “Mockingbird” exclusively on Deezer for 1 week starting from today. You can hear a 30second Preview here or if you are signed up with Deezer, you can stream the full song absolutely free!

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Spotify Goes All Black With Brand New Look

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Spotify has quickly become a staple alongside things like Whatsapp and Instagram in many people’s lives. I for one use spotify for my music as opposed to the built in player on my phone. Today, Spotify unveiled a brand new look, swapping the lighter hues for a darker, more refreshed layout and feel.

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Bioshock Infinite Says Goodbye With Three Extended Songs

by Farhan · 3 weeks ago · 1 Comment · 351 views

bioshock infinite

Bioshock Infinite developer Irrational Games may be in the middle of winding down, but it hasn’t quite forgotten its fans. With the release of Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2 this week, Irrational Games has also released three extended versions of songs found in the expansion.

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Review: Logitech UE9000 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

by Lucas Lau · 1 month ago · 6 Comments · 1.6k views


For a frequent traveller, a good pair of noise cancelling, wireless headphones can make a flight a smooth transition across timezones or an energy draining nightmare. When we talk about a decent pair of over ear headphones, Logitech isn’t exactly the first name that springs to mind. With the UE line, i’ve always been a little wary after my own personal pair of IEMs went from awesome to unusable in a relatively short time. At RM1,299 this isn’t exactly a budget pair so I wanted to see what the UE 9000 was made of. After realizing I had a bout of travelling to do in a short space of time, this was the perfect time to put the UE 9000 through its real world paces.

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[Lowyat.TV] Kuala Lumpur is Happy!

by Amir The Videoguy · 2 months ago · 1 Comment · 972 views

After two hectic weeks of shoot, here is Kuala Lumpur’s version of Pharrell Williams’ Happy! The Lowyat.TV Team hit the ground running for this project and we managed to get around 100 participants to join in our shoot. Malaysians from all walks of life as well as expats who have come to call KL home hopped in and boogied down with us through blazing hot weather and haze. Shooting this video has been an experience and we’ve discovered all kinds of interesting locations that make KL the melting pot that it is. A thousand thanks to all those who participated, you guys make Kuala Lumpur an awesome place to live in!

Sit back, press play and enjoy!

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Review: Aerial7 Bantam Pakman Headphone for Kids

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Aerial7 Headphone for Kids Bantam Pakman

I remember when I was a kid, Walkman players were only accessible by the rich kids in school while the rest of us sat at the sideline envying. Then when my parents finally bought me a Walkman, along came the CD players to put us back at our sad little corners once again; those were the days. These days, kids not only have their parents’ or even their own smartphones to play with, but there are even tech devices specially made for kids like the Aerial7 headphones we have for review today.

Review starts after the break.

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Sony Sells its Waterproof Walkman by Packaging it In a Bottle of Water

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The Bottled Walkman

What is the best way to show off that you have an amazing waterproof product that can stay submerged in water for a long, long period of time? According to Sony, you package it into a full bottle of water and sell it in vending machines. Instead of the regular packaging and selling its products inside Sony stores or a tech store, Sony is now selling its new waterproof Walkman in New Zealand behind vending machines with the product placed into a full bottle of water.

According to the ad, the new Walkman is the perfect match for the sporty people who are always on the go so where better to place these vending machines than in places like the gym? Called “The Bottled Walkman”, the new marketing campaign by Sony allows them to reach their target market directly and supply to them when they really need it the most. Check out the video below.

(Source: Engadget)

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Steam Beta Trying Out Integrated Music Player

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Steam is on a warpath for integrating as many functions as possible into the platform. Valve recently announced the beta test of Steam Music; which will be coming to Steam’s Big Picture and SteamOS very soon.

Like any other music player, it will play your music files stored on the computer. Although the integration makes it easier to listen to music while playing games. The idea is that it works through the Steam overlay on games, and allow the creation of playlists in the middle of games. Without having to switch over to a different program.

The upcoming beta test will only be able to play MP3 files, although this is set to change over time. Naturally, the Steam community board is already swarming with requests and suggestions on what features should be implemented next.

Those interested in joining the test can do so by signing up in the Steam Music group in the community. Users will be chosen at random from this group to participate in the test. If this is anything like the Family Sharing beta, it might just means everyone in the group gets to try the beta program.


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Confirmed: Radionomy has Acquired Winamp

by Huei Song · 3 months ago · 2 Comments · 203 views


Here’s a piece of good news for all you Winamp fans out here, your favorite music player will live on thanks to Radionomy. As rumored earlier this year, AOL has sold Winamp to Radionomy, an international aggregator of online radio stations, along with Shoutcast, a radio online directory that has over 50,000 catalogs of radio stations. The actual amount spent by Radionomy has not been unveiled but TechCrunch believes that it is a cash and share deal worth between USD%5 million and USD$10 million, with AOL taking 12% stake of Radionomy in the process.

So what does this mean for Radionomy? With the acquisition of Shoutcast, Radionomy is now one of the biggest players in the radio streaming business with about 60,000 radio sations. The company will still offer Winamp media player as it is today, but with access to all of its radio stations, the ability to playback 60 audio and video formats, 6,000 add-ons and availability in 16 languages.

Although Winamp has been left idle for years now, to date, Winamp still sees about 3 million downloads every month so Radionomy has big plans for its future along. The company says that they plan to rebuild the story for Winamp and bring it to more platforms, “not just desktop but mobile and cars and so much more”. With all the Winamp hype since AOL announced that they would kill it off by 20 December 2013, how many of you have actually started using it again?

(Source: TechCrunch)

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From In-Ear To DJ-Grade Closed Cup Models: Razer Adaro Series Goes Official

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Razer Adaro Series

When it comes to gaming audio peripherals, Razer is certainly one of the most well-known name in the scene. That being said, the company has recently started to pay more attention to music lovers by tuning some of its gaming audio products such as Razer Electra, Hammerhead and Kraken to make them appealing to such users.

Naturally, the next move for Razer is to have products that are fully focused for music lovers and that is exactly how the newly announced Razer Adaro series fits into the picture. Made to cater various requirements from customers out there, the most affordable model in the series is the Adaro In-Ear Earphones which is equipped with a pair of 10mm neodymium drivers together with aircraft-grade aluminium body and flat anti-tangle cable.

For the fans of headphones, the series also features the new Adaro Stereo Headphones that comes with 40mm neodymium drivers, adjustable frame and leatherette ear cushions. Additionally, there is also the Adaro Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones which is almost identical to the Adaro Stereo Headphones; just without the cord. With a battery life of up to 20 hours, the Adaros Wireless Headphones also comes with built-in aptX codec to ensure CD-like audio quality over Bluetooth connection.

Razer Adaro DJ

Razer Adaro DJ Heaphones.

Razer certainly didn’t stop there though: the company has also unveiled the Adaro DJ headphones which is essentially the highest end model in the family. Designed for DJ, the closed cup headphones comes standard with fully adjustable and foldable frame as well as 50mm drivers, leatherette noise-isolating ear cushions and swappable cable system.

Scheduled for release throughout the world starting from February 2014 onwards, the Razer Adaro audio series carries a price tag of RM 319, RM 399, RM 569 and RM 759 respectively. To learn more, check out the series official website at

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Report: AOL Sells Winamp to Radionomy, an International Aggregator of Online Radio Stations

by Huei Song · 4 months ago · 1 Comment · 6 views


Good news to fans of Winamp, it looks like the MP3 player that we all used to love will not be shutting down after all. The music player was previously reported to close down on 20 December 2013 but the plan was halted because of an on-going acquisition. Back then, it was reported that Winamp will be sold to Microsoft but according to the latest news, it looks like Radionomy, a Belgium-based online radio service, will be acquiring it instead.

The rumor was started by Bryon Stout on the Winamp forums, who noticed that the Winamp’s nameservers has been transferred to Radionomy. According to a “reliable source” from TechCrunch, Radionomy has indeed acquired Winamp and the deal should be finalized by tomorrow, if not sooner. TechCrunch is also reporting that Radionomy has also purchased Shoutcast, a radio online directory with over 50,000 catalog of radio stations.

The acquisition of both companies makes perfect sense, Radionomy currently has about 6,000 radio stations and boasts a DIY platform that allows anyone to create a channel. Shoutcast could give it a major boost to its services while Winamp software could be used to help program those radio stations and perhaps offer additional services as well.

(Source: TechCrunch, Winamp Forum)

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How’s Having Concerts At Piracy-Laden Region Is A Good Business? Just Ask Iron Maiden

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Iron Maiden

Illegal music sharing have always been touted by record companies out there as an evil deed that crushes the music industry. Well, one band seems to look at it in a different way though and it is not just any random band – it’s the legendary metal band, the Iron Maiden.

According to the UK-based MusicMetric, their stats showed that Iron Maiden have plenty of BitTorrent traffic in South America. Instead of sending lawyers to hunt down the pirates in that region, Iron Maiden continues to have huge concerts throughout the region as part of their world tour since 2009.

Throughout those concerts, Iron Maiden able to earn legal sales directly from fans through concert tickets and merchandises sales. For example, one of the band’s recent show in Sao Paolo alone has managed to rake in around GBP 1.58 million (RM 8.53 million). At an era where CDs are getting ignored as time goes by, this seems like a sound business plan after all.

However, this doesn’t mean you should go all-pirate to build your music collection though. Do choose legal purchases whenever possible especially when it comes to your favourite artists and local independent musicians. At the very least, you are also able to support them via affordable streaming music services such as Deezer and Spotify in addition to rocking out at their concerts and purchase their merchandises.

[Source: CITEworld via TorrentFreak. Image: adels @ Flickr, used under Creative Commons license]

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